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Author Topic: OBE Survey Report Part 6 (K Through Pr)  (Read 1184 times)
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« on: November 01, 2006, 17:26:09 »

Part 6 Notes on Phenomena
(Knowledge through Preview Event)

A continuation of notes on the OBE phenomena.
Knowledge  617  (1.2%) Special information (technical, medical, personal, historical, etc.) learned during the out of body experience.
Life Review  353  Most life reviews occur during an NDE.
Light  1,120  (2.2%)  Mostly ‘The Light” reported in NDEs. Also bright lights used by aliens to levitate people (both physical and discarnate).
Location  --  Special Non-physical Locations (Locales) –
   Heaven  101 Usually reported during an NDE.
   Hell  89  Also usually reported during an NDE.
   Limbo  3 A non-religious timeless location.
   Matrix  4 High energy Locale I or Locale II.
   Void  166 Most reported voids are only a lack of an individual’s perceptions. A few voids are probably actually lifeless, dead Locale III universes.
   Other unusual astral locations include Aldebaran 1, Crystal City 1, Narnia 4, Nirvana1, Reception Center 1++, Soul Plane 4, Styx  1, Valhalla 1 and the DMT Nexus 56.
Magick  177  Spells and incantations during an OBE.
Many  1,750 +  (3.4%)  Multiple OBEs included in one post or account. The person reported having experienced dozens, or even hundreds, of OBEs. Most of those OBEs (or NDEs) were not individually described in detail. Any information provided in that one report that was relevant to All the OBEs that the person had experienced (including locales, familiar and/or unfamiliar persons/beings and phenomena) were summarized and counted for all the dozens or hundreds of OBEs that the person experienced.
Medical Examination  72  During OBE alien abductions.
Meditation  3,299  (6.5%) Shortly before, or hours before, an OBE.
Mirrors  476 Some are possibly portals or gates to other locations.  (* Used as a portal 2++)
Near Death Experience (NDE) 1,870  (3.7%) Only those NDEs with an OBE component.
Noise or Music  12,002  (23.8%)  Unusual and notable music or sounds.
Option  417  The option to remain (usually permanently) in a superphysical location or to return to the physical body.
Physical Interaction  79  The ability of a person to move a physical object during an OBE.
Point of View  907++  (1.9%) Usually a 360 degree field of vision while OOB.
OBE >>> To Dream  432 +  An OBE ended going directly into a dream or dream-like imagery.
Portal  288  A gate (stargate or energy vortex) that directly connects to another planet, star system, galaxy or universe.
Preview Event  237  (*Verified 49 (20.6%)) The person witnessed a future event or events while out of body. *The 49 verified events are the number of previewed events that later actually did occur.

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