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Author Topic: Essenes: The Teacher of Righteousness  (Read 1622 times)
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« on: February 02, 2003, 22:15:10 »

From the Essene Book Of The Teacher of Righteousness

“Master, tell us what are those things we should hold of high value, and what are those things we should despise?”

And the Master answered, saying, “All the ills which men suffer are caused by those things without us; for what is within us can never make us suffer.  A child dies, a fortune is lost, house and fields burn, and all men are helpless, and they cry out, ‘What shall I do now?  What shall befall me?  Will this thing come to pass?’  All these are the words of those who grieve and rejoice over events which do befall them, events which are not of their doing.  But if we mourn over that which is not in our power, we are as the little child who weeps when the sun leaves the sky.  It was said of old, thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbor’s: and now I say unto thee, thou shalt not desire any thing which is not in thy power, for only that is within thee doth belong to thee; and that which is without thee doth belong to one another.  In this doth happiness lie: to know what is thine, and what is not thine.  If thou wouldst have eternal life, hold fast to the eternity within thee, and grasp not at the shadows of the world of men, which hold the seeds of death.”

“Is not all that happens without thee, outside of thy power?  It is.  And thy knowledge of good and evil, is it not within thee?  It is.  Is it not, then in thy power, to treat of all which doth come to pass in the light of wisdom and love, instead of sadness and despair?  It is.  Can any man hinder thee from doing thus?  No man can.  Then shalt thou not cry out, “What shall I do?  What shall befall me?  Will this thing come to pass?”  For whatsoever may come to pass, thou shalt judge it in the light of wisdom and love, and see all things with the eyes of the Angels.

“For to weigh thy happiness according to that which may befall thee, is to live as a slave.  And to live according to the Angels which speak within thee, is to be free.  Thou shalt live in freedom as a true son of God, and bow thy head only to the commandments of thy Holy Law.  In this way shalt though live, that when the Angel of Death cometh for thee, thou canst stretch out thy hands to God, and say, “The Communions I have received from thee for knowing thy Law and walking in the paths of the Angels, I have not neglected: I have not dishonored thee by my acts: see how I have used the eye which seeth within: have I ever blamed thee?  Have I cried out against that which hath befallen me, or desired that it be otherwise?  Have I desired to transgress the law?  That thou hast given me life, I thank thee for what thou hast given me: so long as I have used the things which are thine, I am content: take them back and place them wherever thou mayest choose, for thine are all things, even unto eternity.”

// ==============================================================


1) The materialist is hung up on where this came from; what physical book contains it- that’s all that matters.  John 21:25: And there were also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.  Amen.   (Peoples minds are like cement- all mixed up and permanently set.)  Do not materialize that which is Spirit.  Be able to recognize the Truth from no matter where it comes.  In order to do this properly, one MUST strive for wisdom, else they will be played for a fool.
2) It is Wisdom and the Power of Love that will keep one on the right path.  Inner development is the growth mechanism.  Relying on passive learning (i.e. television, etc…) is like trying to shovel smoke with a pitchfork in the wind…
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