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Author Topic: Mind - latching onto something  (Read 1895 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: November 19, 2019, 19:18:41 »

Hey all!  grin
FINALLY made a HUGE milestone I was waiting for. It deals with the mind and it's habit of latching onto something. I will also note some things it does that people should be aware of.
And this will lead to the importance of practicing self discovery and awareness. i've touched upon those topics before so ill try not to repeat.
I say importance because the mind influences you. And you want to experiance certain things. Knowing more about your mind and self will help you make choices to experience what you want.

TL;DR at bottom

I presume we are aware of how the subconcsious effects us.  And its no longer sub    when you are aware of it. Now, i will say the subconcious is a form of latching. It's stuck on an idea(s)  It is also like invisible thoughts.  When i say that, its kin to this:  The definition of the. Its allusive but we know what the means. When you talk, you dont have to explain every word and your brain doesnt have to have a lengthy process interpreting it.  Its all jammed packed into an energy signature: It vibrates in a way you understand.
It's something you just glance at instantaneously. The Sub can be considered to have the same effect. (i just feel there is a difference with invisible thoughts than something being subconcious. essentially the same though) An everyday thought you really just glance at. For example:
I would always get my hair cut becuase it made me looked/felt more handsome. Growing my hair out was something I would like to do, if i could skip the ugly phase and do it instantly. I never thought about it like that, but as soon as i knew i was scared to look less cute, and that was the/a reason preventing from me growing my hair out , i was shoked to say the least.  To feel those uncomfortable emotions was what i was running from i deemed, so i started to grow my hair.  P.S i tried in highschool, so it wasnt in the spur of the moment change. It's always been like that.

Now, another big thing about latching: What, when, how, etc.  The biggest for me what 'whats the best thing to do' and 'how should i do it'. The mind has a very diffictult time doing something that isnt the 'best'. The 2nd best isnt ever enough it seems. Work on that.
As far as i've gotten, i still kinda was influenced by invisible thoughts OR aka very very VERY quiet thoughts.  If yo practice self awareness, you will be able to notice how some thoughts are quiet literally louder than others. Like there are layers or something  huh

And i didnt notice it, but my mind really had trouble figuring out a word to describe what im doing.  It would be simply vibrating at a certain energy in short, but I could never say 'what is the best thing to do'. What would I tell someone else in any situation? Something short, like one word short.
 There would always be a counter argument that i agreed with any time I tried to answer that question. Going with the flow? there could be something better. Awareness? maybe they arnt ready. Be happy? They might have to be sad.. the list goes on.  My mind would struggle to find an answer, but the meditation i was doing made it to where it kidna stopped that process. Like blocking it out to an extent. After a while,  i would teeter totter between how forceful i would be doing this meditation. It helped me find a flow that didnt make me go back and forth so much, but it was like an all the way or nothing. Kinda exhausting. And I wouldnt want to do that mediation all the time because it just makes me detached from everything. I wouldnt be typing if i sat in this mode.     So even the mind wasnt really satisfied with that being thee answer.

And i figure many of you might struggle with this when it comes to more allusive things like mediation, chakra, projection, channeling, etc. what to do how to do it.
(Deciding less imo will help with this)   This is just the mind teeter tottering, latching onto an idea and then the next. Mix it with some doubt and you are all over the place and can never really settle.

In my experience, ideas that make you more fluid and 'let go-y' are good ones to latch onto. MY personal favorite, which helped me unlatched from the deepest of ideas is MY way is the best way for ME  mixed with the fact that Do i KNOW?!   For example, working with chakra. Everyone could say that's a benificial thing. Sitting in your lower chakra, do some visualiztions, send light, etc.  So when i mediate, i struggled with working with it. I didnt really feel like it but i forced myself kinda. But is that the best thing for me to do right now?
It's a safe choice, but maybe not the absolute best. (from a minds perspective).   And the fact that i dont know reminds me that it's just my belief for now. The fact that I know that somewhere in myself, in which i have the ability to connect to more strongly, is the best answer.     So ive stopped all trying to do chakra work, AP, channel my higher self and such. I have all the answers i need for what i want.

Still, the mind goes.  Now, im not saying it ever needed to latch onto something, but it always tries to. You can be unattached and watch it go, never attaching (whatever that may mean to you). That may be your goal, but for most, we deal with it attaching to an identity, or playing with that idea. irrelevant for me.
And all this time, the answer i/ it's/ we've been looking for has come. Something that cant be argued with. It has latched onto the word trust.
And man, i've preached about this a lot, but i guess i never latched onto it itself, or in this way. It usually became trust this or that or what is and so on.   But even trusting what is- is an idea.  And ideas are like concepts, and what is can be a concept.  To see beyond that is near impossible from the mind's eye.
So instead of trusting something being the answer, it's just trust.

I can feel a sense of peace that has been heightened 100x (still small, but compared to others HUGE). I go with the flow way more easily. Everything is just smoother, and following the path of least resistance is breezeful. Even habits are easier to overcome, as my mind wont latch onto an idea that tricks me into doing it. I just latch onto trust, and walla. I still may indulge in them, but not because of a reason made from my mind. I realize , more and more, that i dont want to do the habit. It's just influencing me to partake in it.

So yes, it's an answer I can tell anyone when they say 'what are you doing?'.  It's something i identified with, and the deepest part of me. It resonates with me and gave my mind the peace its looking for.
It's a vague answer with no real details, but it still has it's own signature that filters any action that one may do. Universal to all and can be different for all. Flexible and stable. It comes with peace, or rather, unveils the peace within you Smiley

TL;DR   When your mind is figuring out something, or wanting to latch onto something, say the word trust. Think the word trust. And know that is the answer it needs. (well, for me it was) and the only answer that can top that is one that cant be spoken with thought.  Perhaps you could associate a word with it, but the world will never be the same as what it is trying to identify (like emotions).
 Practicing this will work wonders. I hope your minds can find what mine has found. PEACE    \/ grin

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