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Author Topic: thankyou to rob bruce. all are welcome to comment!  (Read 831 times)
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« on: September 24, 2004, 00:35:12 »

I agree, what we really need is the intermedeate guide to obe's. The best info I have found on this site is the early posts of Frank and this thread, , which I thought of reposting as how to improve and be more aware during OBE's. Probably any kind of chakra work will help, but how to focus our awareness while OBE is just as helpful.

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« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2004, 21:55:35 »

Dear Robert Bruce

I have read and skimmed the book you wrote called Astral Dynamics. I have been interested in this subject for the last 11 years. I am now 24.

Before your book, basically I was unsuccessful. Early one morning, I was amazed to find myself in the middle of a full blown projection, floating about in my room, full visual clarity. This lasted about a minute more or less, and occured when I was about 16 years old.
The objects in my room, furniture and whatnot were slightly misplaced.
This, to my knowledge and memory, was the sole occurance.

Anyhow, I am pleased to inform you that your book sparked something in me, as I can project somewhat regularily nowadays.

Its really in the feeling of it all, having very little to do with visual cues. It feels to me like a deep intense stretching yawn of some sort in my head, and then I find myself lifted, pivoting on my hips to a sitting position, almost with mechanical indifference, as if I were at the whim of a dentist at the control of a dentists chair.

I must be on my back in order to project. (this is not the most comfortable sleeping positon either)
Usually my ability to project revolves around a feeling of sleep paralysis, a feeling which use to terrify me. I am now able to trigger sleep paralysis with some frequency.

I know you address these issues in your book, which I must review again, however I am having some difficulty.

First of all, sometimes I have very poor vision, sometimes no vision at all.
Today, I was "instructed" (by whom, I havent the faintest, this is up for argument!) to "look at the floor" which I attempted. I could see it briefly somewhat clearly, but it was very touch and go, and my ability to stay still is terrible. Which brings me to problem number 2

I have an extremely hard time moving the way I want to move.
Once, and this was quite amazing actually, I projected and  was immediately (partially blind as well) "blown" backwards, through the wall, and through buildings, and then I dont know what happened.

It was like a great wind, and I flailing about, no control.

One exercise I think that really helped me, is the part where you have readers try working with their minor chakras (thumbs and whatnot). Or whatever they are!  
I did not need to try it too many times before I had a greater bodily awareness of the sensations that I needed to look for.

Once you realize what sensations to watch out for, everything seems to click into place! Its quite natural, like a great electrifying brain yawn...

Now for astral projection? I havent a clue how to do that yet. Although I have to say, my "real world" projections are distorted. As in furniture misplaced mishapen, houses missing, wrong color etc.

Movement and time limits are what Im trying to deal with now, but Iv got my foot in the door !

My projections last no more than a minute, but I am often able to have a few quickies in a row.

So anyway, to those of you stuck in a rut, dont worry. Pay attention to chakra work and just tingling body sensations that robert talks about in his book. Also for me anyway, projection is like a great big yaawn.[:O]

Cant wait till I get better at it!

The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2004, 21:55:35 »

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