Astral Sex

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telepathy - Communication from one mind to another through means other than the senses.  (taken from The American Heritage Student  Dictionary)

FallnAngel says

"I doubt that his wife would approve of him thinking about another woman much less taking it to this extent."

You are right Astral, his wife does NOT approve of him thinking about another woman.  She told me last night during an unexpected 2 hour conversation (a very nice one) with her that she has seen him "thinking" about me.  I don't know if she believes in astral sex or telepathic sex (or even knows what it is) but she just knows her husband "thinks" about me and doesn't like it.

This weekend I will find out whether they are getting a divorce or not.   If they are getting a divorce, then we will continue our telepathic sex until we can be together and get married. If they don't get a divorce, then I will have to cut the telepathic sex out.  This will probably be a gradual thing though, knowing all the complexities involved.

I am not above myself to admit that yes, I CAN have another relationship like this one with someone else, should he and his wife not get a divorce.  Since I've had the creme of the crop as far as sex and soulmates go, I'd prefer another soulmate and another man who could have telepathic sex.  I prefer someone who can match my abilities.  And I'll come straight out and say that if he doesn't get a divorce I'll be hunting for a new man right away as the pain will be unbearable.  (oh lordie how did I ever volunteer myself to be the guinea pig of this thread!!)

FallnAngel you're wondering what the situation is really like.  I have bonded with this man as deep as my soul will go and know in my heart he is my soulmate.  Without going into extreme details of our relationship, just know I am the only one for him and I have never had any thoughts or fear of him "finding" another woman.  Ever.  In my opinion, soulmates are not cast out easily.  A lot can be said of soulmates, and outcomes are another entirely different subject which I won't go into here because this thread is not the topic of soulmates but from other stories I've heard being involved with a soulmate can change a person considerably.

You are right FallnAngel and I agree, he should have gotten a divorce long ago if he knew he wasn't in love with his wife anymore.  This would have made everyone's lives a lot different, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't choose that route, and I have decided to accept it.  We discussed this matter and I told him myself that he should have divorced long ago.  All was said and done.

Yes he experiences telepathic sex much like I do.  He recently told me something like, "if it feels this good in person then it will be fantastic."  I think he underestimated what he was trying to say.  I will tell you that our relationship has gone so deep now that sometimes when we get on the telephone we both get so excited that we practically climax within seconds.  Now to me that is deep.  And yes, there have been many emails and conversations wherein he has stated his particular intensity for one of our lovemakings.

Oh and PeacefulWarrior?  I took a bit of offense at the way you described my lovemaking with my beloved one.  "But it seems you simply lie down and he does too and then you meet on some mental level to make love."  Let's see if you can perform this same thing, telepathic sex, and tell me it is on "some" mental level.  Telepathic sex is not a simple action by any means, and the average human cannot fathom what the heck it is, let alone perform it.  I cannot be with this man physically at this time, so I am extremely grateful that we can share our love in another way. (telepathically)  Please be careful how you speak of other's lovemaking, whether it seems simple or dumb or whatever, to you.

Well now, we finally have a woman who is not afraid to come out and speak!!!!!!!!!!!  Horray!

Yes Person the burning sensations are familiar to me, along with other sensations.  I didn't want to start spilling details, but as long as you have put them forth first, I'll admit what I can.  If you were feeling those burning sensations, then he was probably having sex with you in his mind.  I don't doubt that at all.  The only way you will get these burning sensations is if you create them, or he creates them.  That's my opinion, of course.

I'll have to agree that fantasy is one thing, and acting sex out with another person whether online or astrally or telepathically is another thing entirely.  And becomes a moral issue if one is married.



Clarissa, has he ever had this kind of experience with anyone else? You said that he came to you, so I guess that he knew what he was doing. How did he learn about this, or was he just experimenting and got lucky? (no pun intended)


Good Morning FallnAngel,

I do not know if he has experienced this with anyone else.  My estimated guess would be no, and I'll tell you why.  One of the very first nights we had telepathic sex he mentioned something like he didn't know he could do this.  I know he can astral project, that I do know, so yes he does come to me at will.

I am not entirely sure but I think he learned how to astral project by researching it.  (He's a researcher as well, and spends many many hours on the net.)   As far as his knowing how to have telepathic sex, I think that was more due to my part, not his.  I very strongly believe because of our bonding we were able to reach higher levels of communication than the norm.  It was ME who first told him I could feel his climax, and I think he was shocked to learn of this, that I could feel him.  I was the one who had the gift of telepathy, while he had the gift of astral projecting.  I never learned anywhere how to give and receive telepathic communication.  I was born with the gift and realized I had it when I was in my early twenties.




I never come over to this forum because of the whole 'negative' spin on AP.  this thread is amazing.

hi Clarissa, you mentioned being glad that another woman had chimed in, so I thought I would chime in, too.

I've had two different sorts of experiences that relate here.

One was a "Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am" sexual thing a few months ago.  This related to a living person - we had occasional personal contact and I had felt for months or years that I was trying to keep him psychically/mentally/telepathically (whatever) at a distance. I'm married, so is he, I really didn't want to go down that road, but the effort of keeping a mental distance was draining. I finally decided to let my guard down one night, and BOOM.  You know the song "I want a man with slow hands"? Well, that was sort of what I expected, but I guess the years of repression made things manifest a little differently. Heh. It was intense though, full body blast, like I was thrown against a wall.  And very satisfying --- it reminded me of Monroe's explanation in book 1 for male/female being like positive/negative charges that can't help themselves but collide.

Anyway, I doubt hubby would make much of it, skeptic that he is, but I still don't want to dally there. It would consume me. I don't want to hurt him, even if he thought it was all in my mind, the fact that it was in my mind would hurt him. I make a point to not have personal contact with this person any more. After a few months of disciplined abstinence, the yearnings are starting to get out of my system, and I find I am able to shift any remaining spontaneous thoughts/desires into a harmless fantasy about someone (anyone) I don't know.  Which feels much less problematic.

The second sort of experience happens now and then on its own - not during a projection but during the trancework. Sometimes I try to be open to guides etc. Usually these are not living people. Sometimes they are living people who I have not met but trust, and feel can teach me something.

This doesn't really feel like sex, but it feels incredibly intimate. Like they are getting into my heart chakra and permeating through the rest of my body. I have to consciously let go of control  if I want the experience to deepen. It takes a real effort. Very satisfying, no physical climax, but very intimate. Far more intimate than sex, more like inhabiting the same space precisely. But like I said, no climax. Sort of dissipates slowly and leaves me warm.

Anyway, brave soul that you are for posting, now I have another forum to check every time I visit! This thread is hot!


Dear Patty,

I completely understand what you mean about the negative spin on AP.  I just unsubed from a group because of the negativity and also I wasn't learning anything.  I really don't mind SOME negativity, but when a group is made up of it, i'm out.

You say you kept this man at bay for months or years.  For me, if my beloved one remains in his marriage, I will do everything in my power to remove his attentions on me, for not only will it be wrong to have telepathic sex with a married man, but I will want to get over him as quickly as possible, knowing the pain I am in for.  And you're right about the mental draining trying to keep someone at bay.  It's not as simple as just letting the answering machine pick up for you.  There is physical contact involved, which makes it extremely difficult.  How I wish it was that simple, just to be able to "turn it off," but the temptation is great.  Sometimes I wish I could just wake up and hope this is all a dream, but alas, life is not always easy, eh?  

It's good that you're keeping astral/telepathic sex out of your marriage, for it CAN become addicting in a way.  It feels so different than physical sex that one can only want to experience the wonderful pleasures telepathic sex can bring.

I am sure your husband would not like your having astral/telepathic sex with another person/entity if he knew what it was and believed in it.  You are wise to give it up, and I admire the courage you have practiced in ridding yourself of this, for I know all too well how much work it takes and how much resistance it takes.

You say -  "After a few months of disciplined abstinence, the yearnings are starting to get out of my system, and I find I am able to shift any remaining spontaneous thoughts/desires into a harmless fantasy about someone (anyone) I don't know."

A few MONTHS of abstinence????  Oh geez!  That is too long for me to resist him.  If I end up having to cut the sex out I hope I could end it sooner, much sooner than a few months.

I'm not sure if I have had experience with your second experience listed here.  So far I only desire telepathic sex with those that I love.  It really seems rather cold to have telepathic sex with someone I don't know, but then again, I've only had telepathic sex with one person in my whole life so I can't speak from experience.




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