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Author Topic: my experience last night  (Read 881 times)
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« on: August 24, 2015, 09:12:58 »

This experience consists of two parts. In the first part i was in an usual dream state, but it had a certain  "astral feel". The second part was a full-blown projection.

So, i was flying in the air a few kilometers from my old house, but i was kept in the air by a black female, because i tended down like a feather whenever she released me. I had black helpers (my own created thoughtforms) who underwent this same experience. The female spirits were just trying to keep us up in the air, but we (me and my helpers) kept floating down like feathers. When i reached the ground after "the angels" left me to try on my own, i had the impression that we (me and my four helpers) were too many because there were only two or three "angels" and i had the feeling they were just manipulating us. Then i found myself and my helpers just outside the window of my parents bedroom on a roof. The window was open and a helper went inside. I followed him. Suddenly there appeared the "angel" on the other side of the bed. There were long sticks on the bed. The presence of that "angel" felt like a negative presence. So i said to my helper: "Take the stick!" and i handed it over to him and i grabbed one myself. I went back outside but it was a bit dark. I was furious and i used the stick as a kind of conductor to shoot lightning. I aimed in the air instinctively and activated the lighting. I destroyed one of the "angels" who "helped" us previously. It went down. Again, i was furious and it felt like i was some kind of fighting spirit. I then aimed at the chimney of the house and after a rush of energy i shot the top off. One of my helpers said: "you're crazy!"

After that, i found myself in the bedroom of my parents lying in bed, with a girl who was lying next to me in another bed. I talked a bit with her, asking; would you like to have sex? She said; "yeah sure". At this instant, i felt loose from my body. I rotated clockwise out of my body and could perceive my own aura; it was predominantly green but also a bit blue. I decided to float upward and through the roof to the outside and so i did. I passed the roof of the bedroom and continued upward. The attic seemed out of proportion but i continued upward until i finally reached the ceiling and passed through it. So now i was outside but it was dark and there was snow. I flew over the garden in a curve and decided to activate my flashlight. I thought of my eyes as functioning as flashlights and it worked. I examined the garden below and saw something little on the snow. I flew closer to it, around a tree and i noticed that it was a flask of eyedrops. When i saw this, i realised that my vision was blurred on the sides of my field of vision. But i didn't take any measures, because i saw enough. I thought then: "what am i going to do now? Fly to the stars? No", because i remembered another experience that went wrong when i tried to reach the stars. Then suddenly i found myself again in my body, but still in the bedroom of my old house. I decided to call the goddess of wisdom to ask how my next day would be like. I saw the face of a spirit in the ceiling smiling acknowledging my wish and then i saw an eye in the ceiling. It seemed friendly and showed me an image of a bird flying. The image or vision was situated more to the left in mid-air. Then i decided to go out of my body again. I floated upward but this time i had the feeling that i had to remain inside the house. I thought:"allright, i have to shoot some negative spirits" so i floated to the door of the bedroom. I saw the picture of my grandfather hanging on the wall with an artificial candle lighting the hallway and the photograph. It seemed like i was in a kind of house of horror. I thought: "load weapons, now!" and two machine-guns appeared in my hands. I flew through the hallway and here i woke up in my bedroom

All of this felt like i was being trained.
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« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 15:13:11 »

If everything seemed OK then don't worry.
You may been tested with this one, it has that sort of feel to it.
 I've been called mad, crazy, courageous and more, it always makes me smile.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 15:13:11 »

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