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Author Topic: Why Can't I Project? - A Experienced Perspecitive  (Read 11828 times)
David Warner
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« on: July 19, 2008, 08:46:01 »

Author: David A. Warner
Copyright: 07.21.2008

For those who question "Why Can't I Project"?

Pulled this from the book "InvisibleLight" that I am working on...

Chapter 6 - Trial By Error

Why I am so successful at projecting is a mystery to me while others work equally hard? Is it really hard to pinpoint why Im able to project weekly, maybe its because of passion, devotion, hard work and organization. Its possible that when growing up I was diagnosed with being hyper active and having a learning disability. Could it have been my interest in the rock band Kiss, or having a imaginary companion dog named Leroy Brown. When I was five years old attending kindergarten school my teacher Mrs. Bailey noticed unusual behavior in me which lead my parents to have tests done on me. Hyperactive with a learning disability.

I started to think about this from many discussions and radio shows I have been interviewing with lately. "Why, Can't I Project"?

There are a lot of variables to consider:

Amount of Sleep
Tracking Statistics
Intent & Objective, Goal Setting
Passion, Patience, Perseverance
Communicating Daily
Research, Discussion, Learning
Trial by Error

You have to look at projecting as if you are training for the Olympics everyday and show up! There are no short-cuts, competition, or fast food  drive thru, or thinking that you will arrive at perfection.

I am not trying to boast, but I can pull a OBE out of the hat almost every week w/o fail. Project 5-10 times per month and have experiences thousands of OBEs. Does this make me any better than the next person No just thanking God for giving me this gift and being able to share.

From 2005 - 2008, I gave my time to track statistically by creating a excel spreadsheet based on the following catagories. I wanted to complete this three year study so that I can compare the days,months,years for analasys.

Food & Sleep Statistics


What I found valuable to this research is food didn't matter if I projected or not. No starbucks frapacino or heinken beer made no difference in reaching enlightment, Well, maybe..Smiley Meats, veggies, fruit, different ethenic meals again had no effect on projecting.


This area of tracking is vital and has proven variable to success. Each sleep cycle I would track, researching if the amount of sleep mattered in achieving successful OBE. Yes, it does and here is the breakdown based on the hours of sleep needed the day before the OBE. As you see below, between 7hrs - 8hrs of sleep was recorded showing success rate at projecting. So now, I am able to see a better picture of the hours of sleep needed personally for me in yielding the OBE.

1 hour   0
2 hours   0
3 hours   1
4 hours   6
5 hours   7
6 hours   23
7 hours   50
8 hours   65
9 hours   27
10 hours   16
11 hours   3
12 hours   2

Projection Statistics

This is definitely the gold mine of tracking for determing the best days to project and times.

In this three year study 2005 - 2008, I have projected 352 times, broken down to four categories

Three Year Stats
Misc: 32
Dream to OBE: 112
False Awakening: 68
Conscious OBE: 140

I know now that my favorite technique in projecting is Conscious OBE or (Mind Awake, Body Asleep) method. Second, is Dream to OBE (Projecting from the dream into the OBE). False awakening (most FA's are from my return back from the Conscious OBE) and the fourth is Misc Experience (attempts within the dream in projecting).

This is the ticket for developing and focusing my energy on Conscious Projecting then subscribing to other methods, practices, etc. This is not to say the other methods are wrong, everyone is right for that person to tune to and craft to success. It just so happens that I am a conscious projector and found out by error!

Now, the next breakdown is based on Day and Times of the when the OBE occurs:

Weekday Stats

Sunday   35
Monday   41
Tuesday   30
Wednesday  25
Thursday   24
Friday   42
Saturday   23

As you can see, Monday, Friday, and Sunday are my best days for projecting. Each time that I would project on a specific day, I would record that the OBE occurred. Later on, adding to that number specific to that day when the OBE occurred.

Now, the times that I project has yielded excellent results in determining when these OBEs occur.
As you can see by the times listed below that between 9:00AM - 11:59AM is my range for when
the setting is right for me to project. Since I work nights and normally don't goto bed until 2/3AM
the schedule shows 6-7hrs of sleep is needed before my OBE. If I was to work the morning shift,
the numbers would shift. The importance here that I will STRESS is the amount of sleep the
day before and leading up to the OBE. Projecting when you are going to bed for most people will
skip and go straight into rem unconscious sleep. So if you get the sleep needed, wake up a little
earlier to practice your favorite method, you will find results.

Time Stats

Time                        OBE
12:00 AM - 12:59 AM     1
1:00 AM - 1:59 AM           1
2:00 AM - 2:59 AM           7
3:00 AM - 3:59 AM           13
4:00 AM - 4:59 AM           6
5:00 AM - 5:59 AM           6
6:00 AM - 6:59 AM           11
7:00 AM - 7:59 AM           11
8:00 AM - 8:59 AM           26
9:00 AM - 9:59 AM           39
10:00 AM - 10:59 AM     40
11:00 AM - 11:59 AM     38
Total   199
12:00 PM - 12:59 PM     30
1:00 PM - 1:59 PM        14
2:00 PM - 2:59 PM           5
3:00 PM - 3:59 PM           0
4:00 PM - 4:59 PM           3
5:00 PM - 5:59 PM           0
6:00 PM - 6:59 PM           0
7:00 PM - 7:59 PM           2
8:00 PM - 8:59 PM           2
9:00 PM - 9:59 PM           0
10:00 PM - 10:59 PM      0
11:00 PM - 11:59 PM      0

Validation Statistics

This part REALLY helped me out in the last three years of this research. From many discussions that I adhere to "show me, prove to me, how do you know it's real or not in your head - where is your proof"?.

From 2005 - 2008 I have conducted experiements, precognitive, coincedence, validations in the OBE. What I really enjoy about this section. Once you start having these experiences where you can match up to physical correlation there is no way to deny the legitimacy. What I can say about this firmly is "Yes, it is real and there is a wizard behind the curtain that we all call God in our native tongue's".

Not taking the time to track this data and breaking it up as validation, synchronicity, or coincidence is like throwing stones into the water, watching them sink. Or if you have a OBE which a validation occurs w/o testing or repeating, you or other people might think of it as "wishful thinking of projecting". But once you start seriously tracking, there will be no more of that wishful thinking. Can you prove this to the world? "No", but if you do the work yourself, take the time, and be fair as a reseacher/scientist and be honest with your record keeping, the only person you need to convience is "you". We all learn from experience, book reading theory is fine, but to really grab hold and understand, its living the experience vs. measuring it with closed mind.

In the three years, I have tracked 61 occurances that have validated the OBE:

Classification Type   Sub-Total
Validation   27
Synchronicity   15
Coincidence   19
Total   61

Real Life Example of Tracking

My last angelic encounter took place back in 2007 and been trying to make contact in many prior expereinces. Most of the experiences were short-lived but still I persisted at it. Just last week 07/2008 I was in a OBE where people were around me, we were out in a field by building on-looking trees surrounded by a neighborhood of houses. What caught my attention was a translucent, whispy greenish energy spanning a good 1/4mile. I looked towards the people I was with and asked "do I fly into this energy"?. 

The OBE "07-09-2008 - Jack.mp3" that was a angelic encounter was very interesting.

During the OBE, I saw a angel materialize from a green energy radating in the distance above treetops. The angel's mission was to deliever a baby to a woman who I was interacting with in this group.

When the angel was close, I decided to take flight into the air and grab hold of her asking "take me with you". The angel turned to me and said "Jack, I don't have time, I have many things to do and do not have time". The angel then shook me off her and I fell to the ground blacking out and physical conscious awakening I returned.

Days later, 07/11/2008 I was picking up my VW Beetle car from the dealer. As I was waiting for my car a salesmen passed me by with his phone sounding ringtone "Hit the Road Jack and Don't Come Back No More, No More". I instantly froze on the spot questioning "what are the odds" of this ringtone being a favorite among cell phone users and the coincendence to my experience with the angel telling me to hit the road Jack.

Now, if this experience was the first OBE / Validation I could easily dismiss this as coincendence, but in the last three years now this occurrs all the time. So now, do you see the separation of "wishful thinking" vs. tracking the coincedences that stem from the OBE!

Energy Exercise Statistics and Exercise Statistics

Honestly I have not pursued faithfully. Do I think they are important "yes", especially the exercise. Our bodies need the exercise, healthy life.  Energy work for me I am sure that it does help in the long run but I have not been avid about it then I should be.

The bottom line is trial and error, sticking with one technique for at least six months. If it does not yield results, move onto the next technique and repeat the same process. I am very lucky to find trance state (between awake/sleep) early in the game and able to tune. But remember, it has taken me years to *try* to perfect.

It doesn't matter if your novice or expert at projecting - you will have the good and bad days, just like everyone else (author, writer, musician, speaker) for pursuing OBE.

Personally for me, this was well worth the effort and energy to put together for seeing a clearer picture of how I can project and be successful at it. Now, I don't know if this will help the next person, because we are all different. If anything , I stress to track the dates,time,sleep, validations, and be consistent at it. Also, document or narrate to audio your experiences as well to review and see progress.

Good Luck and see you on the other-side!

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InvisibleLight - Book Release 12.12.2012
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2008, 21:58:29 »

Thanks for sharing this TVOS.  smiley
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2008, 21:58:29 »

logoVisit the website of Astral Pulse creator Adrian Cooper.

Home of the best selling book Our Ultimate Reality.

Astral Projection, Metaphysics and many other subjects.

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« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2008, 16:36:40 »

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.

For me, the key factor in achieving OBE was really determination, Constant practice, Having Many goals to work toward and most of all a strong desire. I'm at 15 OBE since my first one a month ago. I think the key factor is how much you want it.

My Out-of-Body Experience journal:
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2008, 16:22:51 »

That's some great info TVOS. We should make it a permanent topic.

It also shows that AP is a long-term life skill. You don't learn it in one weekend at a seminar - you make it a part of your everyday life.
David Warner
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« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2008, 16:35:05 »

I just updated the main post and made it a sticky!

This will give more information as a break-down to "why I can't project".

Many people think that once they are able to project, it's all smooth sailing....Smiley

I remember back in the day when I first started.. trying to reach perfection, on the fly at-will projecting... 20 some years later, still working at it... - never stops!

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InvisibleLight - Book Release 12.12.2012
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2008, 16:35:05 »

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question yourself: "are you living or existing?"

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« Reply #5 on: September 08, 2008, 18:21:06 »

thank you for sharing your personal experience. i enjoyed reading what you've written in this post...
no matter how much we learn there will be endlessly things to consume... especially within an existence much greater than us all =)

k J
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« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2011, 14:43:27 »

I find it amazing that anyone knows how many times they dream in a night. I wouldn't know where to begin as most nights I don't dream at all(and no, I don't simply do not remember it, it was black all night). Typically, when I do dream, it is so crazy, so interwoven, so realistic and ever-shifting it's not possible to track one to the other. And when I wake, I have no hope of remembering all of it. I can remember pieces, but as far as trying to keep a journal and saying what the dream was about? Haha, no way. I have had plenty of dreams that go into an AP though: I remember these times as where I was in a situation I didn't like in the dream and then- boom- there I was watching myself having said bad dream, while I went off to do something else. What I do, I can't remember exactly, but it seems like I just go into more dreams that don't make a lot of sense. I can't remember ever having any awareness when this happens. I've only ever had a couple of lucid dreams in my life. Most of them are silly, but feel so realistic and are so detailed, I have no clue it is real until I wake up.

Maybe it's possible I don't have the focus/whatever, but idk how to get any better at that. I am incapable of meditation, etc. It's quite easy for me to get the dream-image state and feel odd sensations when trying to AP, but I don't understand how separation works. Moving my body just... moves my body. If I try to "roll out", I just roll over. My best chance really does seem to be accidental. So far nothing I have read works and I can't try many techniques(such as the rope or magnet one), since I cannot sleep or lay on my back for very long due to an obstructive apnea(waking up, not being able to move or breathe is far too horrifying to even think about attempting an AP at that moment). I'm exclusively a side-sleeper.

Last night, I again got as far as seeing some dream imagery, but it when it came time for me to separate... nada. In fact, soon as I tried, I lost everything. I think a big issue is my breathing. I have a lot of issues with it. It always distracts me and I can't unconsciously "just breathe". When I start to get into intense imagery and I try to separate, I stop breathing. Wary of that, I try to correct my breathing, which messes up any AP I had going. Then my heart starts pounding and I can hear it. It's funny, I have no issues during the day breathing without thinking and keeping my heart calm, but when I lay down at night it's a whole other story. Both have actually kept me awake for hours before.

I'm also not sure if my induction or imagery is right... I never can intentionally think up anything very strongly. This is something I've been trying to do as an "induction" lately. First thing I do is get in as far in the blackness as I can. When I start seeing lights, etc, I know I'm pretty much in. Then I try to imagine a bouncing ball going farther into the abyss and me chasing it, trying to catch it. The problem? This doesn't at all relax me, it just keeps me awake and it's a similar story with any sort of intentional imagery I try. I know you're supposed to be able to do similar, get relaxed and not fall asleep, to essentially "trick" your mind into thinking you are asleep, but my brain doesn't seem to be foolable under my best efforts due to the above issues. My best bet seems to be to let myself think about nothing in particular, and trying to let my mind go somewhere on it's own. That tends to work much better and get me far more relaxed but again... when it comes time to separate, I can't. Then I have to start all over again. Farthest I've gotten on this technique is seeing that meadow I mentioned to Summerlander. I have no idea whether was the start of an AP or just my brain at work. In my dreams, I create entire societies, so I'm thinking the meadow was just a product of my own imagination.
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« Reply #7 on: September 05, 2011, 16:58:40 »

I should probably try it now. Its sunday and 12:10 haha

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