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Author Topic: Quick question: Voices audible in physical world during OBE?  (Read 924 times)
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« on: March 14, 2016, 21:59:41 »

I have a quick question and was curious if others might have a reasonable answer based on more experience.
After I took my test today, I took a nap. I have OBEs when I nap, never when I go to bed. This time I knew I was undergoing the transition.
- Just a quick note, I haven't gone around when I have OBEs; I am still uncomfortable in going out, so I am gradually getting used to the feeling. Therefore, I interrupt the OBE process once I begin to float (one time I couldn't and instead of enjoying a calm environment, I crashed into the 'ceiling' and was winding into a black red vortex screaming until I finally woke up before it got even wackier). -

Because I have gotten slightly used to OBEs and am getting more comfortable, I do things more. This time I called out the name of my significant other many times. I usually call out their name whenever I have this phenomenon.
This calling out isn't audible in real life. However, as I felt myself float out and not being able to wake up, I said 'wake up', and then I woke up. I tried to tell myself in my mind that, but that didn't work so I believed I moved my mouth. The question is, is it possible that me saying 'wake up' did come out from my physical body into an audible sound? Someone else in the room can hear? Can this happen during an OBE (people talking)? And how can it be possible?

Thanks for your thoughts and insights.   
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« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 03:34:09 »

During this type of OBE, many interesting phenomena can occur if you remain partially within your physical body or even in close proximity up to about 20 feet away. So yes, it is possible that you could unintentionally move a physical arm or leg or partially activate your vocal cords. As you gain some more experience, you may at times notice your awareness popping back and forth between your physical body and your non-physical body; that's a pretty cool experience and shows you a little proof of how your awareness can re-locate instantly.

You need to get control of your fear and trust in the experience. Another phenomenon that can often occur while in close proximity to your physical is that this fear can become greatly magnified, so be aware of that.

This fearful phase is normal to go through; you are experiencing something totally new and alien to your old way of thinking. You might try a nightly/pre-nap affirmation to help allay that fear, something like-

"When I project, I do so with complete confidence. I am safe and protected."

Congratulations on discovering that naps are a perfect time for OBEs!


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« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 03:34:09 »

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