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David Warner:
Ap Friends,

FYI - Update

Just recently I decided to challenge myself once again with the tools of technology and OBE.

In weeks to months to come, I'll be working with a professional team of paranormal investigators that have professional monitoring equiptment as followed:

Infrared Video Camera
Digital Video Camera
Thermal Energy Camera
Motion Temperture Monitoring Equipment
EVP recording equipment.

I think this will be my biggest feat, excited and little nervous too. I feel on a 70-80% accuracy I should be able to produce the obe in testing conditions.

Anyone here have tried this before or have suggestions before conducting this experiement?


Sounds like a plan.  I've heard OBEs are easier to pull off in areas of high ambient electromagnetism, like when any sort of electricity box is nearby or a lot of cords.  Might be something to experiment with

Please keep us posted  on what you learn.  DH

David Warner:

The team will measure everything from infrared, thermal energy, video, evp. Along with using a electromagnatic compass with video to see if energy radiates during the separation.

I'd love to have access to the EEG machine as well, but that is getting into some big bucks. I'm just glad this team is interested and see what can be measured. If anything that is!


Extremely excited about this, man. Hope it all works out for the best. :-)


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