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Author Topic: Hacking into the Gate  (Read 1304 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: July 05, 2018, 11:21:19 »

Hahaha. Hello my friends. It is I, the great Karxx here to slap some more useless rambling info.  grin   

As usual, you can skip most of this but I find myself very interesting. At the very least go ahead and read just for pure entertainment! You all get to see the truest form I have to offer. A rare deal most humans dont get to see the side of me  cool

Many times I will post some milestones and etc that will later change in my life. I always get too excited to not post something on here, but since the last post I reframed myself from posting on here till I 'hit the milestone' and then try to live for a while with the new knowledge/change.   
Old ways of being have changed since the last time I posted, and does it feel great.

I dont have much credibility as of yet, BUT credibility isnt relevant when it comes to things that resonate with you. The only credible thing that I can say that occurs rapidly is coincidences with numbers. I follow the neurological described by kryon as that has been the most accurate
(      and )

So I was in bed, doing my thing and I reframed myself from posting. After a while I had a change of heart and wanted to tell my friends how awesome I am and some 'useful' information to go with it. And guess what? The last thread I made on here had 777 views. This has also happened with one of my other threads (dancing into yourself)
Not only that, but the thread topic 'how to live in the NOW' had 7707 views. I've even taken a picture of it. So maybe this guy is onto SOMETHING. Im just saying  cool

Alright, now onto the information. What is the gate? Shout out to the anime watchers I stole it from Steins;Gate and left out the Steins. So it doesnt really mean anything. Not to most, but to me it does.
It represents what your brain really cant grasp  It represents what the brain really cant grasp for most. It's even harder to describe. It falls into that weird vauge realm of non-conceptial ideas. Such as enlightenment. Yes, I can write words to evoke some feeling that points to something hard to conceptualize. The key is to not attach a bundle of ideas in a pile and say 'that is what the gate is'. I can give you a bunch of technique to get you closer to the gate, but to actually reach it will take something I cant teach.

You can know something but not understand it. This takes trust. This looks at the doubt and realizes tis but just a feeling of doubt. This takes sooo much more than you think. And once you do sooo much to get there, you virtually have to do nothing to get there.
Let me ask, if you knew yourself 100% would you be so indecisive? Would you know what works for you and what doesnt? Ima gamble and say thats more true than not. So then, why does anyone ever follow procedures line for line, techinque for technique? You could be doing something that doesnt work for you but yet you hold onto this idea for dear life. Or maybe you are doing exactly what you should be doing and just doubting yourself. It is really hard to figure out which is which by yourself. You can always talk yourself out of something. That's what brain does.    Most of you know this very well. If everyone knew this, I still would post this because I know I want to do this. Perhaps I dont know why im doing what im doing at times, but I dont questoin myself very much anymore. As you get to know yourself you can say 'oh, I guess thats why i decided to do that thing'.      Let's shorten the ramble.

If you are here to learn some 'new technique' to get you where you need to go then go ahead and read all of my other posts as well. Some might be less true for me, but more true for you. Take any information you want. They are all in the spiritual evolution post (i believe)

Fine >.>     Ill recap some key points so you dont have to. but I wont explain everything!
It goes like this, anything that comes into your awareness has to be dealt with. If you dont feel like you dont have to deal with it then great (until you do  evil)
The most basic way to deal with something is feel it. Really feel it for as long as you need. Then simply observe it. 'Oh, that feels like this' then to accept it.

How to Accept- think that you got into trouble for something you didnt do. You are in jail for 15 years. You can be mad and blame the guy who framed you every day, sure. But if you accept it then you will be 'well it is how it is'. You wont waste time latching onto a emotion you do not desire.
Also, perhaps you will 'think' you havnt accepted something. 1. when you observe you are telling yourself you accept it anyway. So be ok with taht. 2. You can accept the fact you dont accept it.     Brain can be tricky, so you dont have to FEEL like  you accept something. If you ever tell yourself 'i accept this' then the intent is all you need. You can keep feeling and observing all you like though.

The second part that is important is the whole 'feel what you want to attract'. IMO 80% of that involves feeling. idc about the thoughts or visualizations really. But simply evoke an emotion you want to experience. It can be multiple ones. One that includes a couple of different emotions. Ones based purely off of instinct. W.e.
Also whatever you act OUT of is important. So if you are 'scared they might find the truth' and act in that fear to mask it, then no bueno. Find a different feeling first. Get yourself happy or w.e THEN act. You might do the same EXACT thing but because you did it perhaps with different intent and feeling then it will bring more of that.

ok, onto a beleife that will help you notice what you need to work on. ANY emotion that I felt someone else might be feeling I remember 'my outer world is a reflection to my inner'. I honestly believe it is more complex than just that but the belief helps you target what you may want to work on. Here's an example

So Billy made a mistake that involved a friend Sam. Brain gave all the typical scenerios. What sam might do/feel/think. Then once you beleive-ish these things you react to imaginations that only exists in your brain. So now you feel bad, you think you wont be close to Sam unless you do something about it. You think frantically on the words to say and the actions to do. In essence, you are acting out of fear. In this case it was a genuine mistake and you genuinly apologize. Sam might not feel the same but that isnt the point. First breath before you act. YOU are projecting something onto sam. You dont have to pinpoint out what exactly. Once you realize this then choose the proper emotion to be in.   In this case, Billy accepts the possibility of Sam not forgiving him. There is nothing he can do. If he is honest with himself then what more could he ask.
'If sam doesnt understand me then so be it. I will apologize and simply explain it was a geniuen mistake that I do not wish to commit again. I wont try to CONTROL what happens by meticulously choosing words and doing things that will win the friendship back if it doesnt come from the heart'     

It's not a book people. Just a rough, unedited draft. Im going to work on that one day so if you have any questions or are lost and want  a better explanation then i will take my time to do that more thorough. tis not really my style on the first go around to be so clear.

And ofc my favorite thing to preach, awareness. I have a post more with more details but being aware is going to help. If you are daydreaming of something unpleasent, it will go unoticed until you are aware of it at some point. It will help you get along with discovering what you need to work easier. Patience also goes a long way. 

There are more things that may help but that gets complex. Basically when you experiment with 'trying' 'concentrating' 'being conciouss' 'being aware' You can notice on what to do and not to do when it comes to 'hack into the gate'   I feel that being conciouss is different than being aware for example. What is teh difference? how can you tell YOU are doing it right?
Well once you try to do something over and over and over again to no avail you may give up. even for a brief moment. Many times I would experiment with 'myself' *wink**
and try to figure out what to do. It felt good to give up. Then I TRIED to give up and felt that i was TRYING, which isnt giving up. then I tried to not try.   With each technique that involved around these things I was doing SOMETHING right but I couldnt lable it. I felt it but I confused myself on what to do. Rabmle.

One bit I DO suggest to do is do something you wouldnt do. Or perhaps switch it up. Perhaps you really feel that a technique is working. At one point you will latch onto it. Then unlatch and do something else. This latching and unlatching helps. trust.

OK! Now, once you practice these simple things you can now conquer the technique a lot easier. Here it goes!

Insert _____ here 

And that's how you get into your Steins;Gate.
I hope one day that will make sense. Once it does then its a good sign for you. Then you can drop the "instert ____ here" part out completly one day.

Ok ok, onto the part that everyone is actually looking for. Another technique to get closer to your zone.

Get into w.e position you want. eyes open or closed.  All you have to have is intent. Thats it. You dont need to lable the intent for your brain to understand. It's better that you never accept any idea 100% through but at first you might have to. You can ask 'who am I' one time and thats it. No need to ask for 1 minute for really feeeel the intent and emotion that goes with it.

 Go with intent and then notice what happens.

Now what comes? what do you do? What is the first thing you do? Do you feel the need to send intent again? Do you not trust what will come? Do you feel like you have to do something about that? Do you observe? Do you try to oberve yourself observing? What happens? What emotoins comes up? Are you scared if you dont write that idea that popped up in your head down that you may not remember it? Do you not trust it will come again? Is it time to be done? Are you doing it not enough or too much? Are you worried about how to manifest what you want?

You know how to deal with whatever that comes your way. You might be motivated to do x y z and really have your dreams come true!  For me, it was just easier to drop the whole manifestation thing out and ignoring what form it comes in. Perhaps I needed the form to be more struggle so i can learn quicker. I intened once and let it go. I do enjoy feeling 'what would it be like to have x y z in my life' but I dont cling on the needed to HAVE to do it. Once is more than enough for ME as I trust. Once you trust, all the worry and doubt go away basically. So those 'lower' vibrations are no longer resonating and I dont have to counterbalance it with 'high' vibrations or w.e  Ill leave it at that.

Ill describe what MY zone is and what happens.
After a while I can see my thoughts. Like where it originates from. My forhead has pressure. My awareness AUTOMATICALLY goes there mostly. It will drift off and I will honestly notice. I wont force my awarness back to my thoughts either. Somehow, whether I slightly intend for it to go back subconsciously or not it does go back. I dont care EVEN IF I DID force it back (before I did, as I felt like that technique of letting awareness roam wherever is best). I realize you may have to do multiple things to be in your zone.
When my awarness is my thoughts and when I notice of the pressure in the forhead, the awareness might hone onto the forhead more.   There is a difference between the awareness itself and you noticing (or being aware) IMO. My thoughts usually stop and enter a more 3rd person dialog. I still feel like its me doing it but seperate. I beleive seperateness is just a feeling as well but irrelevant. I dont need to know if its ME or MOSTLY me or what have you.
And once that happens, I notice that 'buzz' that keeps me going astray. More lables on how to come back to the gate mostly. Trying to figure out how im doing what im doing. I kinda just let that be and im aware of this zone. I cant lable it. I feel fear/exileratoin. Like a rolercoaster ride. When in fear, you dont breath. Going on a rollercoaster is 'scary' but its more exilerating. So anytime I feel fear it automaticaly becomes exileration. It acts as a signle like 'this is good.'  Facing fear is what the fear is trying to tell you. It wants your attention.

So yeah, thats how it works for me. I know being in my zone is good, but when i notice im not in it I dont panic and TRY to get back in it, espeically out of a panicy mode.

Extra things (dont want to duble post)
I jumped the gun a little bit but i KNOW i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close. In the past I will feel like im getting closer and yet feeling further away at times. But man, Im experiencing something I cant really describe. New thought patterns and beleifs are coming in.

 I even dropped the whole ENLIGHTENMENT thing. Its still the only thing I want but I just inteded it once and mostly let go. I have my weak moments still  tongue   
I convinced myself that my whole side mission (apart from raising the vibratoin of the earth) is to be an example to every being that will exist (at least on earth 100% sure).
And not everyone will become enlightened in 1 swoop. Some people experience higher states of being and cant get back into it.

Believing that helps me be ok with dropping enlightenment. How to be ok as a less self aware person. You know, for the newer souls they wont have as much experience as the older ones  rolleyes I feel that I will greatly help old/new souls achieve what they truly want. And how to deal with the tricky part that makes a human a human. How we operate and what we operate from. Conquering the brain! The soul! All of it. It can easily all translate to finding your true self which is something I've always wanted to help people do. Kinda forgot about it as I was simply focused on myself. I havnt even been trying to figure my true self out as that is just way too hard to lable what is me. But I feel that im super close to discovering who I am which is a nice little bonus.

Keep beleiving in yourself! This is a dream, and in a dream you can make any rules you want. Any physics you want. Anything you wish. Im pretty sure we believe anything is possible, so really act out of that possibility! Your thoughts and emotions will align with that eventually and will help you through the process.

Ill see you guys on the big screens soon  cool

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