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Author Topic: OBE to wonderland!  (Read 700 times)
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« on: October 13, 2006, 10:52:43 »

i woke up at about 6am this morning (again) with the usual wanting to go back to sleep but mind to active, this is getting more common now... which is good because it makes getting into the "trance state" (hate using that term) easier. Anyway, my body falls asleep quite swiftly and much easier... its better now than the first time when paralysis would kick it real fast which was rather uncomfortable. So i'm laying there and telling myself "right.. i know everywhere says i should meditate more n stuff before trying an OBE... screw them, im ready" lol. It was strange because it felt like i was on the edge of the bed about to fall off yet i could still feel myself in the same sleeping position. So i just went for it.. if i fell off the bed, then oh well atleast i tried lol. But i didn't and i just glided to a standing position.

Now when people say it feels real, they arn't freaking kidding. It was VERY clear and much like being awake at the time (tho upon remembering it, its hazy and dream-like) I walked around the room for a bit and looked at my bed to see my girlfriend asleep and, well i couldnt "see" me, it looked like i was kinda under the duvet.. i think this is where i slipped into a dream state or well known "Alice effect" because things got strange from then on. I decided to jump through the wall to check out our neighbours, i've always been curious what thier house is like lol, coz they've done alot of structural changes to it. First attempt i made i just stepped into blackness, so i stood there for a moment coz i was a bit confused at this and then tried again. I get into thier room and they are both asleep (with the light on for some reason).. nice bedroom, was all like.. oak wooden furniture (no clue if its really like that). I went downstairs and saw one of thier cats (tho not one i've seen before) who could see me, so i poke my finger out at her and she sniffed my finger lol. This is by now obviously a dream as i didnt have the vividness from when i started... tho somehow it didnt click with me when i went out the window and the cat followed.. stopping half way lmao (yes she was half through the glass.. so this was either a cats spirit or my dream being wierd!). I then flew up over the houses and through some clouds. The rest is pretty typical dreamness with alot of wierd excrement happening.. like went to a pub i'd never seen before, bumped into someone from work who was litteraly floating around and we started chatting, it was night when it shoulda been early morning, the moon was doing wierd cycles and eventually turned black after i watched it for a while... n thats it coz then my alarm went off.

Wierd and not what i expected hehe.. next time i'm deffinately goin to try and keep my focus more.

Why do people journey across the globe before taking a journey within themselves?
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