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Author Topic: view yourself as multiple minds  (Read 2995 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: August 25, 2018, 02:36:03 »

Honestly didnt know what to title this. Still learning a lot exponentially. One day ill make the book! lol. (tldr section as usual on the bottom)

So one trick ive noticed is I would change what i listened to.
I played around with viewing the body as different (meaning mind of its own)
Same with my thoughts. I would lable thoughts to other people even, as if they were actually in my head. did this to an extremity and kinda was scary but handled it.
Same with the things i say out loud.

Now, i know how to operate better. Or operate like myself or the self i wish to be. And because I CHOSE this, i get to see the chooser the more i choose differently.
Like choosing a habit to break. Choosing a habit to hold onto. Etc. Ill give a simple example, in hopes that you see the same information in a different light

When i talk outloud, my thoughts dont neccissarly dont agree. So there is conflict when i dont lable myself as anything. Or lable myself as a chooser only. Doesnt matter what you lable yourself as but not labling yourself as anything really pushed me to the limit.
So, I watch what i do. I analyze myself.

Thoughts: ill go outside to chill.
Feeling : that feels like a nice idea.
Me: i operate off mainly feelings so let's go with that.
Me: i control, or body controls me to go outside. It seems effortless. I very much enjoy effortlessness.

So im outside. I see i pick up a rock and start making circles
thoughts: i wonder why im making circles
me: i think perhaps body wants to show me something
then i notice an effortless path, in which i clap and give myself a thumbs up.
me: ah, it seems that I recievie information and then get to choose to use it. So if i view information differently (such as body having own thoughts) i have to ASSUME it wants to show me something.   Assumptoins seem important. Like a blessing and a curse.

I wait. Watch my thoughts. Basically i get to watch 'my thoughts' meaning the thoughts that sound like you.  I then identify that as Karxx thoughts.

Oh, what is dis-identifying with my thoughts? I dont really care. I prefer just to watch.

So, all in all, when you re-read things in a differently light, you have a chance to learn something new. And learn who you are. Tis an important method for self discorvery which i hold high, and assume many of the spiritual community is down a similar path. This assumptoin has lead me here.
I can never KNOW, but there is a knowingness.

Bonus: brain struggles with needing proof and having questions answered. Well it used to. When you have enough proof, it settles down. So in essence, ive been training my brain and it has been going wonderful!
This is a good way to view if you wish to train your brain or yourself to work with you. To see reality in a different light if you wish. Thank you for taking your time Smiley

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