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Author Topic: Exit Methods  (Read 14758 times)
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« on: March 21, 2005, 19:36:03 »

There are dozens of exit methods to choose from.  And if none of them work for you, you can always think up one of your own.  There are no hard and fast rules with exiting.

Here are a few to keep you occupied.  The Rope Technique and Variations are extensively covered in Part Four of Astral Dynamics.

Rope Technique

Imagine a large, strong rope hanging down in front of you, just above your chest, in a natural position for you and for the position you are in.  If you are lying down, imagine the rope end hanging over the centre of your chest within easy reach of your hands.  If you are sitting, imagine the rope hanging just in front of your face, with the rope end being firmly attached to the ceiling.  The rope is within easy reach of your hands.  Vary the position and angle of this imaginary rope to suit you as to what feels most natural.

Centre your awareness hands in the middle of your chest.  Reach out with both of them and grasp the rope.  Climb hand over hand strongly up the rope.  Pull the rope to your chest with each climbing hand action.  Feel yourself, in your projectable double, moving up the rope as you climb it.  Concentrate on the climbing action, but donít let your physical body respond or tense.  Breathe naturally and do not hold your breath or allow it to become ragged. Hold your mind clear and focused solely on climbing the rope.

Rope Technique Variations

One-Handed Rope

If one awareness hand does not appear to obey or feels weak or uncontrollable, the rope technique can be done with one hand only, using the hand that is most responsive.  If you can manage it, have the weaker hand just hold on to the rope (as if the rope were slipping through the grip of the weaker hand), while the stronger hand does the real climbing.  Feel the strong hand reaching out and pulling the rope towards your chest, then reaching out and pulling again, in a continual one-handed climbing action.  

Chasm-Crossing Rope

Instead of a rope hanging down from above, imagine a strong, taut rope running across the ceiling of your room, in line with your body and just above it, within easy reach of your hands.  This rope is firmly attached to strong brackets mounted on two opposing walls of your room.  Feel your hands reaching out and feel yourself climbing along this rope, dragging yourself across the room toward the wall behind your head and out of your body.

Hanging Rope

Another way to get around weak or uncontrollable awareness hand actions is to reach out and feel they are hanging on to a strong rope coming from above.  Donít try to climb this rope; just feel yourself hanging on to it.  When you get used to this, imagine you are being slowly winched upward by a helicopter, dragging you up and out of your body.  Feel yourself being lifted and sliding out of your body, moving higher and higher.

Water Ski Rope

Instead of a rope hanging from the ceiling, imagine you are holding the handle of a ski rope attached to a powerful speedboat in front of you.  Feel yourself hanging on tightly to the handle of the ski rope, as if you were floating on your back, ready for a deep-water start.  Adjust the angle of the ski rope to whatever feels most natural.  Imagine you can hear the engine revving up, the excitement building, then suddenly the boat takes off and drags you out of your body in a flurry of astral spray.

Rope Cargo Net

Imagine that you have a large rope cargo net hanging down in front of you, similar to the heavy rope netting used on military assault courses that is hung from poles to make a short, high rope fence that trainees have to climb.  Climb the rope netting in the same manner as described for the normal rope technique.  With this method, it does not matter where your hands go, as they will always find a piece of rope to grab.  This technique solves many awareness hands control problems, where they appear to have a mind of their own and flop and slide all over the place.

Ladder Method

Imagine a strong ladder hanging from the ceiling.  The lowest rung of the ladder should be within easy reach of your hands, or whatever feels most natural.  Climb this ladder hand over hand, feeling yourself moving up the ladder towards the ceiling.

Steam Method

Imagine yourself becoming lighter and lighter, as if your body were turning into steam.  Steam expands and rises.  Feel yourself becoming bigger and lighter and, slowly but gently, rising up and out of your physical body.  

Butter Method

Imagine yourself lay on a block of butter.  The butter is beginning to melt ever so slowly with your body heat, and you are slowly but surely sinking into it.  Relax into this feeling of sinking, donít fight it, and donít force it.  This method takes you through the bed (if you are on a bed, of course) downwards.

Rolling Out Method

Feel yourself rolling to the side, as if you were rolling over and out of bed.  Repeat this action as many times as necessary.  If using a chair, feel the rolling action as if you were curling up and rolling out of your chair.

Driving Method

If you have ever been on a long drive, or spent a long time on a computer driving game, you may have noticed that later a shadowy but animated image of your long drive will be impressed into your mindís eye.  This imagery will be much clearer if you are overtired as well.  When you close your eyes and relax, the view you had, of that long road, and the scenery on either side unwinding toward you, continues to play in your mindís eye for some time.  All you have to do is relax and let this scenario play itself in your mindís eye while you deeply relax and allow your sense of awareness to move along the road towards the horizon.

Swinging Method

Imagine you are on a swing, and start swinging just a little at a time.  As you relax more into the feeling of swinging, swing a little higher.  You will find that this loosens your astral body.  Alternatively, you could take an extra swing and jump off the imaginary swing when it is as its most forward.

Catapult Method

This is more of a ďmentalĒ method and doesnít use the body, although invariably the body will normally follow.  

Mentally put your consciousness on a catapult.  Pull the catapult back until it feels taut.  Pick a point in the room where you want your consciousness to land, aim the catapult and let go.

We all find nonsenses to believe in; it's part of being alive.
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