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Author Topic: some of my interesting experiences with the non physical  (Read 695 times)
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« on: August 11, 2016, 14:27:58 »

So over the past years I have had really nice dream recall. my recall skills still did vary at times depending if I was keeping up with my dream journal or not, but I usually don't forget when I encounter something outside my original realm of thought in the non physical. I'll just be mentioning some random encounters and other things that have been interesting.

1. So there was this one time I had a dream with 2 unknown alien entity's. this dream started of with me wanting to have an obe however I was in the non physical already I just wasn't fully aware. It seemed that me and some other humans were on some ship or in some facility and our intent was to escape this odd gloomy futuristic lab of sorts. so on are way trying to escape we find ourselves being chased by some big dark 9ft alien creature. So as we were all fleeing from this dark creature I just kinda gave up. I thought why even run I'll just confront this creature and so I did. The creature stopped running at me and stopped and was just looking at me. however out of no where some weird blue liquid alien came from behind the black creature. the blue liquid creature bounced right on top of me and I was kinda in him and then it jumped to somewhere else I cant remember. however I realized that my body changed and It was all made out of liquid in humanoid form. the feeling was one of a kind I literally felt like I could move and do things but I was also fragile and could sorta splash apart if hit by any object. I then woke up soon after

2. I've been trying to experimenting with be barely being conscious in the physical and also in the non physical. Once when I was trying out the wake back to bed technique and found myself in the trance I usually feel when i'm dreaming. I then proceeded to just barely open my left eye to see what I could do while in this state. I then tried to put some intent to try to create something and I was able to hallucinate or bring into view some small human like entity. this entity was trying to interact with me but I only awake for 5 or 10 seconds before i closed my eyes and lost my awareness in a dream. I'm not sure what the entity wanted.

3. My most aware experience was about a year ago. I was sleeping in my grand parents basement in because our family was having summer vacation up where my grand parents live. So I go to sleep on this small bed and I find my self floating up with the bed up from the basement (I found it very interesting on how similar the dream was to the where my grandparents live). however I ran into some wooden stair railings and phased through them by some how by lowering my awareness. I go to the kitchen and was not attached to the bed anymore. I was curious on what I could do so I tried raising my energy level to see what would happen. I started floating but came back down cause I felt exhausted doing whatever I was just doing. didn't really have any clear intent at the time but to explore and see what I can find. I run out of the house its bright out I then find this girl for some reason I ask if she's my spirit guide or something and she looked at me weird and didn't want anything to do with me. I don't know if there was something I missed but I found myself running back to my grand parents house. its dark out as I was running home there was some other kid who running the same path I was but was like a reflection and he said we should get back or something. I found my self Irritated with him for no reason. I get to the house however it's very dark and ominous I enter the house it's almost pitch black in there. as I ran inside I started going up the stairs to the second story but back flipped off the stairs because the pitch black darkness was kind of terrifying. I sprint for the front door to get out I open it and some dark disfigured humanoid entity jumps out and scares the hell out of me and I woke up. I feel I could of progressed much further if I wasn't afraid of the unknown at the time.

4. I realized in some of my dreams that have low light or a heavy amount of darkness effects how I interpret the non physical and how it reacts to me.

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