The Occult Police do they exist?

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There are no psychic police.  Instead, there are multitudes of individuals and groups which happily set themselves up as a sort of vigilante task force.

The majority of these are not in contact with one another, and a great many of them do not necessarily agree on what situations are appropriate to intervene in, and which are not.  They occasionally come into direct conflict with one another, as a result.

So, it's not out of the question that your plea for help found SOMEONE.
For an example on a group that acts in this manner, see
You may or may not agree with it, but it's out there.

--Winged Wolf
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Greetings Mathias!

There are definetly helpful entities, the principle one being your higher self, who can come to "the rescue", but in specific regard to "astral police" etc. please direct you attention to:

                                        Privacy, Ethics & OBE

                                          By Robert Bruce

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There is a widespread belief stemming from early this century that has not only remained unchanged but has been continually propagated
ever since. This belief is that if a projector deliberately invades the privacy of another person for immoral purposes or unethical gain, or
engages in any disreputable or sexual behavior during OBE, they will be banned or stopped from further projecting -- grounded by a
higher authority. It is even believed by some that there is a kind of astral police force watching out for ethical, moral and astral rights

According to my experience this belief is a total myth. There are many natural barriers associated with OBE, but there are no ethical nor
moral limitations. No higher authority is interested in the activities of projectors. No astral police force will appear and punish bad or
naughty projectors.

The ethical and moral correctness of any out-of-body action depends entirely upon the judgment and conscience of the projector
concerned. With out-of-body sex especially, strong natural barriers are encountered and there are natural repercussions for repeated
disreputable behavior. If projectors cannot control their behavior they will not last very long nor travel very far while out of body. Their
experiences will tend to be quickly curtailed whenever they meet any potential sex partners, real or unreal. This cuts their OBE's very
short indeed and keeps them off the astral streets, so to speak.

If projectors go actively seeking sex, they will come across an ever increasing number of potential sex partners. The lower astral planes
teem with these. Like attracts like in a big way in the sensitive out-of-body environment. The only repercussions stemming from habitual
bad behavior, as far as I am aware, are a lowering of energetic values and of the levels of operation possible. In this case the attraction of
other like-minded projectors and beings is, I consider, natural consequence enough. This has the effect of keeping sexually overactive
projectors away from more serious-minded projectors. This has, I feel, a certain poetic justice to it.

As to invading the privacy of people in the real world, or other projectors in the out-of-body environment, even for deliberate unethical
gain or immoral purposes, there are no restrictions. In my experience there is no astral police force or astral overseer who will suddenly
blow a whistle and say: "OK mate, I saw what you just did! Get straight back into your body and stay there, Right Now!" Imagine the
enormous number of astral police that would be required just to keep tabs on several billion people day and night?

The intentions involved with privacy issues are important. Continual deliberate breaches of privacy will cause a serious alteration in a
projector's energy values. This will attract other like-minded projectors and negative-type beings into their OBE's as well as into their real
life; which is consequence enough methinks.

It seems the whole idea that out-of-body behavior is policed was started by early researchers and authors on OBE and related subjects,
early last century and late in the century before this. Most would have realized the real truth of this matter, of this I am quite sure.
However they seem to have worried that if the public knew the whole shocking truth about the sheer freedom of OBE, they might use
OBE for what they considered to be immoral purposes. In a way, these researchers and authors tried to impose their own set of moral
judgments and values upon the public with a "Stop it or you'll all go blind!" kind of attitude and blanket warning. They hoped by this, I am
sure, to influence people into using OBE for good and noble purposes only.

Stemming from this, these early writers and researchers have unwittingly imposed this same set of values upon the present day. Consider
the early written works in OBE and related fields, and how these have been used as reference and source material by all researchers,
authors and teachers ever since. All of these early works have had some influence on present day thought, concerning behavioral
limitations of OBE. As a result of this we now have many versions of 'The Astral Overseer' and 'The Astral Police' types of beliefs to deal
with; all stemming from the original morally inflicted Victorian fallacy. (RB)

 Visit to see the latest updates of Robert Bruce's work, including books such as 'Astral
                           Dynamics' and 'Practical Psychic Self-Defense'

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Mathias Jonsson:
Hello Daniel!

The experience I had seems now definitely as the higher self taking control, but on the subject on the occult police´s existence or non-existence, I must say that Dion Fortune (who uses this term in her book "psychic self-defense") related her experience nicknaming it "the occult police" - as I understand it not generally meaning that they were a moral astral squad holding guard, but a type of higher assembly that helps those in need.

I know that Fortune´s books are somewhat marred by her preconceived ideas, that in many cases probably were largely Victorian. But were she deliberately lying? and what would she have gained by that??

 I confess of being a bit bias as I hold Fortune´s books in high regard, just like those of her great pupil W.E. Butler (who seemed to me a very wise and unselfish man), but I do confess of holding a somewhat romantic notion of ceremonial magick that are related to those days when several of the more famous occult fraternities were founded, such as Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis (my personal favorite order), Brotherhood of Luxor, O.T.O. et al, et al.

I don´t think that mrs. Evans/Fortune were dishonest in this matter, she related her experience and if she were deluding herself or not, at least her experience was shared by another great occultist  Colonel J.F.C Fuller but whether there actually existed an organised astral help force or not and if it did then the important question to ask is do they still exist?.

For those of us who has suffered greatly for many years of psychic attacks due to dark forces that prowl the higher planes sometimes used by black magicians( I have had psychic attacks on-and-on for almost 20 years now, this last 9-8 years almost every day).

 For me as for many others on this forum the existence of such a higher look-out at least gives us some hope of finding the final and definite aid we so desperatly need. Also getting help that cost you $ 70-100 for something that is only helpful temporarily like some psychic healers offer is like putting a bandaid on a deep wound.

 I don´t take no offense at all from your reply, it is interesting to hear different views, that is what makes these type of forums so good!

Best regards


Greetings Mathias!

There are definetly helpful entities, the principle one being your higher self, who can come to "the rescue", but in specific regard to "astral police" etc. please direct you attention to:

                                        Privacy, Ethics & OBE

                                          By Robert Bruce

I don't want this to seem like i am criticising Roberts' work (most of us here appreciate everything he is doing), but to unquestioningly accept Roberts theories means you are buying into his personal "belief system", which he has told us elswhere that we should only believe what we experience.
 Robert says there are no occult police that Dion Fortune wrote of. If this is so, then how does he explain the "Astral Knights" that have come to his defense so often?
See the following link;

for an example of the Astral Knights/Occult Police in action.

Question everything.


"I come not to bring peace, but a sword"- Jesus

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I do not think that the occult police can really be called equivalent to the astral knights, in the same way that an SAS marine is not a copper. The things RB talks about with the knights can more be called astral wars, where large groups of negs try and break through into other dimentions. Quite different to giving someone a slap on the wrist for invading someones privacy IMO.
As for making your own belief system, this I do aggree with, but to the same extent that I would follow a road map in a foreign country. If, when I get there, I find the map outdated or just plain wrong, then I will discard it. But until then, it's from a valid source, so I will follow what it says for as long as it is useful. In this context, you simply have to assess the reliability which, I have to say, in the case of RB has not failed me yet.



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