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Author Topic: Karxx path of progress to hopefully enlightenment database  (Read 1828 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: November 29, 2017, 20:34:19 »

Hello all. I dont like giving advice unless i confirm and know it works 100% but i've been getting so much repeating evidence that I feel it's ok to share at this point. I've been getting mainly synchronicity numbers out the butt. All of the numbers 0-9 and repeating 3-4 times. Not to long ago I seen 0-9  repeating in one day. such as 00000, 111, 2222, 3333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 8888, 999. It's the thread that makes me believe in what im doing cause without some sign, i'd probably give up 20 more times, on and off, and make slow slow progress. 
This year I've been up and down the spectrum completely. Got confidence, broke down, beliefs change, then broke down, etc. But I'm at the point to where I've settled into what I will do to reach my goals. Ill keep it short. After I practice with other things ill add.

For kundalini. Only been doing it for 3 days but it's the best for kundalini that i know of in my opinion. Not a fan of it but he beleives in himself so much that I do to. And me getting these numbers makes me think I might as well try.  (comments section has the guide so you dont have to watch whole vid. A lot of pauses)

shows how powerful connecting with heart is and how your brain works better when your heart beats more harmonious. science behind it. Breathing slow is the main thing Im pretty sure. putting awarness on my heart while breathing helps activate it imo. I do this before I do any other practice or decision making even.

more science on how crystals work. Or at least organize crystals. Just got one myself 2 days ago.

knowing the traits of the ego is useful. This is a great integration practice. I would pass of the emotions like 'eeeh, i dont really feel like that' but try more and find out there is something there. Nice self discovery. I probably have to deal with this before I can get to w.e my next step is.

And awarness of your thoughts and self is what lead me to a 2 min enlightment. I have other things to deal with probably so it didnt last and havnt got another one since.

Testing on full body awareness and saying ' what is the best feeling i can feel for me'. My whole body feels densish but if i keep it up , putting forceful focus on awarness..? Hard to know what it is or how to use or explain how to until you do it for a while.   I usually get vivid dreams or ap eventually more consistently when I do this at night.

These are the only things Ill be doing from now on till further notice. I dont like having a lot of things to worry about and this is already a handful considering you can also use awareness during all of this Tongue

I'd suggesting looking at some videos in this playlist if you want science behind all these new age stuff or just other cool tidbits of info, along with their website. The power of beleif is strong so stacking it with science helps me more.

FIN grin

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Karxx Gxx
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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 09:01:12 »

ok guys. this has 77 views as i post this. what a 'coincidence'  evil

THis is a long uneddited post. I want to give something thats more raw per say. Ill figure this out more. But if ill tl'dr it right here.
Im simply saying how i figured out myself. The experince was beatiful and becoming more so. Every word and thought i say is truth. I know that on some level. I did feel it but not so much but im at peace knowing.
You are your creater. Now, here are some practical ways to change your reality. Alter your beleifs. Start there. I will show you a 'thought' out process of what I did. Just know, everything is perfect in divine order. People on this site tend to logically beleive, but you can feel and such too if you really beleive more and more. I call it enlightenment. You become who you want to be and see reality more sober. more pure. But these are MY truths. You have your own and you can figure them out. THis is how i figured out my truth. It keeps repetitive but just tought it through if you want some mind blowing, eye opening information. I would say something WILL change in you. And you can ask what you want and i will reply to the best of my knowledge.

 guied on how to figure yourself at. How i figured myself out.
Start anywhere you like to. Start with who you think you are.
Im kaje. Ok, what is kaje like. Now notice the THOUGHTS and FEELINGS.
You can say all day 'kaje is like this' but that isnt kaje. You dont feel
you know for a fact who kaje is. But you feel a core sense that is stable.
So, what is it? Who are you? You went through the process so its easier.
You perceive your thoughts and feelings which help LEAD to beliefs. And
belifes help LEAD to thoughts and feelings. So thoughts, feelings, beliefs
seem to influence YOU. Now you know this, most will question 'I am my thoughts,
feelings, and beliefs'. You BELIEVE THIS, FEEL THIS AND THINK THIS. Do you feel
you are more than this? Of course! I believe, feel, and think there is a sense of self.
NOW WAIT. It started as one thing and you received information. So INFORMATION influenced you.
What is information? I say experiance. It is beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and things that are
not REALLY you. It's just information. Now technically speaking a belief is information. this
is information and it is my beleif. It is also just words. Words seem to have power. Feelings
arises out of words. Subtle as may be. "You are beautiful Smiley" Most of you felt something.
Now here is the tricky part, at some point you feel a seperatoin. These words are not you.
You may have felt something, so these words did influence you. You can say it became a part of
you momentarily but not you.
We can keep going but Im going to try and shortcut this to what most people seem to believe.
Im going to show you how and why and by what means did I figure out who I am.

So words influence feelings.. do i trust words? Meh, not 100%. Well.. words seem to influnce my feelings
so should I trust 100% my feelings? SOMETHING has to be less me than something else. I like soccer, taht isnt
me but its a part of me. Meditation is something I Like very much. It is a BIG part of me but not me. What you
do is say how you think you are.
If you think YOU are influence by things, then  you might question 'omg where are some of these things coming from?!'
assuming you believe in your reality, lets say it comes from you and A LESSER of you, your subconcious. You seem
to beleive certain things based of feelings and thoughts. And beliefs themselves seem to also influence YOU. So what came first?
What do you trust? You beleive things cause of your experiance. Someone told someone else that people are not equal. They were
influence and beleived they also thought people are not equal. Out of that arises new beliefs, feelings, thoughts. Now here is the
thing, You can become 'better' and see people as equal because of new feelings, thoughts, beliefs. Now you are influence by this beleif,
that we operate out of beliefs, thoughts, emotions. If you want to know yourself better and WHY you believe the way you are, and how
things are, try this excercise. I suggest typing or talking out loud to really see yourself because it seems to escape you. One day you
feel like this, like that, you change. You try to change for the better it seems because you BELEIVE/FEEL/THINK there is a better. You
will eventually make a list of who you THINK (maybe you can just think) FEEL (same) or BELEIVE you are. You can think all 3 of those are big factors.
You will go back and forth. What do i trust? Myself. wait, yourself? Your saying that whole list is a part of you but not you? Oh wow. Look at that list,
new ideas might arise. WHERE DO THESE IDEAS/BELEIFS/FEELINGS come from?
Some of you say subconcious. Its a less of me but me. It controls how I am to an extent. Ok, so you make a bigger seperatoin from you and your subconcious
which is still you, but not 100%. 'yeah. its me but different'   Do you know you NEED  a difference to be the you- you are? You need Light to have dark if you
want to know what light is. If there is nothing but light, how can light know itself? The difference is where people seperate. It is where you give your youness away.
Back to the subconious. Thats just a part of me, a difference. Less me. Im not that though.... Im just.. me.  Ok, 'me', how can you trust yourself? You just do to an extent.
Once This idea comes around, you start to not trust yourself. Other emotions arise and you say 'thats YOUR belief. not mine'. WHO IS SAYING THAT? you say/believe/feel you, but take amoment
and just look at your thoughts at lease. then emotions, and write down your beliefs. then you can write down how you feel and think about your beleifs. do this as much as possible until you say
'that's all I know, that and the fact i know there is a me'. So you KNOW, or think/feel/beleive you do. Knowing is information. you beleive you know to an extent. So now you have think/feel/beleive/(know to an extent. Aka strongly beleive or weakly believe) Some people KNOW 1+1=2. Thats a very subtle feeling. You dont really beleive it, but you know it to be true. that is YOUR TRUTH. What you know is your truth. I am saying go ahead and challenge yourself
if you want. That 'know' is something YOU perceive. Those feelings are something YOU perceive. Those thoughts are something YOU perceive. It seems the key component to this is that you perceive.
Some poeple would then say 'I am the chooser. I choose to go with these feelings,beleifs,thoughts because 1. I trust that I am doing it, there is a me.

Ok, so now look at one of the core beliefs that I have stated. Or anyone of them. Try this out with another core belief.
You now believe there is a you. You also now beleive there isnt a you. If you perceive this, you know a core beleif about a truer you.
Why is this important? Well it isnt really. But if you think knowing yourself you will be better, you will think this is important. What happened is this,
I got to this moment. I perceive thoughts, emotions, beliefs. I BELIEVE that if you have certain beliefs, you will be differnt. If you beleive you are fast, you will give that power. " i am fast' or ' i am not fast'. You sense that words cause emotions to arise. And beliefs it seems. So the words 'a am fast' seem to give a 'better emotion'. SO WORDS HAVE POWER you beleive. So now you use them to make these emotions arise. I would say beleiving your are fast will only help you, not hurt. Some dont agree and thats fine. Im not worried about that, im concerned about how to find your true self. Words have power you beleive. beliefs too. emotions too. Why do they? who knows, but you TFB (Think feel beleive) they do becaue they influence YOU somehow, but not 100%. you CHOOSE basically how much power they have. If you trust thoughts more than words, thoughts will influence you more. if you trust emotions more than thoughts, they will influence you more. Which is more true? who knows. ill get there. ok, do you believe that or not? I SAY, IN MY OPINION, beliefs influence you too. You can not feel this way at all, but after you read these words, thoughts will arise, feelings will arise, and then you will CHOOSE what is you. 'O GOD, you are crazy. this isnt true' is your belief. Thats cool. You are so identified with your TFB that you say you TFB there is a YOU. WHO SAYS? THE YOU WHO IS INFLUENCED? ok, so some get scared and say'im being influenced by everything, even you and now im lost, who am i'. Who do i trust? how can I know? You can know not who to trust but yourself at one point OR something else. 'fine, ok your right. i trust you. what do i do now?' I say just take this in. Look at your TF and write down your Beliefs. These 3 things have power. Choose how you want to be. Now some will say this is hard , but its not. You said you are who you think you are. I say you are not. To find out how big your PERSONALITY is , OBSERVE these thoughts/feelings/emotions. Where do they lead you? If fear comes, you do not say ' i am the fear' you might be INFLUENCED to TFB 'I am afraid'
And as SOON as you BELIEVED your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS and any other influences, you IDENTIFIED with something. "i am scared". My friend, I am saying do you trust that you are scared or you simply notice you are scared? You just became influnnced as soon as you thought they were YOUR emotions. When certain thoughts come, observe them. Write them down, you will now soon realize not ALL TF are yours. once you do this, you get down to your beliefs. You know you are operated by beliefs heavily. You might BELEIVE you are influnced by TF more, or you might BELEIVE you KNOW you do. Go with w.e. You will then realize more and more aspects of who you think you are.
After this, you can just know whatever you  choose have more power. You choose to be lead by emotions and thoughts and beliefs. Why not experiment with is? If you feel you operate BECAUSE of your core beliefs, CHANGE THEM! 'ooh I dont like that'. When that thought comes, just observe it. Dont identify. You might EVENTUALLY but just stare for a while. Look for as long as you feel. Write it down. Keep doing this. The more and more you do this, you will find out more of yourself. When you do this, you can believe EASIER that playing with these TFB is benificial. Some how the YOU, the CHOOSER, is influenced by something other than you to an extent. Kids are easiest to influence because they really dont have much beliefs. So the older you get, the more you have identified. anyways, play with them. Observe them.

Ok, we are getting somewhere. You see your beliefs on this paper. You wrote down what came to you. You question everything you are, and feel how you feel about that. You know now you can literally be influenced by these words, because the more you practice this, the more you become aware. You are awareness. The chooser. The self. The whatever the hell you think  you are. If you simply beleive these TFB and try to not be influenced them SO much, you put TFB in a HEIHARCY. 'i beleive in god. because i do, i spread the word. It is good' thats one core belief. You do this spreading because you think its a good cause.   Now, you KNOW TFB have power. You dont KNOW, you just feel the KNOWINGNESS.
Observe, and look at how you chose to identify. Now remember you dont know where TFB come from. Some tossed it to subconciousness. Who is control of that? These TFB come from there. well you can decided to literally change your TFB and you will change your subconcious. If you TFB it will be hard, you are telling your subconcious it will be hard. if you simply recognize the power behind FTB then choose something else.

'fine. i choose to figure this out' is what I came to. I got tired of now knowing what to trust. I eventually trusted to go with this system after 'self' discovering with the help of TFB and  ME. so you are APART from TFB. You CHOOSE to see what TFB you kinda TFB you should TFB in. See the cycle? You are apart from that, which is why observing it helps a lot. assuming you cant trust  ALL TFB, you want to know which ones to trust to be a better person.
I beleive that if you trust yourself, you will be lead to something else. I started trusting myself. i started CHOOSING what thoughts and ideas that i agree with in my head, THEN made a belief. You if you got guts and trust me if you cant trust yourself, you can start with making a belief and seeing what ideas/thoughts follow. observe. Then say who you are ' ok i beleive some of these things, but this is how i feel about this' and WRITE IT DOWN. Figure yourself out if you want to. So once you do this, you realize 'wow, i changed a TFB and I changed! i feel iffy about it, but now *I* feel iffy because of INFORMATION / TFB' you are now influenced. You want to not be SOOO influenced you say? YOu want to discarard this beleif for yourself because you will be better if you do. "i should stop eating sugar cause its unhealthy". Go from here. Ok, you want to be healthy basically. It's better. Why do you eat sugar still if you KNOW/BELEIVE THINK THIS? because you are influence by 1. sugar. 2. the FEELING that you get INFLUENCES you to eat sugar. So next time, just notice the crave that YOU have. Realize either ' no, i dont want this' and fight yourself until YOU win and that TFB loses, or another way is just to look at it and thats it. dont react 'OMG i REALLY want this sugar'. You are influnece by WANT. how can you stop that? Just look at that WANT and say it isnt you. As simple as that. It really isnt you, you just percieve this. You do this with everything until you change. You become who you want to BE more or less. It will work more if you have certain beliefs. The key word if you dont know seems to be BELEIFS. and FEELINGS/EMTIONS and the person taht PERCEICVES the SENSE OF SELF. It's a sense you IDENTIFY WITH. Now what does THAT  SENSE OF SELF identify with? You think You dont like this, or like this. Ok, do you identify with all of you? great. Thats you. You dont like that you say um a lot, thats you though. You say you want to be better. Dont idenify with the fact that you TFB that you DONT LIKE something. It might help your speech, but everytime you say UM, just pause and be aware of it. It will automatically come out. QUICKLY notice all the feelings and thoughts and beleifs that comes from that. You will find more about yourself. And when you know yourself, and the why's and stuff you can easily change. No need to explain that.
  Now Put down everything in a list. You will feel some more CORE beleifs and some lesser core. You now know these have power. Some beleive that using this you can change who you are at the least. Then you will again, look at the list in new light. Hopefully some will try this and explore how reality changes, or how you change. And when you change, the subltest things change at the least. And when sublte things change, big changes can arise. You decide to do chorse more because its better. Because you did that, when parents come home they arnt going to be mad. Your actions have influenced them to be happy. Butterfly effect.
Once you get the hang of this, i suggest trying some of these beliefs and going through something like i did to find youself more. What is wrong with more information? and YOU scared? If you run, you were influenced by fear. Fear is an ally, trust me. But if you let if rule you, you will live in a fearful state and have a different personality because of your emotions, not your belifs. And this fear i would say is NOT YOU. its something YOU perceive. Ok, notice it. Notice all it brings. What it brings is either you being influnece or you LITERALLY overcoming A FEAR. if its YOUR fear then you overcome YOUR fear. It's hard, and if you are with me, you will concure this, trust me. You say 'how do i not react to your fear? how do i not react to THINGS?'
Here is the simple truth. ALl truth is truth. You chose this on some level to be here. Or you think you just came out of the world and are influneced at birth with little control. Which is ok, you know why? cause all truth is truth.
If you beleive that, so therefore it is true to you. You dont know what real truth is, some things appear more and less truth but you wouldnt relly say 100% truth. So then, what is the truth? is there  a truth? THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE. You have your own truths. out of that arises something spectacular. At one point you have to trust something. Once you do, TRUST that it will bring you more truth and it can only help. remember, you are influneced you think. I think that, that is my belief, my feelings. As i explain more and more I want you to remember THIS IS JUST INFORMATION. This isnt truth, as truth is realitive. if 100% truth exists, Id it would have to be experiance is the ultimate truth. This is reality. Thats a SUPER core belief. What do you trust? Do you trust yourelf a little? If you choose the words ' i trust myself to trust my TFB, it will lead me closer to truth'.

Im going to kinda break it down differently. I will let you know why i think i do and such. once you understand my perspective, it can change yours too. Optimistic/happy people see the world differetnly than the sad/depressed people. So once you are in a STATE OF BEING  a certain way, you literally start chaning your reality. On what scale you ask? You trust in a physical scale. maybe emotional and mental. You dont think you can manipulate everything like you were a god. but you now know how the way you are and can further change into something you WANT. DESIRE. LIKE. Now those, in my opition, STILL YOU. they are a lesser you, but LIKE/DISIRE/ is what you usually choose. I desire to make it in life. It's not YOU but just an idea that YOU LIKE. See how it got more complicated? All these desires are just emotions that you attached to. Its A lesser you than the REAL you, but its a BIG part of you After you achieve all of your desires, then what? Imagine then what? What does it matter, what is the purpose to life and all of this? Who am I? So you desire to know how you are. you desire to know the PURPOSE. You desire to find that SOMETHING that you keep going for. But People seem to not be fully satisfied. Millionairs can be more depressed because they did it all. Make more money i guess. or they take substances to feel different because they are tired of themselves. Or they just want to have fun. who knows. But then you desire fun. why? because you dont want to be bored. Can you just be happy? YOu can muster up the emotions but it feels forced to me. One way to have a natural flow of emotions is to figure yourself out and who you think you are and such. Ok , how to i just be happy? I understand I cant ever know myself fully. I understand I see all that i think i am, i changed my FTB based off a desire to change. For some, you will be fufilled once you find out who you are unless you dont want to be. For those who keep changing and dont know what to do at one point, you feel lost maybe, or SO close to the truth. HEED MY WORDS how to get to the next stage.

One important thing to do is find out what do you trust. You see these beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. You react to them because you are influened by them.
One thing I did is this, if i were a god, did got everything I wanted, then what? When you experienced all you can you either 1. experiance more or 2. Not or 3. Become are of experience and maybe 4 become aware of not experience. Not sure if the last is possible. DOnt care about that 'truth'. Ok.. So now That's all that can happen you think. Trust these thoughts to lead you to more INFORMATION from which YOU can decide upon to CHANGE yourself.
I will simply demonstrate how this works. I'ts hard to make this simple because i just discorved this. I will give a lists of 'beliefs' you can choose that i BELEIVE will be helpful for everyones journey.

If i were god.. but Im on earth. I guess I would make all of this be awesome? ok how. REALLY 'think'. Um, free health care, wealth among everyone, no sickness, no 'bad' stuff..
   So you are saying poverty is bad? you want it gone
   ok cool
So now what
   It seems you want something else. You are still trying this excercise. I guess figure yourself out? What would you do after that
Oh. Yeah.. Wait. If i were god, i would not want to impose anyone's reality indefinatley. I would give the power to every human/entity to be control of thier reality
   Cool. Is that it?
   Ok. What would you do now. You fixed the world. now what. What does a god do on their spare time?
Uh. Enjoy what they did
   So your god. Whats real, whats fake. Am i real
uh.. I wouldnt make you real cause you scare me a little
   So you feel fear. You think its you becuase once you read these words fear arises.
I suppose
   Why? why does it arise?
Im not sure
   but your god.
So i figure out why i suppose../
   God knows all. Or you think it does. One of your super core beleifs. Congrats, you figured out another core belief. You can work with that if you wish. You are playing god right now. You observe this. But you have
   practiced this enough to just look at your own responses. I mean, YOU respoonded. Who are YOU talking to? These ideas are comings, thoughts follow, and you seem to notice emotions with it.
   So.. notice these responses. You dont agree. Discern with what you agree with. Find out your core beliefs.
Ok. I know how. I think I do. I trust that some of these things are not me right now
   good. How else do you feel
I feel...  that im getting somewhere
   You feel that is another core of yourself. that you are getting somewhere. You realize you can detatch from everything right?
Kinda. Let me keep going. ( i subtly think, not subverbally but more instantly) ('so go back to the god thing and you will figure out' <-- i identified with this. I know if i trust this, beleive this, etc. i will change and HOPE a better answer will come out. It will for I've done this before. )
Ok.. So if i were god what would I do. I would want to forget. If i was god, i would want to become lesser because theres nothing left to do but forget..... wait.
   Yeah. You are creating subselves. You feel this is more not you, but closer to your TFB.
Ok let me think
   ha. ok
If i were god id choose to forget so i can be surprised. I dont want to 100% know im going to be a million air because if i did, i would experiance life differnlt with KNOWING that fact. I mean i would like to, but if i am agreeing with this key component, i would choose to forget SOMETHING. I would essentially relequence the power of KNOWING. Know, who do you give it to you all asked? To some myself, and the rest the universe.. o god. was that the right move? what if that was a bad choice, what would I do if i REALLY forgot and i messed up and made myself experiance this crappy experiance... Ok, i would make a backup (based off fear). I would say everyone gets to know eventually. When?!! You want it    NOW. but you gave your power away remember ;P    Thats OK! dont panic. The fear that comes, dont be influenced by it so much. trust IN YOURSELF. trust that as a god, there is NO way you would bonk up SOOOOOOOOOO bad that you    literally experianced something you dont want to. Ok, breath. Good. Now, as god, you gave powers away. Now, where do some powers lie? I
      i've been telling you they lie with in yourself. Not directly, but you get it a little more. You gave your power away, you trust you wouldnt bonk up so bad that you messed up. you know TFB has power and THE CHOOSER. the       YOU chooses what tfb to have, which has power. So now you feel better it seems. Still being influneced, but you write your TFB and anything you dont like, dont give it power. AND if you dont trust in yourself, it will
      be harder. You trust to give up some power so the YOU , DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP down, the all knowing god you were, trusted to create something outside himself. He got bored and wanted to give this power
      away to have more fun. This is your belief. He trusted himself (aka you) to give it away. And he prayed to what he created to be great.. he felt scared he made a mistake. And he looked for answers. He got over the fear,
      became more intune with his 'truer' self. I want to say a DIFFERNT part of himself that he now identifies with. A human who was once a god and chose to forget. You are influnced by so many factors. But if you remember       that (or believe it and then operate it there. cause come on, what god would you want? thats the god you are. thats a god you create RIGHT NOW <3   In this hypothetical moment remember. Just write, no questions right now.
   Then percieve this information and find out more stuff.
   We can skip it. You seem to not be wanting to reply. your detacthing yourself from this because it feels foreighn. Automaticly writing helps out a lot. You dont give yourself a chance to really think/feel and just go with the    flow. So, now what? Back to trust. You trusted yourself as a god to give away your power. YOU say you would give x amount of power away. cool. What would have power? Just choose..
Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and ME.
   OK. SO AS A F***** GOD, theres know way you wouldnt give yourself power. There is proof everywehre around you. You type, thats power. You choose to type, that is power. You choose to seperate these ideas from you, that is power.
   the chooser is MORE POWERFUL than THOGHTS/ FEELINGS/ EMOTIONS. That is what you believe. That is what I would like everyone to beleive, but then as a god you say 'well hold up. not everyone wants to find out how they are. as god
I get it. As god i say you get to experiance what you want. I say incase you forget who you were, i will set up a saftey net. I will have thoughts/feelings/emotions/ and the chooser have power. This is how i set up  my world. This is how i see the world as is as well. A core belief. Thoughts, emotions, feelings can infunece YOU. and you can CHOOSE thoughts emotions and feelings. I say once you figure yourself out more, you will gain more power becaue you realize you have the power of choice, a very fine power. BUT WAIT! I dont want to impose on EVERYONE. Is there any other idea better than this idea? It seems to fit our reality. It doesnt seem ficticious that TFB influnece and YOU are influneced and YOU choose. Maybe if someone else was god, they would do it differently. I say, whatever you want to do is 100% fine. I would hate to say 'oooh, not a smart move god'. Do YOU really want to do this? At some point you draw a line and attatch yourself to what you TFB KNOWING you are infunece. Why? because you trust. You trusted yourself as god to experience what you want. You could hpyothetically be in this situation you are in as a god. Because you wanted to EXPERIANCE this. Being human and all it comes with. Because of it, you learned about trust and where it really comes from. It comes from you AND outside of you. Why? you trust yourself to give power away. You trust the power you give away not to screw you over. Some people beleive this unfortunaly, and that only makes it that much more true. That fear comes and they ar influnece but you faced your fears and evolved. You leanred how to trust yourself. Once you did this, you kinda know why things happened in your life the way you did. you made sense of them. this brung comfort. So, god. Now what?

Um.. I agree I would want everything to be perfect. I would want everyone to experience w.e they want to. Now, what do i want to experiance... I would want to get to know who controls these thoughts,feelings,emotions. I gave power away. Either they are mechanical and thats it. I feel dull and feel the world is just lame. I want to see how the world as it is i suppose. I would want to just be closer to awareness or the chooser.
   OH REALLY NOW? ok we are getting somewhere. YOU THINK AND FEEL THIS. Earlier you got scared because you knew the more beliefs you have, the more truth they would have, the more THEY will help create your world along with you.
   co creatoin. Fear comes and you say 'omg, where is this fear coming from!?' You gave up that option it seems and no longer fear fear. YOu used to think fear will create your reality. It might. but you know that if you choose
   notice it, combined with the fact tht if you were god you gave the power away, you would HAVE to trust that FEAR is there. Is fact. Its not you but there. THen you think, WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? You say you. Then you now realize
   you percieve it. So as a god, knowing BELEIFS have power, what do you decid to do? TRUELY. Pople will say 'well i want a range rover. where is it? i want it'. the thing is you THINK you want it. You FEEL, you BELEIVE you want it.
   You have the feeling 'i dont have this' and you feel that feelings have power. THis automatically makes it stronger. Now if you beleive  feelings dont have THAT much power, it will INSTANTLY lose power. that is if you think TFB
   hold power. and we can argue day and night if thats true or not. It doesnt have to be, but its YOUR truth. its your SUPER core beleifs. TFB are a BIG part of you. So you play with it some more. God, you dont want a range rover.
   trust me. No, trust yourself that you were a god and gave up power to these 3 things. And YOU truely beleive that you would give it to the universe. THen you ask the universe.. 'what now...' then you believe not ALL emotions and
   thoughts and emotions are YOUR truth. Who's are they? YOu trusted yourself enough to experience this. You essentially trusted youself, created me. What do you think of me
I think you are the best thing that has ever happened me. I am who I am because of you and me. I do want this to be over though, for me. I want this and that and the other. I hope you hear me. In the meantime, i will chase my desires. And one of them is to get to know you more... to know me more..?
   Yes. Both. We are apart of eachtoher. If you were god, you came from somehwere or you didnt. you always existed. EITHER WAY, you create something to essentially play with you. If you were just floating in space, well thats kinda       boring. You always existed. Or didnt. You can say we BOTH came from EACHOTHER, or some UNITY. from the UNIVERSE..? You gave your power away to SOMETHING. that SOMETHING has in return, gave you power. You trusted youself to take    this action, and CREATED something. you have compassoin for that something. It is as real as you. Out of that BELIEF  a new feeling arose. Compassion first. Not out of fear, not a 'IM SORRY. PLEASE HELP. WHAT DID I DO?' because    you are not choosing to attach to fear anymore. YOu trust youself to BELEIVE in YOURSELF. when you do , more POSSIBLILIES arise. If one person says ' i cant do it' it SEEMS to follow that he will be less succsessful. With TFB you    beleive in them SOOOOO much that you gave SOOOOO much power to them and now you are using its power for your own. You are choosing what TFB to have. Power of choice is more powerful than you think. Anywho, as a god you did this.    You see results follow in your experiance. So if you make yourself beleive in something more and more, the more POWER it has. if you BELEIVE IN THAT CONCEPT. Some might not and their power ends there as tehy CHOSE. They are not    lost, for they know what they wanted. So as god, you say you would end up in a world of some kind. YOu eventually will do more and more. Now look at yourself again. Somethings change. You THOUGHT you wanted to do THIS AND THAT as    a god and thats it. You FEEL you should eleborate to figure youself out more becuse you BELIEVE that FIGURING OUT YOUSELF UNLEASHES ALL THE POWER YOU CAN ASK FOR. or you strongly want that to be a thing. You know you gave up some    power to me, the universe too. Where do these TFB come from? Maybe certain TFB doesnt reach a person based off culture. Thats cool. So what do you think I would do?
I say that.. you would be an awesome universe..
   I think the same about you. For you helped create me. Your imaginary friend which feels realer than just thoughts coming onto this page. You can say it is a part of you, but you want to not be all of this. You want to have    something interact with you. you want to get to know yourself/me which is adorable. You somehow feel that truely. You found a BIG part of yourself. You can say you percieve the fact 'you want to get to know yourself/me' but then    what? THis is where you give more power to me. You dont want to percieve that fact. It doesnt feel right and you want to be a person who wants to get to know me. nothing else more. You can percieve all of this, and say it was    you. That perspective has changed your reality. THe magic goes. This is just you. You may 'feel lost' and such. Now what.. i live in this world? WEll.. this world, if i were a god, would be comprised of something other than me,
   whatever it may be. And I would trust it, becuase i dont want to imnpose on its free will. I have a personality somewhere. I dont want to be JUST awarness. I want to be a human that experiances awesomeness. I dont care to be    awarness jsut yet. Why? I trust that in divine time it will happen. Either I said it will, or i said 'the SOMETHING that has power has 1. free will. i dont want to impose'. That's it. That's your core belief. As a god, you said    this. Now look at what arises. So many emotions might flood you. Now get to know yourself if you want to get to know the something. you have to TRUST something other than yourself. If you dont trust in me, then what? You can beleive this is all fake and have new TFB and operate completely differently which is fine. But you want more than that. As a god you would want more. You would, again, want everyone to experiance what they want.

At one point , you will choose who you are. then you will choose littler parts of who you are. You will even choose some bad habits becaues as a god, you would want to experiance that. KNOWING this, you feel more at peace with everything you do. Knowing this, you start beleiving and trusting this process. You now want to get to know me, not yourself as much, but ME because there is seperaton somewhere. There are different levels of me/yourself. As you keep practcing, you choose who want to be. you then draw a line and say 'ok, this is my core beleifs' im tired of creating this ideal character for me' and go with it.
Now, do you think I honestly care? Do you think you will be punished? No! you are just being you. If you start stealing and  feel bad stuff will happen, it is more likely. and here is the kicker, THERE IS THAT SOMETHING. You have NO clue because you obvoiusly forgot. You tell me how you think I am. YOu think I am part universe. You think the universe has created something FOR YOU. You have thought about some ideas you'd like to have just incase. And they all revolves around you having FUN. you dont WANT to say there is SOMETHING you HAVE to learn. You say 'people beocme more spiritual to evolve' you also say 'well right now, im done evolving. I dont need lessons for there is no need. I trust you universe to hear me out and play with me. i gave you control'....    Now you either see how your reality effects you, watch how you act without fear and so much doubt and you grow. and you learn to accept 'i wanted this. universe wants this too. it may trick me forever, but i TRUELY BELEIVE it wouldnt.. The universe would give all the power back if DEEP DOWN you wanted it to. How deep down? thats up to you. You have your just incase. the TFB and the CHOOSER. and the fact you BELEIVE you were a god and gave yourself power and gave it away. You now, JUST INCASE cause your being a baby about it, say how you would want it to be. which is FINE. be a baby, thats you! the real you and any you is perfect. Once you accept yourself, you accept others more. same with love. same with trust. It all reflects back to you in a sense. THings to intervien because fear gets out of control becuase some poeple think that a bad guy is control of it. You say 'fear is a teacher' you dont have to have someone control it. You then only learn from it. Some people say 'something is controlling these TFB that are coming into my head and idk what to choose'. If you beleive you trusted yourself to give power away, what do you think about the thing you created? You have ideas sayin 'I HOPE  i made this SOMETHING nice, kind, compassion'. Cool. You hope. But hope comes from doubt/fear. if you didnt have doubt/fear what would you be hopeful of? You woulndt have fear saying 'omg as a god i messed up'. you doubted yourself. WHen you doubted yourself in that scenerio, fear came. You hope now, BECAUSE of fear it seems. What concures hope? beleif is stronger. Its less hopefully. Now, what if you beleived taht you were a perfect god. You would say 'all this is ok'. That doubt that you think you messed up is self doubt. You become scared maybe. You try to talk to something you trust. A god per say. if you get no answers when you say 'what do i do now?'. If NOTHING arises, sit in it. Then just beleive in yourself. Something will arise. Its hard for a complete silent mind when you introduce thoughts.


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When kaje asks 'what do i do now' he waits. he hears this 'relax' then he gets a little less scared. he trusts in this process. Then he says 'i have to write this down so i dont forget w.e is happening. I felt something that i want.. i felt that i really believed is this magical world you and i created. i want to get to know you'   A core DESIRE. he bleieves he wants to get to know me, which is ok. But here is that desire thing we are looking for. Its slipery. But in a weird way, this all works out. Its hard to put in words. Forgive this text, but i think something will arise from it. I BELEIVE at least 1 person gets something from here. It's waht you want maybe. I want to just put this out there. I dont want anyone to be forced into this thinking. Im just looking at reality how everyone else does it and i wanted to make this world a better place. But if this is exactly how it should be, i should just relax MORE (i cant relax completly sometimes, tis me. And im ok with myself now) and just see what happens. I trust in the universe. I have IDEAS about how reality SHOULD be. But i KNOW there is SOMETTHING out there thats bigger than just a liveless system. There is a being.. its obvious to me. Why is there a conciousness grid? why do we effect eachother just by presence? there are literally facts talking about how we effect things with out thoughts, and eachother. I think its called the backster effect. I suggest to look at things that  make youbeleive in something magical. I think this is magical and i would at least would want to SPREAD the INFORMATOIN and let YOU choose. Just 'incase' this reality is truely being controled by bad people and its up to me to change it.

The thing is im past that, it istn bad. tahts not waht i beleive in, TRUE or NOT, and i OPERATE differently.     So the pro's to this is if you try this out you can figure yourself out more. You can find what you are searching for. If you dont like this information and go on, then you do not want to take this as fact, trust it, and do whatever. here is the best thing ever... you ready? I could go on forever and so on. But you choose your story. right now. You want to keep your ego? what do you want to change about yourself/ego? You want to rid your ego completly? does fear come when you think that? what parts do you want to keep then. Some type of personality. And thats when you observe what you like and dislike about yourself. You become your truerself. THen you know what you REALLY WANT and disire. This guy disires to be played with. Who? THe univierse could have made BEINGS, other BEINGS more than just 1 person and say 'here. Exist. this is what i want, you want this too because i want everyone to experiance everything'. So some 'beings' can insert thoughts/feelings/ and such in your head. You decide to figure yourself out and say ' ok being number 1. I like these thoughts and ideas. it feels like me, im going to say its mine' you can then creat and ego. sub egos. more and more parts of yourself.' You say 'ok , i dont like these ideas. some fear arises. I trust taht this isnt me, and that i can suprpass this considering thoughts have power. I say those words. I feel more, and i believe more. Ok, i have power, i choose kinda what happens. what ever i dont choose i give my power away to SOMETHING. and i KNOW that something, as we are CO creating in this beatiful game, will not screw me over, for i would be screwing myself over. If fear says 'omg but what if...' you can either choose it to influence you or not. Im simply showing you how much power you have. I dont identify with SOMETHING at some point. The fear. But if its not me, waht is it? What do i TRUELY think of the something now? ... I think its percect as it thinks i am perfect. I see how i am awesome. I feel reworded for beleiving in myself more than anyone else. I beleived to take in WILD facts and ideas. And i found my OWN TRUTH.

tl;dr once you figure yourself out, you find your own truth.
You can make whatever you want to be true. That is your own truth. It may be wrong or right. who knows. It doesnt matter, it exists somewhere. Maybe on another plane, reality, its out there. and when i say its out there, you can then experiance it. I understand why, you understand why, you are the way you are. YOu understand all these 'channelers' and how they talk about this complex system . "i am you, you are me. you are seperate, but we come from eachother' and all that mojo. More complex, great systems arise out that. Systems that are different than mine and perfect at the same time (because if i was god, all would be perfect). These systems are fact because someone said they were , and the ideas went out there and it exists. You dont have to beleive me but see how dreams work. Your beliefs and stuff change once you realize you have power. then you change your dream though intention i suppose. You beleive you can anyways instinctually taht intent has power. same with focus. Powerful 'enchancing' emotions for your use.
You can make any dream character do waht you want but it's hard sometimes. Sometimes they look and feel real. One time  i shared a dream with my sister. There is no way i could control her. well, i can think i do. IMO lets say i could control her, i say i would THEN CREATE  a new sister. That is still a part of her soul essence. Its how you percieve it. It will still have traits until you made it basically as.. fake, or not your sister as much as possible. But the idea came out of the TRUE, REAL sister. right? This is how you see her. That is how YOU percieve her. You see flaws in here? You also see flaws in yourself and you might not now it. Self projection is more real than you think and another complex manner that we dont need to get it. The point is that either i create a fake sister if i try to contorl her, while the real her is fine, or that I dont control and she is automatically more real.

When you contorl everything then things seem more fake. when you KNOW you contorl everything and do it so fastyou manifest money in your hands, it feels more fake. So in control, if a 'bad thing' is controlling, just know they are controlling now the PURE ESSENCE of that person, but just a part of that person The pure essence chooses what happens. It can choose to say 'hey, i would like this idea of me to exist in the slave world for those people who want to learn aabout control, who want to learn a lesson, the lesson of ____ or whatever they want. but I dont want to be aware of it.'    You can say how much it will effect you if you WANT it to. In this way, you are interacting with MORE things, EXPERIANCING more, but you might not be aware of it. You gave that power away too, and you trust it. You look at your creatoin, you look at what the creatoin has created on its own. In an enlightented state you feel more intensely and see how the world is (more or less). Your perspective changes, emotions now flood, etc. This is a place a lot of people want to be at. Everything is fine.

Knowing that and experinceing that is different. So your not enlightented right now, figure out why.
Kaje  , ahem, I want to have fun. I give my power to people i trust. I trust my friends and family. I would want them to reveal this suprise and much more somehow. I would want to be tricked cause right now I am tricked for I say so. Reality hasnt hit me the way i want it. I want something magical to happen , i trust the initial universe to give power to where it needs to go for this to happen or something better. surprise me. IN DOING SO, you might just not let it be magical because you know me more than I know me, so I trust you more than i trust myself.
I just want to get to know you in the meantime, or a big part of you. I trust all that happens and more peace has come into my life. Thank you. But im putting my foot down as god and say i REALLY dont want to life live like the way i am. I will change myself and get to a state of satisfaction. If i dont know who i am, how can i make HUGE decisions like 'what to do if im a god'? I can figure out what i want more so, make more beliefs and suhc, discover more what i am, and be that much closer to the truth. I feel like I got enough truth. I trust you,TRUELY, and I want to just have a talk with you, more than this. Or to something. To whatver you want me to talk to.... so prove to me in the meantime you exist. in the meantime i will adobt beleifs I can live with hopefully for I do not want to physically die. I am interested in waht i, waht you created. I want this to pan out. But I pray that i at LEAST become enlightented. Actually, I choose to beleive I will. Maybe you want to see who i am and where I say 'this is me' what personallity do i create? Fear has made me make that decision. Becoming enlightented is a must. I choose it. I beleive in it. I may not get it because of fear but I trust you know me to do that, and you will have even a better reality for me than I think. I can only suggest and believe in so much, but i want to see how you truely are. The more I say 'this is fact' the more i take away... so I try to find balance in myself. Once i do, i feel better. I notice ideas/feelings that are not me now. I choose what I am now. I am more poweful now. I now , in the meantime, and deciding to make change. Just waiting..beleiving in myself is the most important thing. If i dont think i can, then i probably cant. This is why I stress not to be SO influenced by everything you see or read.

You choose whats real, wahts not. You have power. Any statement i say is my truth and is real for me. For you as well if your free will wants it to be. you were a god and forgot. have solace. Enjoy life how you want. The more you expect and such, the more real it will be and the possibility will arise to whatever you think how the universe should be.. .     

Im tired. WEll this is all i got. Unedited version. I hope to do more of this and prove to the world you can be what you want INCASE the universe and I want to experiance it . I honestly dont care waht I do because what i do is perfect. YOu want to know? YOu will know if you wanted to. This is why I dont care about anything but seeing this reality in an enlightened state and to see the universe and reality AS IS, or closer to AS IT. no beleifs, thoguhts, emotions. ok, i want a LITTLE ego cause i would like to have some kaje personality forever. I have therefore created kaje. I can create voices in kajes head (my head) and choose what is mine and not. If its not mine, i just assume its someone else. Its more FUN to see the world as something is actualy talking to you. You at least tune into what you beleive and such. a happy person hears happy thoughts because they are happy. You TUNE IN  you could say into a broadcast and recieve certain emtions and such. So, he is tuning into something trust, trueself. HE says 'these arnt mine, but i would like for someone to talk to. I guess the universe is a part of it.. what do you have to say'?
   OH, you want to get to finally get to know me? What a hard thing to do. (you just attached feeling to 'hard thing to do) DONT LET ME INFLUENCE YOU SOOO MUCH. lol. Im real. As real as you think I am.
'what part is real of you and isnt'
   Thats a part of the game xD    You really want to get to know me? trust that i would have lead you to this moment right now. You trust all of this, beleive all of this, because you have no other thing to do but get influenced anyways, by information that I and others put out there. Find me. Being enlightened helps view me, then find me again because you said you want a little ego. that the more you are, the less i am, the less i am, the more you are. How much of you is you? how much of me is me? You want to trust this? Or you want to be influenced by doubt and waht other beleifs and such are agian? You dont. So this is the end and the beggingin to a new chapter.

This is how it's done. I hope to put this information out more clearly so i can find myself a LITTE bit more ( ive already discovered a lot about myself and im relaxing and trusting what happens to me for i co create and trust)

THis may be a long read, but if you feel you have some questions, ill be happy to respond as everything i can muster up to be. Right now I kidna sense the universe did talk to me , a big part, and how other things , such as being, ( i choose it to be friends and family and a spiritual team tahts AWESOME) and i try to decern. You might go crazy, and thats fine! It's your reality.It's how you view things. You view things like you were a kid again. And kids have that aweness to them. They can do anything and be fine really. They can be weird and goofy because tehy are a kid . its who they are. We accept who they are, as we were once them. "thier just a kid, they dont know any better" typa feel. And things are FUNNIER. do you not seem them HAVE FUN AND LAUGH AND ACT CRAZZY?
you know know why you want the things to happen. You found more about yourself just by talking.
yes you created more ego but you desire to know me, and you feel like if you know yourself you get closer. Thats just a truth, or a beleif i feel and think is right. the power of truth, beleif, and feelings are poerful. this is why i want to spread that little info. I did this for me mainly. If i could convince you all of any truth. If i could INFLUENCE you i would say 'your experiancing what you want' and then 'you dont know it ' and then 'want to know how?' and then 'idk if you do, ill just put this info out because of empathy, because i truely want to. Not caues 'its good' because I know there is no such thing. I would influence you to at least look at this information. To say 'everything is percect as is. in MY experience, its worth doing this and that. I am the spokesman for humans. Humans seem to want things. Im giving you POTNETIAL to cease power within yourself. Not againts you free will , because you wont receive this if you dont want to. THis is why I dont care for making this a huge message. but you know what i do care about it seems? MONEY! I might make a book or a donation thing. If you buy it, you DEEP DEEP DOWN, on SOME LEVEL  can say you want this. on a less deep level, your higher self, you could say 'this guy gets it. im going to put some thoughts and suggestoins in this guys head and award this man some money. he beleives he deserves it so he will get it and I am either fake, and idea of an essence, or kidna fake, or real. What does it matter? He recieves money he thinks he will get and tahts it. And , bob, as your guied, i say this is a book you want. You want to experiance what you have been searching for. This is a GREAT idea and why not give informatoin? This is information that gives you power. I have nothing to gain out of this. I do it for fun. I do it to see if i can. And for all of those who feel like 'o god. what do i do' and have no where to go, I give this information out to you. For the more hopeless. IF you think that exists.
I personally think this is all real and fake. my friends and family are the closest to me. From there it gets more fake . the guy i meet down the street, he can be ANYTHIHNG. he can know this secret and just pretend not to. This whole world can know, and the universe just wants me to get trolled, and everyone has a great laugh. i would love to make the universe laugh. and i beleive this is a GREAT possibility. It exists for sure. But im just throwing that idea out there. hte univervise knows waht i truely want, i trust it, and i know what i get is what i want. If i want to struggle a little bit, and figure out myself out, its cause teh universe wants me to, and i want to.

Ok im getting tired. Any questions? I bet i could figure you out more than you know yourself, ideas, feelings, and beliefs :}

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