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Author Topic: dropping my desire / letting go  (Read 3005 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: May 17, 2018, 17:41:51 »

Hello all! Spamming once again  grin

(extra commentary) This whole dancing into yourself thing has REALLY helped me personally a lot. Coupled with other 'techniques' I use during it. Really just listening to my heart the best I can without my head. Anywho, this idea has came up but fell out and been forgotten as most things tend to do. But im glad it came back up. As a rule, I dont write down anything when it comes to things 'I should do'. I will keep on forgetting, switching it up, etc and over time, I will resonate with certain things more so rather than following a technique for a long time just because I liked it in the moment. No doubt most journeys would be 'shorter' if you remembered to do x y z such as laughing first  thing in the morning, or getting connected to your heart center by thinking of things that make you smile and etc. I just felt my brain was tired of methods I 'need to do' rather than finding my own flow.
     Over time I SHOULD come across things I need to do and I trust I will find my way and the universe will find her way to me. So, I was doing the dancing thing (3rd time I did it even though it's a technique I SHOULD be doing more. might actually happen to do this more frequently finally  grin)  and I remembered about dropping my desire in a sense  If you were god and could do anything, I assume you would still want to do even though all if perfectly well. It's a different type of desire.. more so expressing yourself or simply wanting to experience something. Being.
  Anywho, my version of dropping this desire is to be the way I would be if I were (in this case rich and enlightened).
  I wish I could explain the the subtle-ness  of using this as a technique vs not. I may feel more likely to acheive my desire by dropping them in this way, but im not thinking about manifesting it anylonger with my mindin the same way. I guess you could say I simply want to express myself and it just so happens to deal with this process of dropping desire EVEN THOUGH I still want these things to manifest. Kinda like letting go to get what you want. At one point, you just really let go and you might know that this technique works. At the same time you have let go. To actually get to that point .. I mean wow. To realize how to let go(enough)? It's different than I used to imagine how it was.
   The reason why I want to drop my desires is becuase 1. I felt that was the right call. 2. after that call, I realized how much I rely on being different through a state of being which I am not in yet or cant get into at a moments notice. I would say 'Ill be this way / do this thing when im enlightened' (for those who dont know, I was enlightened for a couple of minutes, so I know how I would be 'if i were enlightened' for the most part)
 For example, I know I wouldnt care what people think of me to the extreme. So perhaps when im in the mall one day, listenting to music, I would break out and dance for the entire song. Or perhaps send a loving message to someone. Or hug a friend randomly. "it's too hard to do at the moment so ill just work on becoming enlightened and then ill be able to do the things I want"  Funny statement right?
 I know some people awaken for a moment in some kinda way and want to get back. Why? Simply because it feels good? Because you can do more metaphysical/'supernatural' things? For me, that is the case but also I dont want to deal with the way I am now. Im looking into the future more than focusing on my present. And when focusing in the present I keep remembering how im not really in the present moment as I wish to be and that thinking only makes it more difficult for being in the present too.. Working on being Ok with even that. With being ok with whatever your present is. To be ok with not being ok.. that helps me be ok instantly. Rambling  rolleyes
 Onto the technique!  grin
Really, I can only explain the feeling. A sign(s) to let you know you have let go just a little bit more. It's more complicated than 'dropping the desire to x' because that desire is more than just desire. You have to work on your beleifs first by figuring out what you really believe/feel. Why you want the desire. What would be the differences. What 'problems' would go away.  And after working into that direction, you honestly may drop it knowing you truly want something else. Sometimes you might not truly know why you desire something. But you feel drawn to it for reasons.
  For example, I want to be rich. At first, it was for the obvious reasons. I can buy what I want. Live where I want. Donate to people. NOT WORK! Over time, i worked with all the problems I had revoling around it. One was thinking about how much fun I would have if i were rich. How money would make that so much easier. Now, people have fun without being rich. I just wanted to supply with everyone the things they want therefore they would be happy and having fun with w.e. Like having a big house party like a millionaire. You can see problems with this, and you may think of your own reasons so no need to go further. But 1 KEY reason why is to have fun. Now my beliefs are not aligned with me because the amount of fun I would have being rich vs not is vastly different.  I dont really beleive in that UPON REALIZING that's something you could say i believed in. I operated like that statement were true.  

So what I do is 1. work on all the things surrounding my belief. This is just one part of the belief and there are many invisible ones attached to the desire of wanting to be rich.    NOT WORKING! I had to deal with the feeling of work and all the things it came with. Now working isnt bad at all to me. You can see what I'm getting at.
  Now, who knows why I truly want to be rich. Maybe I have never really found the reason. BUT, even though I keep on working with all the problems/invisible beliefs and such, I still resonate with being rich. The desire is still strong but it's different now. Im not AS attached in the same ego-minded way. Perhaps before you came into this life your goal was to spread information about (insert all things we ever talked about in the pulse  grin and more) and the easiest way to do that is by being rich.
Perhaps I want to show people that you can create any reality you want so ill create what most people want to prove it's possible.
   You see, there might be a reason you resonate with something and that's why it is VERY important to check in how you feel. What gives you joy. Your mind might not ever know why but somewhere, you know
Oh. And to explain on how it feels to let go of something.
You'll know

Peace  grin
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Karxx Gxx
Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 09:55:39 »

(I call You everything who you think you are. )

I want add more practicality to this and a slightly better explanation. This will probably be my last post till I ACTUALLY am enlightened. Maybe not, tis a hunch.

So as previously posted, my version of 'letting go' was to ask myself what I would do if i were enlightened/rich. I only asked this question a couple of times and quicky came to realize that the Me in that moment, that thing that made me ask due to being uncertain is the thing I have to deal with. There's a subtle frequency that I become aware of. Im not really sure what it was, but I continued with letting go. It's hard to explain the process exactly but I will type mulitple things that perhaps will point into the direction of what im refering to. And will explain thought process that occurred if i remember it. Also, there are beleifs that I have that make this whole process easier to trust. But for now, I will save those for later perhaps when I seriously take the time to convey all of the information I have gathered and experience in a readable format.

I really trust in the universe and my higher self/guieds to help me along the way if I ever need it. So when go into a passive state, i trust I will find my way. Similar to noticing when it comes to astral projection. You arnt TRYING to project until you know it is time to.

Try to concentrate.  Right now on the following words.       Now, what is the difference? Not trying yet?! Well hopefully you are. You were doing just fine not trying whilst reading. If you try to concentrate you tense up in a funny way.     Now, dont try. See the difference? You can feel the difference noticeably physically. What I have been more aware of is the You that tries. So you can practice on not trying, then trying. What is that concentrated tenseness? It still feels like me, but I know there is a very keen difference that I really need to pinpoint.            So, long story short I try to be aware when I do those things. When I try to be aware, im not so tense. It's really hard to concentrate and then be aware. It is possible though. I havnt done it exacly like this (just thought of this practice) but I have been aware of 'myself' as much as possible in many different ways in different areas. You can do the same exercise except with awareness.

Be aware, then dont be aware. Once i practiced awareness, over time I  became more aware when I was not aware without trying. I would be day dreaming or what have you and then be aware that I wasnt aware just a moment ago. It's sort of like a muscle. Over time you simply will just be more aware whether you try or not. Now, it's important that you have done similar exercises to let go. It is also important to question who you are, because then you start to be aware of aspects you are unaware of  about yourself. Although, you dont really have to know who you are to an extent. Which I had a problem with, but ill leave that for another day.

Onto the steps to get the hang of letting go.

The closest way to letting to is accepting what is in that VERY moment. In the now. Or, not in the now. Either way, accept it. It will ease the tensions you. It isnt the same as letting go I'd say. I practially feel like I accept what is when it comes to the external world. I couldnt accept who I was so..          Everyone can practice awareness easily.

Be aware. awareness meditation maybe.  You can try to be aware. You can also just be aware. You can notice. You can notice you notice. Do what feels right. Then, dont do what feels right. Dont do anything at all. There are many ways to practice this and all are acceptable places to start.
When You are about to do something else other than what you are doing, look at why/what is making you do that? When you are about to stop the excercise, what were you feeling? Perhaps you dont want to do this because youve done it before and it's not too impressive. What is the feeling/thought that prohibits you to not start take a moment to simply be aware?  Do this to the extreme. As soon as you are about to stop, instead be aware. You will come to a point where you become convinced to do something, and that's fine. But as long as you try to be aware LONGER than you expected to, that is a successful session! (all are successful really  cool)

Some might have more profound experiences then I had im hoping. Now, I coupled this technique with my desires. The 'mind attachment' feeling is now more of a thing Im aware of. I still want to do things, but you could say that it's coming from the soul level. I've accepted more of what is. Just becuase I might have the same desire doesnt mean im  driven in the same way to achieve them. I always come back to certain aspects of being when I let go as much as possible because I have.. erm.. found my foundation. Found a means of being that I accept, and that feels like Me. It wasnt crumbling under awareness in the same away. Even though, I can take a moment in any part of my day and let go of everything I want to do. I may notice and smile at my dreams "wouldnt that be nice". wont get into a tangent about the self. Another day Tongue

So let's say you get hooked on going down this journey. "wow, who/how am i?" Whatever journey it may be. The whole being aware of what makes you x y z. What is making you read this. doing the dishes. etc.  You might do it for other purposes besides letting go, and thats great! Or, like me, you will keep fighting for something no matter what. Every day without end. You wont stop until your dream comes true. It can become very work like. To practice this 24/7 because it's better to. Really though it isnt. Even knowing that doesnt help perhaps, so you keep trying, then you try on not trying. You practice every technique under the sun. You follow your heart on every decision you make as much as possible. You feel like you are quiet not there, but ever so much close. You might keep going back and forth, back and forth. Missing the point EVER so slightly, but each time you go back and forth you get closer and closer somehow. Then, at one point you give up. You say 'ok universe, your turn' and stop. (trusting the universe make's it easier to stop) Once you stop, nothing is really much different if you practiced the awareness thing a lot. You are aware that you stopped. Watch. are you waiting for the universe to give you an answer? How long will you wait? what will be the thing that pushes you to go again?  Will it be the very practice of awareness?? "yeah, that sounds good. i will be aware"   as you watch in an aware state. Then in what way do you prepare yourself to get into an aware state? or a MORE aware state? what's the difference between slightly aware and overly aware?

These are thoughts that might now run in your mind when you practice. You will start to pay closer attention and add your own twist to this. After a while you might become more aware of yourself. Such as being aware of the mind that is watching out for the sublte differences. Or the YOU that is trying to watch the mind. It goes on and on. So now you get a jist of what Ive gone through  wink onto the letting go part, again.

So you do this. at one point you will be able to oberve super passively to the point of letting go. You wont do this during a meditation perhaps. You might just be typing and the thought 'let go' comes into your mind and you are able to do it (for the most part to say the least). There is no need to have to let go completly all at once. It's a skill you can work up just like the awareness. You can let go 10% 20% 30%. When you do, you may be super aware, your you may be in a foggy aware state.

Now, let' say this doesnt work for you after a while. "I cant let go"   As long as you are learning and growing, KEEP doing it. It's just as important as letting go. the point isnt to be able to let go.  Why do you want to let go? to achieve your dreams? That may be it, and that can/does work imo. Similar to sending intent and letting go. And dont forget, letting go MORE is JUST as important if your goal is to be able to let go completely.
You may need to let go of letting go  evil     If you are able to do even that, there is something you learned. It wasnt in vain. Maybe it took very little effort to let go of the idea of letting go. Just a tad bit. Good! you experienced a great muscle within you.   

This is just one way I know everyone can do to be able to let go. There are other ways too.

Being in this passive state, whether it be awareness or letting go is very useful. It's basically like meditation. The passive state if the most receptive or the most open. It can show you what you need to work on perhaps. Some mucky feelings of frustration might come up over and over again. When you simply observe it you are processing it out basically. It's ANOTHER way to deal with emotions besides choosing to vibrate at a higher state of being.

I would VERY much like it for all of you to take this practice as serious as you can just for 3 days. A week or 2 to see a noticeable difference. It would be awesome to get some feedback on this as I know people are different and this is a very abstract-ish exercieses with many twists that can go upon it, all leading in many directions. Perhaps you can tell us the way you are able to let go.

Im really too lazy to try and explain this any better until I try super seriously, so if there are any questions about the process go ahead and shoot. I think i really hit it on the nail this time thouhg  grin

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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 09:55:39 »

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