Concentration and Apportation


Hey PennyJean,

Welcome to this forum. My level of concentration is a excrement, but if anyone is able to apportate the above seen object, please contact me ;-)


PennyJean Skyler:
Hello everyone, my name is Penny Jean and I'm happy to be a new member to these boards. This is my very first post and it concerns the subject of concentration and apportation [direct physical materialization of thought energy due to high levels of concentration]. I heard that if one holds an image inside of his/her mind with near perfect concentration for a certain amount of time that the individual may have densified thought energy enough to form a physical object.

 Perhaps this may be linked to Einstein's "Theory of Energy" in which he states that energy cannot be destroyed but can only be transformed. His theory also says that everything in the universe/multiverse is a form of energy. Einstein said that physical objects in three dimensional space are also forms of energy that are more densified than unseen energy forms. Even thoughts are forms of energy according to most scientific communities today.

 I am just curious to see if anyone here has been able to accomplish an apportation, or perhaps heard of people who may have done so. If anyone could provide pictures or further links concerning and/or relating to this subject, it would be well appreciated. Thanks.


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