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Author Topic: Gateway program origins  (Read 2304 times)
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« on: July 13, 2006, 16:44:42 »

Copy of original post that went astray

Greetings all,

I have just obtained from the Internet the documentation for the Monroe Gateway program - and most interesting it is too!

But the page atteched after this message or so at the end is very important in explaining how Robert Monroe came to go from OBE to phasing.

I don't think there is much doubt, if indeed there ever was, that phasing is the future of Astral exploration, just as Monroe discovered for himself.

With best regards,


"In 1957 Robert Monroe began having out-of-body experiences that altered his life forever. The first of his OBEs initiated a long series of explorations into the limitlessness of human consciousness. The documentation of these first experiences became what is now known as the “classic OBE,” in which a person actually sees her/her body and perceives his/her consciousness as clearly separate from the physical body.

Although Bob’s experiences were both dramatic and life changing, it soon became apparent that the OBE phenomenon was just the tip of the iceberg. As he grew more comfortable in exploring altered states of consciousness, Bob realized that his experiences in what he referred to as Locale 1 (the physical world around us) had served to trigger his innate curiosity. His keen sense of the rational and his curious nature would subsequently give birth to a more complete understanding of his OBE adventures.

In time, Bob’s explorations developed a level of maturity that required the coining of a new term to more accurately describe his experiences. He had come to understand that “outer space” and “inner space” are one; therefore, the concept of going “out of body” no longer applied. In practice, Bob had learned that he could project a portion of his consciousness “there” while retaining a portion of consciousness within the physical body. His discovery meant that consciousness transcended the physical boundaries of time and space. Thus, the term “out of body” was simply too limiting. “Phasing” is the term he introduced to encompass these new realizations.

All of us know the meaning of phasing through personal experience. We merely take the phenomenon for granted. For example, as you continue to read you might become aware of the position of your physical body. You may simultaneously be aware of your surroundings, including such variables as room temperature sounds and smells, even the intensity of available light. Perhaps you are even thinking about what you will experience as you listen to Wave VII exercises – all while you are reading and integrating the words on this page. Your ability to do so is simply your consciousness phasing in and out of multiple levels of awareness.

Your consciousness can and does operate simultaneously in multiple levels of awareness. It may be directed toward the past, the present, or the future. It may be focused in this reality or others. You alone are responsible for how you choose to focus your conscious awareness. The concept of phasing one’s consciousness can explain all paranormal or psychic phenomena from Lucid Dreaming or Remote Viewing to Near Death Experiences. Your ability to phase is so inherent that it may have escaped your notice, yet the potential applications for this remarkable ability are far-reaching.

The purpose of Wave VII is to assist you in applying this natural ability. The beginning exercises take place in Focus 12, a state of expanded awareness in Locale 1. These exercises are designed and scripted directly from Bob’s original explorations in what he then called the out-of-body state. In the process of working with these exercises, you will become familiar with the “second body.” The second body (also referred to as the energy body) is actually the field of energy that surrounds the physical body.

With practice, you will learn how to expand your energy body, moving it progressively away from the location of your physical body. You will remember how to manipulate and control your energy body through the projection (or phasing) of your consciousness. After you become familiar with the vibrations of your second body, you will have the opportunity to explore the far reaches of physical reality in Locale 1.

The Gateway Affirmation has long been an integral component of the Monroe Institute’s residential programs. In Wave VII, you will learn to ask for help and assistance from those whose wisdom and experience is equal to or greater than your own.

Trust that your experiences are exactly as they should be for you at the time. Your heart-felt appreciation is an appropriate means to acknowledge any assistance given you. It is, therefore, recommended that you take time to express your gratitude following each exercise.

The final exercises of Wave VII are designed to guide you beyond the boundaries of physical reality. You will journey to Locale 2, which awaits beyond the bridge that connects physical time-space reality with other dimensions and other levels of awareness. Focus 21 is the bridge to other states of expanded awareness. At this point, you will be a true explorer, moving into realms of awareness we will not attempt to specify here. Indeed, such realms are often indescribable. Those who have traveled this path frequently return to physical reality with few, if any, words to recount their experiences. As Bob would say, “Now that you have the tools, find out for yourself.”

Bob was also fond of saying “Only you can change you.” It is the significance and meaning that you give to your experiences that will help you achieve personal growth. Trust yourself throughout these exercises and know that a greater part of you is always there to help and assist you.


Vincit Omnia Veritas
The Astral Pulse

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