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Author Topic: Something I can't explain  (Read 1227 times)
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« on: September 15, 2016, 00:41:01 »

So today I went to the barber shop to have a haircut. I felt something that I can't explain when the man held his hand on my head. It was like a pressure all around my brain. It wasn't painful (may be some very little pain) but back then I felt like I was going to die and I thought I couldn't breath for a while. I should tell you that I was born asthmatic. I had this same pressure thing last year and I felt like something was moving inside my brain specifically at the back of my head. So now that I had this feeling twice (or perhaps a little bit more) I have no clue what it is. The feeling does bother me even that there was no pain.
I should add that last year I felt another pressure in my heart. Also I had depression and my doctor diagnosed me with schizophrenia. I take a medecine now. It's called risperidone. But I feel like I am a normal person. Even my doctor reduced the dose for me.
Oh by the way, yesterday when I tried to meditate, I lied in bed, closed my eyes and I saw a blurry white screen. I got some weak vibrations on my head. I couldn't hold the vibrations so I just stopped.
I think I will ask my doctor about the pressure but before that may be you know what it was.
I read on some website that opening the third eye have similar symptoms. I didn't open my third eye neither I did succeed at astral projection but I'm trying to see the astral world and may be I'm activating some chakras doing that but I really have no idea what chakras feel like.
So what was it guys the pressure thing? Am I just having a hallucination? Or is it really something that matters?
Please tell me what you think.
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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 12:20:05 »

Sorry, but doctors don't know anything! I have pressure around my head a lot when I practice phasing. Don't worry. If you had heart problems now and you are a healthy person - indeed the schizoprenia thing, try not to take medicines and these symptoms could come and go for a while. You body is adjusting to higher energies maybe.

Your third eye is open. You just need to use it for the bridge-connection to the NP like me and many more. The white light is NP related, if you could manage to continue, it could be amazing! I had the same many times in my early attempts but it was only classical OBE and now I'm on phasing rather.

You don't need a doctor, just look up on Pulse for similar cases. Pressure around your head could be certain events like: energy flowing/block, adjusting to higher energies (body), non-physical events. You will get used to it. But if it is like head ache, ok try to rest more lol and don't rush the learning process about the NP. To reach the NP it is not necessary to activate anything, just use your mind. I can blow out my all "chakras" like hell in deep trance and of course I'm still in the physical, no use to project - I have almost 10 months of experience in it. Try phasing from Frank's posts.

Try to watch some Dolores Cannon vids on youtube (ones around 1-2hrs), she talks about health issues too, they are not real in the sense of going to a doctor who doesn't know anything about NP events. You/We don't need to believe everything which she is saying but she got some real points. Don't worry!
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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2016, 12:20:05 »

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« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2016, 14:21:24 »

When I'm in the non physical I too feel a slight pressure in my head when I try to feel for my physical body or as I am waking up. This pressure is odd as in how it is activated and how it feels. I feel the pressure is centered around what you would call the 3rd eye or pineal gland. I don't notice the pressure to often but when I do i'm interested in why it's their and why was there a pressure in the first place.

The pressure feels as if it helps me stay in the non physical somehow or plays some part with the connection to the physical and non physical. If you have any information on this I would be happy to hear.

another thing I would like to point out fatfooty is that to me you might be having anxiety. the symptoms you've described are some common anxiety symptoms at least to my perspective. Don't worry about pressures in your head or heart etc... because that can make it worse depending how you think of it. meditation or anything else to get you thinking else where usually helps. Honestly the human body can't always be labeled as this or that because there is still much science doesn't know on how our consciousness interacts with our physical bodies.

In my experience I was asthmatic and still am however I find asthma to be self induced by doubt and or negative thoughts while under some sort of stress. Once I became older and a bit recently I started to form some sort of anxiety out of nowhere and had similar problems that you've described. While I had this anxiety I knew for a fact that drugs would not cure this and I had to do it with my own will. However I found this to also be a learning experience as the feeling I got from anxiety was similar to that of asthma. negative thoughts and over analyzing problems and self doubt trigger anxiety or even an asthma attack depending on some sort of stressful circumstance.

Hope this information helps. wink
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