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Author Topic: A guide to RTZ OBE from LD  (Read 4095 times)
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« on: July 13, 2006, 16:34:42 »

Copy of original post that went astray


I think, we couldn't project into the astral until we are not capable to perceive the RTZ environment as it is. Without this skill our experiences are only lucid dreams, or at least, they are so heavily interpreted that cannot be considered otherwise than hallucinations.

There are two main feedback / control mechanisms which are able to keep our perception on the surface of RTZ:

1. Sensory feedback on a set of quality sensory inputs
2. Believing that you are indeed having an RTZ-OBE

As I see it, our field of vision in RTZ is composed from two types of pictures. One part of them somehow based on real sensory information, that is comes from "outside." The other part is internally generated by unconscious processes. By quality sensory input, I mean information that is not projected from the unconscious, but can be regarded as interpretations of energy fields generated by real, physical or non-physical objects. The energy body perceives those fields of their own and something translate them into pictures we know. This interpretation process is also heavily influenced by unconscious desires and beliefs. If there is no appropriate picture in our memory, the most appropriate will be used.

When inner dialogue is suppressed, presumptions don't contaminate the vision. You can keep your projection reasonably clear by sustaining silence and outward-directed awareness or regularly speaking aloud your intent to clear up your perception from phantoms. Constantly believing that you are having an OBE will result in the same effect, but it can be more powerful. However, it should be not a blind belief, but based on enhanced awareness and critical attitude. Without sufficient level of awareness, even criticism will fall and the experience will turn into some kind of pseudo-projection in which you obsessively try to validate your experiences on the basis of ad hoc created, false memories.

You could read 3 methods for converting LDs to OBEs on Marc Vandekeere's great home page @

In the following I describe a very basic method I've developed based on exercises from a Carlos Castaneda's book The Art Of Dreaming.


This method can be applied if you're in a very familiar, preferably enclosed place. The most appropriate place would be a little room, but not the same room where you sleep. The possibility to get a look of your sleeping body, at least at a subconscious level, will disturb the process. It can trap your attention, but most likely it has a repulsion effect. Also, in the third phase of the process (see later)the body will try to suck you in, causing a sense of imbalance, slanted floor, and more heavily distorted perception.

The best state from which you could start the excercise is similar to a false awakening that you have got into your conscious controll, that is entering a dream consciously by the sense of getting out of your bed, or the best, detaching your slumbering body. Regular lucid dreams will work too, but your awareness must be very keen. For that, enhance your awareness and stabilize the dream (see tips on Vandekeree's pages) before you walk/fly/teleport, etc. to the room you have chosed.

Stand in a point close to one of the corners and begin to move your attention along objects which outlook, place, and relative orientation you have memorized from your waking state beforehand seem correct. Focus on every objects for about 1-3 seconds. You have to change your focus when you recognize an object as whole thing, different entity from its environments (gestalt). This is not a visualization exercise. In this phase the most important thing is the relative position of the objects. Their exact look is a secondary issue that you will or won't correct. If the spatial organization is done, the process might become self-unfolding.

You aren't permitted to look on any object more than 2-4 seconds. You should move your attention constantly on those objects which seemed to be at their correct position and looks at least very similar to their waking counterparts. At the beginning you should move your attention to about 3-4 objects in every cycle before you go back to your starter point, a nucleus of the condensation process of your energy body.

In the fist stage, the nucleus could be your palm, or the knob of the door, or the display of a digital clock. Targeting the palm is easy because it is always at hand, however in the latter stages, looking on it will hinder the condensation process, because it is a hallucinated object. You should substitue your palm something you verified as an energetic object, for example a painting on the wall.

Recommended nucleuses in order of importance:
1. displays of digital clocks (I use 3 clocks at the same time: music center, alarm clock, computer display. First the numbers are instable, then begin to slow their changes, eventually reach the same time around rseal-time. It's very interesting that they always show slightly different times from the real time and each other.)
2. corners of the room, windows & doors (for the basic reconstruction in the first stage)
3. paintings, knob of the door
4. furnitures
5. plants
6. working electronic devices, metal objects (avoid to stand close to them)

Avoid TV sets, mirrors and objects outside of your window, and your body (if you prefer to exercise in your bedroom). Buy a negative ion generator and install it in the room where you'll try to condensate your energy body.

Your goal is to isolate and move your attention between real objects and disregard phantoms. To disregard phantoms you should avoid looking to objects that don't seem to be at the proper place, seems modified or totally unknown. Paradoxically, first you have to locate those phantom elements in order to disregard them. Later, if they still persist, you could work on them by changing them one by one, but in generally it is not recommended. Expectations powered by false memories could ruin your work by reality fluctuations.

As you proceed, you have to correct objects by visualizing them at the right place. You can change their position by holding the desired picture in your mind, looking away, speaking aloud your intent, and then looking back. First I often see a transparent version of the object, then I look away then back and find the dream object replaced by the solidified version of the visulised one. Basically, you could move your attention between verified nucleuses and let the scene change outside of your vision. But again, you have to keep your attention moving on real looking objects already properly placed.

I've found it work very well if I try to hold the feeling of all my verified nucleus at the same time regardless of your actual focus at that moment. The exact route my attention follow is not crucial however, I suspect, nor insignificant. I'm still not know the exact laws behind the fluctocondensation process.

When I've forced to abandon my OBE practices I was experimenting with externally generated bioplasm cables. I've found if I'm very close to the place where my body should be lying I could take my etheric substance from my body by using breathing excercises. I was doing this practice to get enough physicality to collapse a detector in the corner of my room and enpower my projections.

I suppose you would develop your own style in no time, but you have to excercise yourself while you're awake. Just do all the looking and focusing excercises in the same room you would in dreaming. Try to believe that you're indeed dreaming. This work is essential, because in dreaming there is no time for experimenting or making mistakes.


I've observed many stages of the condensation process, but I don't want to set obstructive expectations here. For example, in the first stage of de-phantomisation I could face a very serious problem: dream peoples will appear and try to hinder my exercise by all possible manner. This could be personal, perhaps you'll be free from them. The simplest method I've came up with was to lock the door of the room in the dream. I advise no violence at all because it will upset your mind and ruin the emotional athmosphere of the dream.

In the second stage (after the spatial reorganisation is done) your vision become very disrupt, composed from various mosaics (showing your room from odd directions at the same time) and the tunnel like quality of your vision become more apparent (inability to focus on the perifery of your vision). Also, you can't move your attention freely, because some direction seems inhibited. At this point your have to drop your palm and choose a stable, verified energetic object. Your energy body has reached the "octopus phase" in which it is supposedly composed from various little seeds and spurs around the nucleuses. In one direction you could see into the RTZ, in the opposite you are still hallucinating. If you quit at this point and fly out of your window, you may will be surprised by the domination of power-lines, antennas and weatherings in your dream.

Generally your field of vision will change from centrally active to being peripherally active, will get a more grayish hue, and/or disrupt into mosaics then open up again in the final stage. At one point you will feel yourself groggy, and you have difficulties with moving around, changing the angle of your perception or you will be moved by against of your will. Avoid trying to look in the direction of your body at the first couple of times. Latter it could be a nucleus and end sign of the condensatio process.

In the final stage your movements become temporally difficult, then replaced by floating and jumping styled sliding. Eventually your legs will disappear and your body will turn into a blob of attention. At this point you are in the real time zone.


Order yourself to hold your current state. Supress internal dialog by observing your environment without expectations. Until you hold your peripheral vision, don't focus on details, don't carry massive internal dialogue / expectations, and don't be upset by strong emotions you will still be in the RTZ - or at least, close enough to it to being able to restore your vision by commanding your system to disregard hallucinatory intrusions. Don't try to move through narrow entrances, windows, doors with great speed, and avoid any other abrupt changes in your perception. Avoid insides of walls and conversations with other peoples or creatures.

Signs of being in the RTZ:

- The room seems larger and distant as you would see through a lensed peephole
- Sometimes you could see in all direction at the same time
- Ability to open up enclosed spaces in the distance or zooming to them
- Glowing halo around some objects, others emanate fear and electricity
- Ability to going through walls without tricks (getting in backward, forming sensory sporas, etc.)
- Flying is disrupted by small leaps
- Uncontrolled movements, drifts along wires, walls of buildings
- Inability to fly away by power-lines (you are forced to fly through or along them)
- Appearance of weird objects that emanate electricity & fear
- Changing your location between distant places without apparent moving

Don't fight with the natural laws: let yourself sliding along walls and the ground. Flying close to surfaces seems to have a stabilizing effect, presumably due to the izopotentials and surface-accumulated ions which from the bulk of the RTZ body is supposed to be composed.

The time you're able to spend in the RTZ is limited. From the very moment you abandoned the enclosed practices your environment start contaminated again. Slipping back into dreaming is a seamaless process.

Signs of leaving the RTZ:

- Multiplied or transparent pictures of some objects, buildings, the moon (like in the second stage of the enclosed practice of condensation)
- Uncontrolled drift by an unseen force (just above the RTZ)
- The image of your body is reappear (however you have arms even in RTZ if you try to grab something)
- Too many power-lines (they are everywhere!)
- People are start to noticing you (this could happen in the RTZ as well but people will not remember the conversation)

You could recondensate your energy body by speaking aloud your intent and/or carefully directing your attention. Simply order your system to disrecard sensory junks and other phantoms and avoid looking on objects that seem transparent or changed. You are able to use distant seeds of your energy body to travel distant places. Order your target onto the horizon then zoom onto its picture. You'll find yourself in the collective dream regio of your target from which, if you want to, you are still able to recondensate your energy body into the RTZ.

You could zoom onto a distant building by forcefully locking your attention on it. After 5-20 sec of intense focusing you'll feel a strong pull. If you let go at taht point, you will find yourself being accelerated on a straight line right in the direction of the object you focus on. Close objects will not pull you only form vortices. Starting from a more dream like environment your movements likely will be similar to some kind of fractional zooming onto a picture. If your destination is dimensionally more distant zooming will not work (the focused object is hallucinated). However, if you succeded to get a picture of a RTZ or astral object you'll be throwed through a hazy tunnel with tremendous speed. At your destination you could slow down your pace by gradually spreading out your attention. Be careful, if you fail you'll shoot over your target and find yourself without anything comprehensible to hold your perception on.

As a general rule, long focusing on objects required to succesful zooming could disrupt RTZ-states where the main sensory feedback seems to occurs via the periferal vision. However, if you're already out of the RTZ slightly (which is normally occur all the time when you operate and travel in RTZ) you could use zooming. After a couple of zooming your energy body will reorganise itself by loosing extra seeds and become localised in the RTZ again.

And of course, as always, if you feel yourself disorientated or lost, remember that you are able to command your energy body. Just order it get you out of the hallucination or take you to your target by passively letting it to soar on a trajectory which would be beyond your control and reason.

Vincit Omnia Veritas
The Astral Pulse

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