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Author Topic: I want to help someone  (Read 5532 times)
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« on: January 06, 2016, 01:13:05 »

Hello forum, idk how to start, so I'll just trow in the data.

I have a family member, over weighted, around mid fifties, woman with manly faculties, she gave me a call early in the morning because she was really depressed, we met, we talk, she is someone that could be catalogued as very spiritual and good and all that, but she can't see beyond her own hand, or simply beyond. she told me throughout her life, she has encountered many people with fake friendly smiles that only end up stealing from her, she's lost lots of money, she has been a Hollistic Healer by profession all her life, and a 'someone who gives conferences' (idk the word for it... conference-man??) traveling here and there, she heals with her hands, the whole family didn't believe her before, but some members have seen her do it, she even claims she made a physically impeded person walk again, the most amazing thing I've seen, so far, is that she paints with cottons and ribbons and tape and bags covering her face, she only paints angels, with her hands, wings, tails, torso, always swirling around, and all that covered up, I even thought she had the canvas all measured up and divided in sections, but she paints smaller ones as well as huge ones all the same.

Some old partner of hers, tricked her into going to chile were she says she literally had to be homeless and the person simply disappeared, she managed to get to vzla for christmass, and lost her more recent partner and is all a total drama I'm not even sure If I can even listen to be honest. However, she has a big mouth, even if she pretends to understand what she repeats in her conferences and workshops, she doesn't, and that has brought her serious consecuences in my humble point of view. She told me today she felt Full before, even appeared in national television at times, but now she feels as a poured glass, empty... and so, all she sees is destruction. *insert dramatic music here*

Now I dont want to joke with that, I know she speaks very seriously when she says that and specially with the crying and all that she's been through recently... I want to help her, she made me promise not to tell anyone in the family.

The obvious thing to me was medical psyquiatric help, but I didn't tell her that, I've seen her react like a little spoiled kid..
I managed to calm her and exite her with a business idea on detox juices and all that, since she is very nature and plants and literally knows all the good stuff about it. She is the kind of person who helps and gives good advice but actually does not apply to herself. She has actually given her money away in huge quantities to helppless people she has met. She has never used drugs too, knowing how detrimental they are.

Idk how much the calmness with last, I cant teach her to look into all she already knows and just to look herself to strive, and to see that happiness starts with oneseld instead of depending in her former partner. So to conclude, she says the only way I can help her, Is, If I Hipnotize her, Idk how to do that, I've never done it, I've barely read on it. she thinks she will suddenly change to see how easy things in life are and to a more possitive attitude, but to be honest, when she was positive, she never seemed to forgive those who caused her some horrible experiences. And so I promised I would try (just to give her some more hope) but that I would look for guidance first, If I'm going to do something, it must be done right and not just half-right. But any advice is more than appreciated.

So, I welcome anyone to tell me anything about how to proceed. If not, I will end up betraying her trust and telling to family members before something bad happens. I have not the tools, nor the experience to tell her what to do. She claims she has been a victim of bad entities and dark practices all her healing professional life, that even puked once, two frogs and a hairy worm with horns, I think those are the ones you touch the hairs and hurts like hell, anyhow... I speak with very literall utmost sincerity here...
Thank you All in advance...

PD: is the spell check not working in AP since long ago?
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