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Author Topic: 3 Black Figures Appeared During Money Meditation  (Read 1197 times)
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« on: January 21, 2017, 04:22:29 »

About 2 years ago, I started using a money meditation from Youtube and I'd tried it about 4-5 times. The very last time, I went to lay down, and possibly fell asleep while the video played in my headphones. At some point, I heard this ticking similar to the tick of a strobe light if you've ever done theatre. Then my eyes opened and started rolling toward the back of my head and flickering. I was able to see during this and I saw three solid black hooded figures standing in front me. I didn't see any dimension or anything, just my bedroom. Technically 2 of them were standing right through my bed. I regained control of myself but they were gone.
To this day, I still don't know if they meant me harm. I couldn't see faces, they were just solid black with hoods like druids.

2 years later, I found the video I used and I tried to isolate the subliminal track using Audition yesterday because this meditation experience just popped into my head and I guess has been bugging me this whole time, but I could only get the Mhz scrubbed out which left the music and the subliminal voice.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them? I know I probably shouldn't use Youtube but it's free and I really don't know consciousness. I can't project or meditate, etc.
Here is the link to that video in case anyone can help
I don't know what is really being said, just what the description claims is in the videos they produce.

Did I screw up and allow something demonic to get a hold of me? I found people mention seeing Black-hooded figures online but it was attributed to guides and these figures didn't say anything, they just stood there. I didn't have an out of body experience, while it occurred. I was just in bed.
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« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 05:28:20 »

 Some people think its nightmares or things you can see during sleep paralysis which is just a blend of 2 planes. But sounds like something that happens to people when they do project, you begin to lose sight of the 3rd dimension and begin to see the 4th or 5th.

 An example experience is where the one women went to lay down and had a slow experience where at first is was all blackness then the ability to see through his closed eyes. She watched slowly as a figure began to appear in her room on the far side of an old man sitting in a chair that was looking at her. She was shocked by this and awoke.
Another example is that someone had a projection wanted to go through the floor into his dining room, when he came into the dining room there was a family there what was quite startled by his appearance and he tried asking why they were in his house, knowing that he was scaring these people he just chose to leave and go else where while out of body.

As it seems to be there is a close lying plane next to ours where everything overlaps some entities know of us and others are quite oblivious these entities are what people sometiems see when they talk of ghosts.

And a personal experience that I had twice, I was sleeping and had a false awakening this is where you think you've woken up but are still asleep if you don't know. I had a false awakening and opened my eyes was lying on my bed and across from my bed is a desk and on the desk was a little goblin looking creature rummaging through the stuff on my desk. I then tried to move but couldn't like sleep paralysis and pushed myself to move and then actually woke up. The first time this happened I was startled the second time I just tried chasing the little entity away kind of like pet dog that was getting into things it wasn't supposed to like "Hey, what do you think your doing your not supposed to be doing that!"

Do know though that you cannot be harmed by these entities or people, but it still can be a frightening experience if your new to it.
They cant possess you harm you or anything, The only power they get over you is if you willingly give it to them and if you don't then they cant do a single thing, if they are a "bad" entity and you refuse them they just then try to scare you but that's all they can do.


Good and evil are not conditions imposed by some benevolent deity, but states the soul must experience in order to surpass them and awaken.
-Neville Goddard
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« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2017, 05:28:20 »

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