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Author Topic: Our Ultimate Reality Book and Forums  (Read 10166 times)
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« on: April 07, 2005, 17:02:00 »

Hello everyone,

I have launched the book and site for Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind today

I will repeat the URL again later in this message, but here is
the URL:

Our Ultimate Reality is the culmination of over 2 years writing
based on my own seeking, experiences and knowledge over the course
of 40 years. During that time I have been priveledged to have
learned a tremendous amount from many diverse sources. Our Ultimate
Reality now brings the benefit of those 40+ years to its readers
over the course of 684 pages and 144 chapters.

Although the book flows seamlessly from beginning to end it is also
a reference work for many valuable abilitities such as Astral
Projection, OBE, Healing, Concentration, Attracting Wealth and
much, much more. I have included a fill list of chapters at the end
of this newsletter.

By buying Our Ultimate Reality you will immediately benefit from
what I have personally learned, practiced and achieved over the
last 40 years, much of which you can out into practice immediately
to achieve results in the next 40 days!

Of particular interest, based on the many emails I receive on this
subject, will be my best 3 methods for achieving Astral projection
and OBE. While success cannot be guaranteed, being subject to so
many different variables, not the least of which is personal
commitment, I can say that in my opinion these methods provide the
very best chance so far of achieving Astral projection and OBE.

I am also offering for a time three valuable additional bonuses:

Abyss: This is a binaural brainwave synchronisation MP3 for use
with meditation, Astral Projection, OBE, Healing, Manifestaion and
many other things. Abyss first appeared in its original form over 2
years ago, but since then has evolved considerably into a state of
the art binaural brainwave entrainment MP3 that has been developed
not only based on the feedback of many people, but also based on
the detailed analysis of many other well known, and expensive
binaural products out here. Abyss incorporates the best of them all!
Abyss can be used for a range of purposes, including but not
limited to meditation, wealth, health, Astral projection, OBE and
much more. Abyss perfectly compliments the main book.

The Power of Concentration: The ability to concentrate effectively
is an absolutely crucial prerequisite to achieving anything at all
of real, long-term value. The truth of this most important fact of
this cannot be underestimated.This exceptional book, The Power of
Concentration, was originally written by Theron Dumont in 1918, but
the information and teachings therein are as valid today as ever.
This is what the author himself says about concentration: "Success
is assured when you are able to concentrate, for you are then able
to utilize for your good all constructive thoughts and shut out all
the destructive ones. It is of the greatest value to be able to
think only that which will be beneficial."

A Guide to Psychic Defense: It is a shocking yet true fact that we
are all constantly subject to psychic attacks by many different
different types and levels from inner and psychic beings and
forces.  These attacks range from unintentional attacks by people
with forceful personalities such as some sales people, friends,
relatives and partners, through full demonic possession. This is a
more serious issue than people realize! In A Guide to Psychic
Defense you will learn everything you need to know about all forms
of psychic attack, how to prevent it, and what you can do if you
have been attacked.

I am truly humbled and honoured by the amazing feedback I have
received from those people who have read Our Ultimate Reality, and
can only hope that everyone finds the book of equal value.

In addition to the book, I am delighted to launch a brand new
forums resource dedicated to the subjects covered in the book.
These forums will be very focussed and highly moderated from the
outset by some of the moderators you are already familiar with and
who do such exceptional work at the Astral Pulse. Quality is the
emphasis from the outset, and all membership applications will be
approved by myself. I hope to see many of you there!

As always I really appreciate all suggestions that in any way
improve the quality of the forums for the benefit of everyone.

I also very much appreciate comments on the newsletter and in
particular what you would like to see included in the future.

Once again The URL of the new site is:

And thank you once again for your wonderful support, and I hope to
see you at the new forums as well as here as ever!

Best regards,


Our Ultimate Reality Chapters:

Part1: Our Infinite Universe

Chapter 1: The Nature of the Universe  
Chapter 2: Definition of God  
Chapter 3: Hinduism  
Chapter 4: Taoism  
Chapter 5: Buddhism
Chapter 6: The Wisdom of the West  
Chapter 7: The Principle of Mentalism  
Chapter 8: The Principle of Correspondence
Chapter 9: The Principle of Vibration  
Chapter 10: The Principle of Polarity
Chapter 11: The Principle of Rhythm
Chapter 12: The Principle of Cause and Effect
Chapter 13:The principle of Gender  
Chapter 14: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes
Chapter 15: The Kabbalah  
Chapter 16: The Wisdom of Quantum Physics
Chapter 17: The Wisdom of the Ages
Chapter 18: The Wisdom of the Inner Planes
Chapter 19: The Universe of Vibration
Chapter 20: The Law of Cause and Effect  
Chapter 21: The Elements
Chapter 22: Vital Energy  
Chapter 23: Psychic "Phenomena"
Chapter 24: Remote Viewing
Chapter 25: Telepathy  
Chapter 26: Karma
Chapter 27: The true nature of "God"

Part 2: The Inner Realities

Chapter 28: What happens after "death"?  
Chapter 29: Animals after passing  
Chapter 30: Ghosts
Chapter 31: Reincarnation  
Chapter 32: Suicide
Chapter 33: The Inner Bodies
Chapter 34: The Astral Body, The Soul  
Chapter 35: The Mental Body  
Chapter 36: The Higher Self  
Chapter 37: The Physical Universe of Matter
Chapter 38: The Planes of non-Human Mind
Chapter 39: The Planes of the Human Mind
Chapter 40: The Astral worlds
Chapter 41: The Lower Astral Planes
Chapter 42: The Belief System Territories
Chapter 43: Lower level Astral entities  
Chapter 44: The Mid-Astral worlds  
Chapter 45: The Inner Astral worlds  
Chapter 46  Fairy tale Creatures  
Chapter 47: The Mental Planes  
Chapter 48: The Celestial and Cosmic Planes  
Chapter 49: The Angelic Hierarchy
Chapter 50: Holy Guardian Angel  
Chapter 51: Spirit Guides  
Chapter 52: Communications Inner Spheres  
Chapter 53: Psychics  
Chapter 54: Psychic Mediums  
Chapter 55: Genuine Psychic Services
Chapter 56: The Ouija Board
Chapter 57: Trance Mediums
Chapter 58: Materialisation Mediums
Chapter 59: The Direct Voice
Chapter 60: Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Chapter 61: Instrumental Transcommunication
Chapter 62: Channeling Conclusion
Chapter 63: Contact with the Inner Spheres
Chapter 64: Clairvoyance  
Chapter 65: The Akashic Record  
Chapter 66: Astral Projection
Chapter 67: Three Astral Projection Methods
Chapter 68: The Out of Body Experience
Chapter 69: Three OBE methods
Chapter 70: The Near Death Experience

Part 3: Managing Your Destiny

Chapter 71: Progression Through Life  
Chapter 72: Deep Physical Relaxation
Chapter 73: Concentration  
Chapter 74: The Practice of Concentration
Chapter 75: Meditation  
Chapter 76: The practice of Meditation
Chapter 77: Twin-Hearts Meditation
Chapter 78: The Human Paradox
Chapter 79: The Eternal Now  
Chapter 80: The Law of Attraction  
Chapter 81: The Truth about Money
Chapter 82: The Power of Positive Thinking
Chapter 83: Affirmations  
Chapter 84: Powers of the Imagination  
Chapter 85: Creative Visualisation
Chapter 86: Practice of Creative Visualisation
Chapter 87: Other Senses of the Imagination
Chapter 88: The Power of Emotions
Chapter 89: Creating your own Reality
Chapter 90: Harmonising your desires
Chapter 91: Let go and let God
Chapter 92: The Joy and Power of Giving
Chapter 93: The Joy and Power of Healing
Chapter 94: Pranic Healing
Chapter 95: Reiki Healing
Chapter 96: Healing Yourself and Others
Chapter 97: The Principles of Healing
Chapter 98: The Practice of Healing
Chapter 99: Living your own Reality
Chapter 100: Our Ultimate Destiny
Chapter 101: Know Thyself
Chapter 102: Transcending The Ego  
Chapter 103: Practice of Transcending Ego  
Chapter 104: Equilibrium of the Soul
Chapter 105: Autosuggestion  
Chapter 106: Dreams  
Chapter 107: The Dream Journal
Chapter 108: The Inner Voice  
Chapter 109: The flow of Life  
Chapter 110: Respect for all Life  
Chapter 111: Selfless service
Chapter 112: The Lessons of Life
Chapter 113: Pure Unconditional Love
Chapter 114: Our Ultimate Reality

Vincit Omnia Veritas
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« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2009, 08:55:28 »
Welcome to Sounds of Enlightenment

Over the last 1700 years or so, the vast majority of humanity had been plunged ever deeper in to the darkness of systems contrived by the few, with the single objective of exerting ever increasing power and control through many strategies, including, but not limited to the orthodox religions, covert, secret, shadow governments, and the control of money supply, while isolating humanity from their Source of True Reality, True Power and Ultimate Destiny.

But all this is very rapidly changing, Right Now.

Every 25,800 years or so Earth and all Life on Earth, indeed the entire solar system, experiences a Powerful Cycle of Energy bringing profound changes as well as equally profound opportunities, but only for those prepared.

Many have heard of the so called "ascension" or "rapture" - most likely through religious doctrines - but be absoluetely sure that religious affiliations and practices have nothing whatever to do with these events. The Transition, from one State of Being to the next will depend entirely upon your own personal Spiritual status in that moment, and nothing else.

There is nothing unusual or even "supernatural" about these events - quite the contrary in fact.

These events are rather all part of the infinite immutable cycles that form part of the natural order of the Universe, cycles that have always exerted their influence with immutable certainty, precision and Perfection throughout the Ages.

Sounds of Enlightenment will not only help you to prepare for these momentous events, but will also enable you to escape the tyrnanny of the dark forces that gace sought to control humanity for centuries, thus Empowering you to finally realise your Power and Birth Right for Infinite Health, Abundance, Freedom and above all Spiritual Evolution.

But know this.

The processes of achieving Perfect Health, Infinite Abundance, Unbounded Joy, Absolute Freedom and Personal Evolution - Ultimately Enlightenment - are fundamentally the same as for ensuring the very best possibly outcome before, during and after the coming Transition to the next Age - the Golden Age - for all those who have prepared themselves.

It should of course be noted that no one knows precisely how and when these events will manifest and exert their influence - 2012 might be a climactic event or the pivotal pojnt of a series of ongoing events - but one factor is certain - it is better to be prepared than be taken by surprise and experience the consequences, especially as being prepared offers so many more benefits in Life and Experience generally.

When and if these monumental events do occur, those who have not prepared themselves will probably leave Earth, but still continue further physical experiences as aspects of their Higher Self, reincarnating either on Earth - if Earth is still suitable for habitation - or other Earth-like planets, in order to prepare for the next Evolution opportunity. Of course anyone may evlve at any time with the necessary knowledge and commitment, but these cycles offer a major opportunity for large scale evolution to the next level - the level that the Aztecs refer to today as "Homo Luminous".

So by Empowering yourself for a Perfect Life experience today, you can also prepare for a Perfect Transition to the Golden Age when the moment comes.

So what is the background of Sounds of Enlightenment?

My name is Adrian Cooper, and my own awakening and subsequent long, interesting, extremely profound, often seemingly amazing and at times even "miraculous" voyage of discovery started over 45 years ago, when, at the age of just 8 years it was suddenly made apparent to me that the world, society and religion were not all what they seemed, and I had been led to believe, thus beginning a lifelong quest for the True Nature of Reality.

I very quickly reject religion and all other false and controlling human doctrines comprising what was called "society", disregarding the people warning me of the "terrible consequences" of doing so, and thus prepared and equipped, embarked upon my own Path of Freedom, Discovery, Evolution, Enlightenment and Truth, free of the controlling forces of darkness.

I was born in Central England and raised in a small village far out in the countryside - absolutely beautiful countryside with luscious green fields and meadows, wonderful and beautiful wildlife, winding river and many other Divine Wonders.

My later professional background for 33 years has been involved with technologies including, but not limited to computers, networking and software development.

For the last 20 of those years I have also been heavily involved with the Internet, almost from the very beginning of the Internet as it is known today in fact - since long before the days of the World Wide Web and web browsers.

For the last 10 years I have been focused on applying all my life experience, knowledge and connections to date towards every aspect of Empowerment, Health and Evolution Through the Infinite Powers of the Mind and Expansion of Consciousness

I have thus been able to create, and continue to create a powerful, effective and enduring multifaceted approach to every aspect of Self Empowerment, Spiritual Evolution and Empowerment, an approach which I personally know and believe to be true beyond all doubt, for the benefit the greatest number of people, regardless of country of residence, culture and circumstances.

The first site I made available on the Internet, The Astral Pulse, was created in 2004 - over 5 years ago - in response to the rapidly increasing interest in a wide range of Metaphysical abilities, in particular Astral Projection:

With nearly 220,000 posts in nearly 27,000 separate topics by over 23,000 members, and with ten times that number browsing each day as guests, the Astral Pulse has become the largest dedicated Metaphysics forum on the Internet.

In 2005 I was inspired to write a book, thus taking on what seemed to be the almost impossible task of completely addressing, in a single volume, the mysteries of Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind, which I set out to write from the outset to cross the bounaries of all cultures, societies and belief systems. I willingly accepted the challenge, the final result being my 576 page book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind, which has since changed the life of countless people as Reviews of my Our Ultimate Reality on Amazon testify.

The Our Ultimate Reality Website receives tens of thousands of visitors each month, reading the hundereds of articles available.

The Our Ultimate Reality Forums, are highly respected for the quality and depth of the discussions taking place there on all of these most important subjects.

In addition to computer and Internet related technologies, another technology I have been particularly involved with  for many years is very broadly known as "Brainwave Entrainment". But this is an expression has been much overused in recent years, and in any case is a considerable over-simplification of the numerous, highly complex factors involved in the entrainment of as is often apparent from the numerous products available for "brainwave entrainment".

Several years ago, as an experiment in Consciousness, I developed a Brainwave Entrainment track for the purposes of deep Meditation and Inner Exploration such as Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, known as "Abyss".

Abyss has since been used by many thousands of people around the world for many different purposes with considerable success - often far beyond the original purpose of Abyss, which is still extensively used even today.

But the point I am making is this:

I make no claims about my background, experience and intentions that cannot be fully substantiated both through my published books, newsletters and website articles, and by the thousands of people all around the world who have directly benefited - often very profoundly and in a Life-changing way.

How does Sounds of Enlightenment help you specifically?

Sounds of Enlightenment makes use of the most Advanced Computer and Sound Technologies including Vocal Guidance, combined with Powerful, often largely Unknown Principles of Self Empowerment and Evolution.

Our Next Generation Brainwave Entrainment Technologies are Many Times More Powerful than the well known "binaural beats" stil used by most "brainwave entrainment products".

It is a little known - or sometimes even concealed fact - that even the person who discovered and named "binaural beats" did not consider them to be very effective - but rather more a case of interesting from a scientific perspective.

When binaural beat type products do appear to work, it is very often through a phenomena known as the "Ganzfeld Effect", which is invoked through the repetition of sounds such as sea surf which, after a time simply paralyses the senses.

But there is little or no significant "entrainment" of brainwaves as claimed under these conditions, and certainly no lasting changes or benefits.

The Powerful and Highly Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Technology in Sounds of Enlightenment is also integrated with Special Composed Ambient Music, Powerfully Optimised for each individual Sound Track.

Simply listening to a sound track, unless it is for a very specific purpose, can never bring about very specific and lasting changes, benefits or abilities, without expert guidance.

Most Sounds of Enlightenment MP3 Tracks Feature my own Vocal Guidance for Very Unique, Effective, Powerful Progression Towards Developing Your Own Ongoing Empowerment, Abilities and Evolution.

So what will Sounds of Enlightenment actually bring to your Experience?

For many centuries humanity has been largely lost - isolated from the True and Only Source of Perfect Health, Infinite Abundance and Unbounded Joy.

Sounds of Enlightenment will be Re-Connected You with the Light, Your Higher Self and most importantly to Your True Source of Self Empowerment, Perfect Health, Infinite Abundance, Unbounded Joy and Unconditional Love.

I will replace The Law of Attraction - which is in reality neither a "Law" or even a primary creative process, and which in any case has become a psuedo religion, with the truly empowering Principle of Expression.

Through Sounds of Enlightenment I will also Empower you to prepare yourself for the great and profound changes that are imminent, that you may emerge as the next evolution of Human Being for the Golden Age.

These changes cannot be accomplished through reading books or attending seminars and so on.

This level of Empowerment and Evolution can only be attained through the Direct Experience of Inner Development and Communication.

Even manifesting external experiences such as physical Abundance, Healing and Perfect Health must take place within first - always - by Immutable Universal Principle.

These are the opening lines from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus - a great Spiritual Master, True Magician and Adept, since deified as a God by Ancient Egypt:

"What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like that which is above. To make the miracle of the one thing.
And as all things were made from contemplation of one, so all things were born from one adaptation."

What does this mean exactly?

Well first of all the words "above" and "below" would be more appropriately stated as "within" and "without".

So this passage is telling us that anything that is first created within - through the power of the Mind - there is no other way - must manifest without to become the one "miracle" which may then Experience in your physical Life.

"All things made from the contemplation of the One" means that everything in Creation was created by and through Source, Universal Mind, First Cause in the macrocosm. Likewise therefore humans, as individual Expressions of Source create our own individual experience - the microcosm - all through the fundamental and primary Creative Principle - Mind.

Mind is Principle. Everything, in all Spheres of Life and Reality - from Source, First Cause, Prime Creator at the "Centre"of Creation, all the way out to the physical Universe at the extremity of Creation, where Energy differentiates in to matter - is an Experience of Mind Principle, the Power of Which is a function of 10 different but Crucial Factors that you will learn about and Experience through Sounds of Enlightenment.

But why "Sounds" of Enlightenment?

What is it about Sound that makes it so Powerful?

During the course of publishing my regular weekly newsletters over the last 4 years, newsletters read by hundreds of thousands of people from many different countries, cultures and life situations, I have received and replied to countless messages asking questions, seeking advice or asking for help on numerous different issues, many relating to physical life situations, others relating to inner objectives such as Metaphysical development or Spiritual Evolution.

Over the same 4 years, in addition to my own best-selling book Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind, I have alsp made available several additional powerful books that I have encountered since, especially over the last 12 months or so.

It has however become highly apparent, that for most people, simply reading information, and perhaps understanding at an academic or intellectual level, and following even the most simple exercises is not enough.

Some find written knowledge difficult to remember, others find that exercises are difficult to perform while also memorising the details, yet others still experienced difficulty in maintaining the level of concentration and motivation required.

Following the exceptional success of Abyss, the popular and highly acclaimed brainwave entrainment track mentioned previously, it became abundantly clear to me that almost everyone is capable of, and indeed often very much enjoy, putting on a set of headphones, lying down comfortably, relaxing, and listening to and following a sound track, especially a pleasant and engaging sound track.

So early in 2008 I set about considering how this approach could be greatly expanded upon and further developed to succesfully facilitate the realisation a complete spectrum of abilities and experiences which many desired and expected, but to date had been unable accomplish, often leading to dissapointment, frustration and serious doubts about the so called Law of Attraction and other claimed Metaphysical powers.

After further considerable research and development, I created the basis and framework for what would become the Sounds of Enlightenment Series of MP3 Sound Tracks, the first ever True Course of Vocally Guided, Next Generation, Brainwave Entrainment Sound Tracks, Incorporating the Most Advanced Sound Technologies.

The main Sounds of Enlightenment Service is scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of 2009, sooner if possible.

But, as mentioned previously, due to the ongoing demand and need for next generation, powerful and effective Sound Tracks of this type, I felt compelled to offer a limited interim site where I will offer the Sound Tracks numerous people have been most requesting, starting with Chakra Development, followed by Sound Tracks for other specific abilities and purposes.

I Wish You Every Possible Success With Joy, Freedom and Love.

In Love, Light and Service,

Adrian Cooper.
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2009, 08:55:28 »

logoVisit the website of Astral Pulse creator Adrian Cooper.

Home of the best selling book Our Ultimate Reality.

Astral Projection, Metaphysics and many other subjects.

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« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2011, 19:48:55 »

I am extremely skeptical of anyone who tries to make money by selling knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge. Spiritually, money is extremely irrelevant and actually spiritually adverse simply because it's just a bad motive to help others, genuinely enlightened/spiritual people know this and would never conceive of making a business of trading acts of kindness or spiritual knowledge for money. The fact that on your own website you advertise various other E-books pertaining to making money and getting rich makes your "spiritual" website extremely suspicious.

And it appears to me that you have gathered a ton of information from other sources such as, possibly the Ra law of one channelings and for sure the Kybalion. So you gathered info from free sources and are trying to turn a profit off of other peoples work. Interesting.
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« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2011, 03:13:01 »

I am extremely skeptical of anyone who tries to make money by selling knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge. Spiritually, money is extremely irrelevant and actually spiritually adverse simply because it's just a bad motive to help others, genuinely enlightened/spiritual people know this and would never conceive of making a business of trading acts of kindness or spiritual knowledge for money. The fact that on your own website you advertise various other E-books pertaining to making money and getting rich makes your "spiritual" website extremely suspicious.

And it appears to me that you have gathered a ton of information from other sources such as, possibly the Ra law of one channelings and for sure the Kybalion. So you gathered info from free sources and are trying to turn a profit off of other peoples work. Interesting.
You also have to realize that people need to physically survive in this physical reality... and you can only really do that with money.
So while, in a sense I agree with you... you also need to look at the reality of the situation.  If you can't live and survive here, your knowledge is worthless as you can't pass it on.

The Astral Pulse

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