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Author Topic: Seeking help with sleepy meditations  (Read 1170 times)
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« on: March 16, 2004, 21:56:13 »

For some time now, when I meditate, I start to get very sleepy.  I maintan a sense of being centered, but I will just kind of fall into dreams.  I will be sitting meditating and then I start to hear conversations, but I will not be actively involved with them.  Sometimes they are relevent to my current situation, but most of the time they seem like random conversation between random people.  It is often hard for me to remember what I've heard, because I am so sleepy when it is going on.  In any case, it is not what I am intending to do with my meditation.  I would like to remain awake and focused.  This also happens when I start to work with energy and my chakras.  I will be drawing energy into them and slowly I will fall asleep and forget about what I was doing until I snap back into what is going on.

I used to have no problems meditation.  If anything, I had a problem of having too much energy flowing through my system.  I do not know if this is related, but one early morning I was lying in bed and I became aware of a presence entering my room.  I could not tell if this was a positive or negative entity, but I decided to lay still in my bed.  I was lying on my stomach and this entity drew its hand over my spine.  It felt like an intense lazer piercing me and it stopped at about the level of my heart chakra.  It stayed there and I got the urge to open my eyes and turn towards this presence.  All sensations dissapeared and the presence was gone too.  After this occurred I have had problems stimulating my heart center.  It used to be my most dominate center (now ajna chakra is) and now I can barely get a wimper out of it.  Not being able to stay awake durring meditation is not helping since it makes it hard to draw energy into it and get it going.  I am also aware that certain life changes may be the cause of this and the fact that I started meditating less after this could be the cause.  Also of note is that recently I have felt that I am blocked in the exact place on my spine where this hand spent most of its time focusing its lazer energy.  I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with a presence zapping their spine.  

I am also aware that I may be sleepy durring meditation because I am lacking energy.  My diet consits mainly of rice and black beans or garbonzo beans, flax seed cerial w/ bananas & soy milk, and burritos with pinto beans, french fries, avacado and salsa Smiley (The Vegan California Burrito)  I am no nutrition expert.  Is this diet enough to keep me going?  Any suggestions on good energy foods to eat -- remeber that I am vegan.  I also ride my bike about 50 miles a week.  So, I am certain I could be overexcerting myself.  However, I have had problems w/ sleepy meditation even before I started biking so much.  Most of the day I am wide awake, but when I sit down to meditate (even after a nice energizing yoga session) I will still fall off into this weird dream land that I am objectively watching and not participating in.

I know that is a lot of ground to cover.  If anything I would like information on how to not be so sleepy durring meditation.  However, the entity zapping my back has been bugging me for a long time, as I do not know what its purpose was.  So, if you have any ideas about that I will excitedly read what you have to offer.  

Thank you much for your time.  Peace and love my friends
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