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Author Topic: Random ?'s & Strange Blue Light  (Read 1015 times)
Dream Cadet
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« on: May 18, 2004, 14:21:29 »

Hi Dibbs,

The vibrations and swooshing are present in all of my APs. I think that you were very close to exiting.  I also have rolled over after the vibrations ended and they have resumed.  I had 2 in a row one night and I have heard of others APing multiple times. I also have fallen asleep while trying to AP. When I woke up, I just gave up on the attempt and rolled over on my side and the sensations started again which resulted in an AP.  I hope this helps.

Good luck,

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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2004, 18:39:30 »

Check out rb's article on the blue ray:
Maybe the vortex was a tunnel type of astral entry device?
Probably your experiences are just the early stages of projecting, I have experienced similar stuff-one time I went through the whole process of projecting to only have an experience of moving at high speed and nothing else. Maybe if you get past the 'almost' phase and really give it some effort you could have amazing experiences.

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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2004, 18:39:30 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2004, 21:03:10 »

I realize that these things vary from person to person but I have several questions regarding the split and a few other things. It serves me well to write out these things and I was wondering if anyone can relate here.

First I must start off my admitting that I have not been doing the practices regularly, although I have had some success regardless or truly trying. I have been reading a little too much on all sorts of metaphysical things that have sparked my interest. I have been trying various things and am astounded by the results - yet they do not seem foreign or too surprising. I read a webpage about auras and all of a sudden now I can see auras just by relaxing my eyes a little. I started meditation and feel strong energy surges and warm tingles sometimes. I read a chi excercise and could literally feel the energy between my hands, feel my fingers tingle and feel my hands get noticeably hotter. All of this happened immediately. Curiously enough none of this really surprises me for some reason.

My sensitivity has been increasing which scares me because I am already extremely sensitive to everything - to subtleties in my environment, light, sound, movement, and other people / animal's energy. It can be quite painful at times. I thought about karmic reasons behind this but that doesn't feel right at all. An older soul explanation seems to resonate with me and feels right but I could be off - although I don't believe to be. Any thoughts?

I've been having the overwhelming feeling in recent months that I am being prepared for something. Its quite a joyous feeling because it gives me some direction, albeit an unknown one. Its a weird feeling too, though. Prepared for what? I've always felt like I am here on a mission and I would be fine, which unfortunately gave me a lack of interest in past schooling because it seemed pointless to me. I have a very hard time doing things I don't want to do (don't we all). I think now it was merely because I didn't need to know most of it for whatever I am to do, but I could be off.

Anyway, about the splitting.

I think I am being encouraged to pursue this and the feeling is getting to be a tad bit overwhelming at times. The only thing really holding me back is some fear coupled with a minute dose of sheer laziness. I think the laziness stems from the fear though. I trust I shall overcome all this with time and understanding - if of course I put forth the initial effort I am planning on doing soon.

More and more now I am getting subtle nudges or blatant things happen. I'll sort of wake up and my legs will be floating as if something is pulling on them gently. I never open my eyes during this stuff but I can sense it obviously. Or the sleep paralysis thing will happen.

This morning was the most intense and I think I was about to split but I am not sure. Keep in mind here all of this happends without any real effort. I honestly haven't tried to AP in a while. Most of the time do not even give myself intent. I sort of came to in what felt like a sort of vortex of energy. I knew I was right with my body I could sense it. I felt insanely strong vibrations which I had not before, even when I split fully. Some tingles too, it was exciting. I had the overwhelming feeling like I was flying very very fast but virtually remaining in the same position.

This is what eludes me. I could feel like I was flying up, diving down, but I knew I was not moving (if this makes sense). I opened my eyes after a little while and the vibes went down. This did not feel like a dream, I pulled my finger anyway, nothing. Now this is the kicker. I was perfectly awake or so I thought, no feelings or anything. So I changed positions and the vibrations started up hardcore again within seconds. I also heard during both times a very loud swooshing and tearing sound. Much louder and more intense than before. I wasn't paralyzed during any of this either, or maybe I was I just felt my astral body more.

I also experienced a strange dark blue light either before all of this or during (I cannot remember which). I have been seeing shapes and colors lately when falling asleep but this was way different. It was as if I saw it in my minds eye (I don't even know what that means really). It seemed like a vortex that felt alive, beyond that I can't really describe the feeling. It seemed to be spinning and undulating, almost pulsating. Everything else around was black, empty feeling.

So, anyone know what all this was about? It all would seem as though I almost split or had split at one time but what was the flying, spinning without vertigo feeling all about? And what could the blue light be?

I will try and meditate on all of this but in the mean time I would like other people's thoughts.


The Astral Pulse

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