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Author Topic: Night and Day switch  (Read 867 times)
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« on: March 16, 2005, 19:39:38 »

Hullo, I've tried blanking my mind while going to sleep and was wondering if this is either related to it or not. After blanking my mind, my heart will race for a short time, and sometime after that I'm either asleep or not aware of anything. I'll suddenly snap awake/aware, and suck in my breath sharply. The first time that I tried this and snapped awake (my eyes are still closed), I had a controllable humming and sensation in my head which I was making last as long as I could until it stopped. I remember seeing the room as almost outlines. After I'd snap awake I'd go to sleep normally.

These next things were all within the last 30 days, I believe.

Before I started clearing my mind before sleeping, I was dreaming and managed to purposefully 'look' back into the room. All I saw was grey. I went back into the dream, told the person there that we were indeed late for work because it was daytime (and the alarm hadn't woken me up). Then I woke up, the alarm hadn't gone off, and I would have been late for school if I had woken up 15 minutes later.

Another dream similar to this was when I was sleeping during the afternoon with the television on for about 1/2 an hour. I don't remember the details of the dream, but I had 'looked' back again, into my room. The television was on and was rather bright, no lights were on so the room was dark, and it was night outside. I woke up, the lights had been off as normal, the television was (of course) still on, but the difference in what I had seen from the dream was apparent, because there was still some light in the sky and duskish.

Had another of these after I had done the clearing the mind thing before I gave up and went to sleep. I'm not able to remember the part just before the ending to come to any conclusions as to how I made it to the viewpoint of in my bed, just that I was looking at the room, then I was in the bed. It was night in this and daytime in truth, the views matched when I opened my eyes. The difference from the other two is that I heard voices/chanting/noises just before I opened my eyes to find that I was late for class.


So I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the sucking in breath thing upon becoming aware (or waking after no dreams, which I'd call the same thing) and what it's from. Also, I am wanting to know if anyone has heard of the night/day differences in views from dreams. Thanks.

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