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Author Topic: Announcement: Our Ultimate Reality now available in Paperback  (Read 16684 times)
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« on: February 03, 2008, 15:32:17 »

After receiving countless requests, I am absolutely delighted to announce the availability of my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind in paperback format.

It to this long awaited and important, to many, event that I will exclusively focus upon this week.

Before continuing I would just like to mention that the paperback can be ordered from directly from the home page of my

And full details of the book are available as usual at:

Purchasing the paperback book also includes these 5 powerful eBooks as gifts which you can collect as soon as you receive the book:

Think and Grow Rich
The Science of Getting Rich
The Power of Concentration
Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion The Magic Story

Our Ultimate Reality is also available online from Barnes & Noble and other major online book stores, and should be orderable through your local major book store very soon, if not immediately. If you wish to order from a local store, I suggest you simply ask them.

Most book shops can do a search based upon the universally recognised International ISBN system, the ISBN for the paperback version of Our Ultimate Reality being: ISBN 978-0-9799106-0-9.

Please note that for readers in the UK and other parts of the world, Our Ultimate Reality will very soon be available online through your local country Amazon sites, if it is not so already.

In addition, all those registering to download the eBook gifts will be offered special access to a paperback book readers only membership site that is currently being developed, and will be available in the future, within the Our Ultimate Reality site, and which will provide various benefits, including, but not limited to, further eBook gifts, special discount codes, and possible a special discussion forum dedicated to issues, questions and feedback arising from this second edition paperback publication of my book.

Ever since Our Ultimate Reality was first published as an eBook, not a day has passed without my receiving several, and sometimes many messages from readers of the eBook version enquiring as to if or when the book will be available as a paper book that they can carry around with them, read away from their PC, and above all to give to family, friends and many others that they truly care about.

During all this time, for the last 3 years or so, I have been working very hard indeed towards this very objective, while at the same time producing a second edition of the book based upon questions and feedback received from readers of the eBook, and also now including an additional chapter on the all important subject of
2012 and the transition of the ages that we are now experiencing together.

This paperback book has been quite a while coming due to the complexity and work involved in publishing and distributing a book in this format, and in order to produce a high quality book, that reflects the contents, and including many updates, amendments and clarifications as a result of reader feedback to the original eBook first edition.

Over the last few years I have also received many messages from people asking how they can best explain the significance of Our Ultimate Reality, Spiritual matters and the changes we are all now experiencing to friends, loved ones and other people who might find it difficult to grasp these important issues in words alone, keeping in Mind that many people are still unfamiliar with their own true reality, purpose in life and destiny, as well as oblivious to the great changes we are all facing and need to be fully prepared for however they may manifest.

Others are acutely aware of the importance and significance of the transition that we are all facing, wishing for the means to inform loved ones gently without confusing or alarming them, that they too may have the opportunity to prepare themselves while "time" remains.

Most people can relate to information presented in an audio and visual format, being used to watching TV, movies and other audio visual media. Therefore I am also delighted to announce the publication of the Our Ultimate Reality Video Presentation.

Before continuing, I would like to make a special mention for my dear friend Gonzalo De Lara who lives in Santiago, Chile, for his supreme skill, dedication and patience in creating the graphics for this video presentation around my words, and without which it would not have been possible. Thank you with all my heart Gonzalo.

This presentation is the result of many months of work, and encapsulates the evolution of Earth, of life on Earth and of human beings to where we are today, and most importantly where we could be going in the near future if humanity makes the right choices.

The paperback book can be ordered through, and the Video presentation watched directly from the home page of the Our Ultimate Reality site.

Please turn your speakers up in volume to really absorb the music as you view the video and read the words of this most important

Full details of the book are available as usual at:

Over the years, many people have asked me how they too can contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity in readiness for the monumental events that we might all be facing over the next few years, many not feeling happy knowing these truths themselves, wishing to share with loved ones, relations and friends, and to be of service to others in whatever way they can.

I am delighted to announce that, with the publication of the paperback book and the video presentation there is so much you can do, and for which you will certainly be and feel truly blessed.

Indeed it is a Divine duty of every single person who understands these important truths to do as I have endeavoured to do over the last few years to the very best of my ability, indeed dedicated my life to doing, and that is to make others aware of and awaken to these realities and Divine truths.

The eventual outcome of the transition of the ages, and the battle against the forces of darkness that currently seeks to deny humanity of its own true destiny in the name of power and control, can only be won by the majority of humanity awakening to our true Divine nature, and by progressing and living accordingly.

But "time" is running out - quite literally in every possible sense, as will be becoming increasingly obvious to all those awake enough to observe the physical, socio-economic and governmental factors and conditions covertly and increasingly insidiously prevailing today.The truth is absolutely no one knows for sure what, if anything, the next few years will bring, but one thing is absolutely certain - there is no room for complacency, everyone must prepare for all eventualities, and to cease an opportunity that might not present itself again for many thousands of years assuming Earth continues in its present form.

Every single person, without exception, can make a valuable contribution for the Light. There can be no regrets later if people do not rise to this responsibility and the worst outcome happens as a result.

Every person that you know, whether family, friend or acquaintances that you do not at least endeavour to awaken, as you have become awakened yourself by others who in turn cared about you, is a very crucial opportunity lost for all humanity, and an opportunity lost towards gaining the Spiritual rewards that will surely follow in the form of corresponding positive Energy, sometimes called "karma"
for yourself, as well as the incremental benefits for humanity, life on Earth and of Earth, great Planetary Spirit Gaia Herself.

Just one person could make the crucial difference in the outcome of the next few years, and that person could be you.

I have created this particular contribution so far, but I would now humbly request your help in making the most of my efforts by taking the following 3 simple, quick but extremely important actions:

1. Contact at least 10 people that you truly care about and suggest that they visit the Our Ultimate Reality homepage and quite simply watch the Video presentation:

And then ask them in turn to suggest watching the Video to 10 further people that they in turn care about and so on.

Please also ten watch the video presentation directly on YouTube and leave a rating and comment on YouTube, and also "favourite" the

2. Suggest to these 10 people that you care about that they subscribe to this newsletter, which they can do from the home page of the site, also receiving the 7 chapters from my book, and thus be kept fully informed as the events of the next few years progress.

3. Please leave a rating and review of my book on Amazon. The more ratings and reviews the book receives, the more prominence it will receive in turn, thereby helping others to benefit - all making a valuable contribution as the events of the next few years unfold.

If you maintain your own blog or website, or you know someone who does, you can make easily make a great contribution by linking to the Our Ultimate Reality site:

If you participate in discussion forums, or post comments on blogs, you can let everyone know about Our Ultimate Reality, and include the link above that they too may view the video presentation and benefit from this newsletter.

If you participate in social networking sites such as mySpace, FaceBook, Squidoo and any others, please write about Our Ultimate Reality and link to the home page so you can share with others.

Make no mistake, as I have mentioned numerous times previously and will continue to do so in the future - only one major factor will determine the ultimate outcome of the transition of the ages over the next few years - the Mind and Consciousness of Humanity - nothing else. Mind is the fundamental Principle of the Universe, and ultimately Mind and consciousness is literally all there is.

As we stand today, the dark forces may have the upper hand due their control over the major governments, banking and financial systems, and in particular almost all of the popular media.

However, it only requires a few thousand people to enlighten many others, and they others and so on, in order to ensure the forces of Light must ultimately prevail, thereby securing the best possible and most glorious possible outcome for all humanity as we evolve to the next evolution of human being from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus.

Time still remains to accomplish this, but only if everyone currently awakening or awakened helps others to achieve the same.
This is one of the most important of all Universal Principles.

Complacency on the other hand could, and most probably would result in an outcome that we should not even be thinking about, much less my writing about. Suffice it to say that it can and must be avoided.

Again, as always, the choice is ours at both an individual and collective level. You now have a great opportunity, as an awakening or awakened Spirit and Child of God to do your own valuable part for humanity, for your own children and all the children of the world, and for the next generations and evolutions of children, in accepting this valuable opportunity made possible by virtue of the transition of the ages that only presents itself every tens of thousands of years, and thus to leave a legacy and an Earth that we will all be remembered for. Future generations will recognise our generation as the generation that finally got it right.

If I did not most sincerely, with all my heart and Mind believe and indeed know this to be true, I would not be dedicating so much of my own life to these important matters, together with numerous others around the World who are making such valuable contributions.

In conclusion, I am truly delighted, after countless requests from readers of the eBook, to announce the publication of Our Ultimate Reality in paperback, and also of the Our Ultimate Reality Video Presentation as my own latest humble contributions to the ongoing valuable efforts of many around the world in these pivotal times.

Both of these resources are available from the home page of the Our Ultimate Reality website:

All I finally request now is that you consider doing your part in supporting my efforts by means of the 3 actions I have suggested, and which in turn will surely bring profound benefits for all you share these resources with as well as equally surely for yourself.

I would like to extend my most grateful thanks to everyone reading this newsletter, and all my previous newsletters, and to everyone who has already purchased and read the eBook version of Our Ultimate Reality and took the time to provide such valuable comments and feedback. I also thank you for your support of the paperback version of my book, which is the culmination of 3 years, continuous, very hard work for you and for all humanity, in the hope it will make a significant difference and contribution.

I would also like to assure you that I have much more planned and in progress for the future, all of which I know, beyond doubt will be of service to you, and to all you choose to share them with.

In Peace, Light, Harmony, Love and Truth,


Vincit Omnia Veritas
The Astral Pulse

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