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Author Topic: OBE At Will?  (Read 809 times)
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« on: March 31, 2005, 22:30:43 »

I've been reading posts on this forum for a couple of months and now I think I have something worthwile to share. Here it goes:

I awoke at about 4:00 this morning to go to the bathroom. When I got back to my bed I decided I would try again for an OBE at my will. I have been trying for a couple of months, but never succeeded.

After about 5 minutes of relaxation, I figured it would not happen so I rolled over to get a couple more hours of sleep. Almost instantly as I rolled over I went into a lucid dream.

The dream was me and my parents with some family friends in our backyard having a picnic. I said I was going over to sit in one of the lawn chairs to astrally project. I have recently read about the "Falling Backwards" technique to induce an OBE from a lucid dream. This was my intention as I sat down in the lawn chair.

Soon after I sat down the vibrations and noise started. In what seemed like a few seconds I was moving around the sky looking at the birds, etc. I went over to the local mall (2 blocks away) and looked around. A few minutes later I went back to my house.

In my room, I laid down on my bed so my spirit could return to my body. I thought it had returned and I was awake, but I went to do my normal morning routine and found a couple of odd things.

So I was still out of body at this point. I was curious to see what I looked like so I went in the bathroom to look in the mirror. I could see my body but it seemed very transparent. What little skin I could see looked oily. I could'nt see my feet (the legs just quit around my knees). My eyes looked as if they were solid silver. Maybe this represented the silver cord.

I have just read some of Astral Dynamics and remebered that I must be in the real time zone. Right then I decided that I wanted to go to a higher level so I went back to my bed. I laid there and tried to project into a higher level. It took alot of concentration, but I finally felt the vibrations and heard the noise.

I walked outside to the street and walked into a building about 50 feet away. There were about 20 people inside. They were all older with a prominant yellow tint to their skin. I went to each one an picked up their hand. I either said "I Love You" or "Bless You" to each one and they said the same back to me. I felt like they were experiencing me as a spiritual essence and not with a body per se. I then walked outside and closed my eyes. I said to myself, "When I open my eyes, I will be back in my body." I awoke to see my room, so I got up to start the day.

I have had OBEs before but they were uncontrolled. I just published a book, called Embracing Ultimate Reality, that describes some of them (if you want to read it, just email me at and I'll send you the eBook [its a PDF, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader]). I feel like I've made a small breakthrough with bringing on an OBE. I plan to try to get to the Astral Pulse Island this weekend and I'll continue to work through Mastering Astral Projection.

I wanted to share this experience. But I'm not sure it was all an OBE, maybe it was just a lucid dream. What do you think?


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