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Author Topic: OBE: The Beautiful Woman  (Read 636 times)
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« on: July 07, 2016, 16:05:45 »

ok first off I used the mind awake body asleep method, with my arm up elbows on the bed to the side, so when or if I fall asleep they would fall and awaken me. So I fell asleep and boom was awaken by my arms, I put them back up and proceeded the induce, I was now in the right state of mind in between, so now a bit sleepy but alert I waited for my body to fall asleep which was going to happen any minute now and I can tell because my arms was just inching down slowly but surely, then boom one arm is down to my chest, the other is on its way out as well, but instead of landing on my chest like it suppose to it goes the other way outstretching off the side of the bed, then maybe 10 mins later I try to get up but can't move, but I didn't thing this was SP because there was no sensations of a heaviness or pain, but when I tried to move that outstretched arm I could feel a little pain and struggle to try to move it, and that's when I knew yeah I'm In SP/ I tried the rope technique didn't work, I kept feeling my astral body just a peaking over the edge of my body ready to go, but I was stuck, but I finally got out when I got up and rolled out the bed, but although I was out I felt deformed, one eye molded shut, and what's worst I was having a hard time getting off the floor, it felt like someone spiritual pressure was holding me down ( you know like Bleach the anime). but I managed to get up, when I did I started to make my way away from my body, when I got to the door way of my room I was a bit better. the moment I was better, something caught my eye and my intent was out the door (sucks I know), when I peaked around the door way I saw a woman inching her way down the steps so I followed, and caught her before she was down them. with a closer view she was a beautiful African American woman, I touch her face gently and softly telling her how beautiful she was, and I just couldn't stop telling her she was beautiful, so I then sat down on the steps with my hands still caressing her face, and asked her, her name, at first I didn't understand, cause she spoke so softly, but I knew it started with a N, so I asked again, and she told me it was hard for me to pronounce it, but I did, her name was Niagatha, but the experience wasn't long cause after that I was back in body, everything happened so fast that's all I did was meet Niagatha and it was over, she had Golden locks in her head in a bun. I felt like I wasn't suppose to see her, cause she was trying to be swift going down the stairs, if I wouldn't have caught a glimpse of her I probably wouldn't have met her. anyway after I got up and voice recorded my experience in my phone, I tried to lay down and induce another, but I was too wide awake to do so. I went to bed at 2 almost going on 3am, when I came back from my projection it was around 4, bout to be 5.
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