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Author Topic: Shadow person???  (Read 915 times)
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« on: July 02, 2016, 19:08:37 »

I was sleeping next to my sister, I wasn't in a full sleep then I felt a couple of taps on my shoulder I was sleeping facing the opposite side of my sister so I turned to see and it was this dark kinda like a human kinda not figure that had these big round light red eyes,  we had eye contact for a little until I backed my head AWAT confused of what to think then the figure laid down in my sister. I was pretty shock afterwards and I was wondering if anyone had an explaination as why it tapped me only to stare at me and then layed in my sister. I woke my sister up and asked her if that was her and she was confused and told me to go back to sleep. I asked her the next day if she had any bad dreams and she said she doesn't remember then I asked if she remembered our conversation at night and she has no memory of it.
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« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 06:36:19 »

well it seems you weren't afraid of this being so either it was, a positive being or it was your sister projecting which would explain the tap on the should, meaning she was trying to get your attention or to help you get out of body. if your sister isn't into astral projection like you then she wouldn't know what you talking about, most experiences aren't memorable doesn't mean she was possessed, and her not remembering talking to you, hey everyone be half sleep when you try to wake them, I know I be forgetting what I tell my Gf when she talks to me like that, but you had to have been in Sleep Paralysis to even see her or half sleep yourself, still in the correct state to experience these things.
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« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 06:36:19 »

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« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2016, 09:11:44 »

Experiences such as this one, where you recognize that you are either in Sleep Paralysis or a similar condition which results from being partially-focused within both the Physical and the Non-Physical, can lead to mis-interpretation. This is a very easy trap to fall into, in the early stages of OBE awareness.

In this condition, with partial focus and awareness that you are still within proximity of your physical body, the energetic conditions are somewhat magnified, causing events such as the one you described. Keep in mind that under such conditions, the impressions of your subconscious are manifested quite readily and some very real-seeming and bizarre creations can and will occur. Thus, the classic "shadow entity"; every culture describes it in its own terms. This is a classic form of Sleep Paralysis phenomenon.

It may have been your sister projecting, and maybe even some overlay you impressed upon it, but I give that the lesser probability; more likely just SP hypnogogics which can be remarkably complex and subtle. This should give you some insight into how complex and powerful your subconscious can materialize within your experience; but also understand that this is a localized phenomenon that diminishes entirely as you move away from your physical body (5-10 meters) when you do achieve an energetic exit.

If you experience more of these episodes, you will become accustomed to them. The key is to remain calm, refuse any fear, react with equanimity and just observe how things unfold. It is mostly a kind of static but can also be a form used to test your fear response and maturity. The details you will come to understand, are almost always dredged from your personal subconscious, so you can look for common, repeating elements.

It is problematic and difficult to translate at times, but an experience nonetheless, so be sure to record it in your notes; it may prove helpful later.

The value of these experiences are not always immediately apparent, and may only become evident weeks, months or years later.

This is still a good sign of improvement. Well done!
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