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Author Topic: Mooji 's meditation - experiencing MY fulfillment  (Read 949 times)
Karxx Gxx
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« on: September 27, 2017, 08:17:03 »

So I came across moojiji on youtube and did his meditation. He was talking about disassociating with the identity and gave a quick how to. I made it more difficult than need be; It wasnt as passive as this was. I had a battle more so with my mind than just watching the battle I guess you could say. Kinda how you force yourself to not think which becomes a thought. So I was battling on how deep I was observing myself. (Oh, that's not me. That 'me' that said "that's not me" is not me, etc. gets confusing) Anyways, a feeling came over me..

I dont want to give what sensations I had to prevent expectation.  There is another mediation I made up that gave me the same symptom. Like how you vibrate sometimes before you AP. Not required, and you dont always AP when you do vibrate, but it is a symptom for being ready to AP.

A week ago, I was doing this on my back for about 1-2 hours. Then I went on my stomach and continued. After a point im more relaxed when on stomach. Anyways, I was DEDICATED on not giving up this battle. No matter what thoughts arose, I stuck to it. Then randomly I felt weird right when I heard/felt these lyrics from a kendrick lamar song. "Fill a pool full of liquar then we dive in it." lol. I immediately started to dive DEEEEP, like losing myself type dive. I completely let go of this mediation INSTANTLY, more spotaneous than almost anything I've done, no thought about it whatsoever. It was like an extended spontaneous moment. It kinda felt like an astral projection to an extent, in the sense that your senses can be heightened and you feeling yourself moving in a direction. (Note: you dont need to project to get this taste of being 'awakened' demonstraions of some who got here without it. Dont limit on how you can achieve this folks!)

I went searching for the souls of my two best friends like "HEY! WHERE YOU AT IM!? IM FEEEEELIN IT" in the abyss and then woke up. Whoa, when I did, my reality felt completly different. Ill try to explain how it felt.
It was like seeing sunlight for the first time.. I just looked at things, staring. (I've done some meditations where I would like enjoy looking at things, like my hands, clothes, etc. Not on this level)
It felt like a low level lucid dream. Like how you wake up from a dream at night, and realitys tarts to settle in. The moments before it does. But on a higher level
I have a dog with the MOST annoying sharp bark ever. I'm always positive, but this bark just drives me mad. She does this when left outside and wants in. But for some reason, when I heard this bark I felt more alive. Like I was in jail for years, randomly woke up in my bed and just thankful im hearing that bark.
Something you see in movies typa feeling. Like how at some point towards the end, theres a character just walking down a street on a sunny day where the conflict is resolved.

I'm not exactly sure how long this lasted, maybe some hours, half our, idk.  but since then I havnt had that level of being awakened. Lets say we are all at a 1. That state is a 10. I would sometimes feel like a 2/3 tops OCCASIONALLY. And since then, I really am trying to get to that place again. Thankfully I ran across this particular guided meditation, just did it, and feeling good. I'm at work so didnt have full devotion but im feeling some sensation that's new.

Anyways, Im going to spread this to as much people as possible. It's not just some feeling that is really good. Like being extremely happy.  Even happy feels artificial in comparison. Not taking away from any feelings as artificial doesnt mean bad. This is just more.. liberating. It's the missing piece that people try to find IMO. It's actual fulfillment. Maybe it's true peace? Cause anything could happen and I would be ok with it.

You can dream any dream, do anything let's say. If you have it from the perspective as we usually do, I cant think of anything that will fulfill me anyways. Dream sharing, astral adventures galore, virtual reality headsets where you can be in a game, all the money in the world, peace, love, happiness throught the planet, UNIVERSE. Let's say I am the sole cause of that in the perceptive we probably most humans live in. As Karxx Gxx. "wow, I did pretty good. People are having a blast in this reality I caused." Even after that, struggle, be evil with no consequences, experience the duality of reality. I cant fathom something that would quinch my human thirst.  I would LOVE to do all of that, (aside struggling and such. doesnt seem interesting. Maybe being evil..  evil)  but I would have to do it twice. Once without that fulfilling realization/awakening and one with. And right now, I've had my 20+ years of without, so for the rest of my life I will become what I've experienced cause honestly, anything else I pursue is a waste of time.

I dont know if this is for everyone. Maybe there is other ways to be fulfilled. I just never hear about it through practical means. This is just MY fulfillment.
I hope this helps someone find what they are looking for. Take care!

TL;DR   I felt fulfilled after doing a non guieded meditation of his. Practicing disassociating "Me" as anything that arose in my mind. Ex: Thoughts..' thats not me. Hmm.' More thoughts 'not me.' Noticing myself noticing myself Hmm, interesting thought. Not me.. Thats not me 'Thats not me'... lol
I suggest doing the guided meditation. I just got lucky. Did it so long that something was bound to happen  tongue

P.s And if you do try this for some time, go ahead and post some feedback! It would boost my motivation and others as.
OH! IMPORTANT WHEN DOING THIS. Dont fear your own thoughts. You might face resistance. It seems like it happens with other people in his seminars to where that it's a reoccurring theme. Like your mind wants to stay. Just keep going on. Probably similar to an astral projection fear tests.
Hell, you might feel like you will literally die. Like chest exploding or some sh!*. Trust me, you wont. Maybe the identity you have of yourself will in a figurative sense. But no, you wont go crazy or anything either.  Take it as a good sign. You are making progress!  grin
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