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Author Topic: signs both from good and evil, religious sects, astral lovers...  (Read 3414 times)
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« on: July 05, 2011, 07:39:09 »

i am pursued by signs and they're like the astral progection of my mind. somehow i made something with my mind and "opened" it without intention. i mean the signs are not telling me what i don't know usually but what i think of in the minute. my mom also sees signs when she thinks of me and when she tells me i see that it was what i already know. they are real. what's that?? it happens to ten times a day. and  that minutes i feel something like sort of transe state. i am in transe most time of the day.
there's another thing that i am stuck on. don't take me as playing here but it is what happens. few years ago i was in crimea near the  "devil's fallos" stone ( believed to have devilish power in it ) and i made a wish that devil come and make love to me. idiot. in half a year i have a psychosis attack and hallucinating where my wish is  fulfilled. since then i have signs. i see hearts made of different dirt and nasty things. they persistantly follow me. it sort of fades a bit when i try not to care for them but lately i noticed that it does not work. church does not help, i see those hearts in there made of holy water drops and candle wax. once i saw a heart in the church that was few metres size covering the whole floor! more than those signs it is not going, i think because i don't give the permission.  once i asked him to show his face and then together with hearts i see now evil faces, sort of like in scary movies. once it was so big and vivid that i was so lied up i even pictured it. those faces smile and i feel no any particular danger unless he does not want me to yet, exept that he won't leave me alone...
i also had another astral lover i created listening to ville valo (Him), i was drawing him in a very erotic extasy. i could not draw anything else exept him. do you think ville valo is possessed?? i think he is and he does not know it. if he does it is even worse. there is something he does to his music that cause deilusional state of mind to a listener. i prayed with passion and totally refused him and with time he has left me, though sometimes he tries to bring me back. but no passionate prayer works with this one. he definetely shows me that he is not scared of my prayers... who the hell is he? i asked for his name but he does not want to respond on this request. in the dream i had at night he told "i want love i want love i want love". looks like i made the  stupidest thing: i promised my love to devil. that's why prayer does not help. god is love and i turned love upside down.
does anyone know how to find out who he is? i am not scared. though i want him to go or i would better do want him to go, i know. i try to fall into religious extasy, i thought it will help, but i already don't know if god thing is devil's work also while i think of myself as destined to become saint. i attended a religious sect of adventists of 7th day. two times but it was enough for me to get hypnotised or what they do with people. do you know how to GET RID of religious HYPNOSIS they make in SECTS? this does not let me think freely, i cant make myself whole.
looking for any comments or advise.

Tell me what you see
and I will tell you who you are.
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 06:27:38 »

 I once knew a lady years ago in New York that had a similar problem. She was from North Carolina. Her story started when her sister got all the boys attention due to her being more attractive. Well, she started messing around with the Necrinomicon and doing the different rituals inside. She went through a life of hell after this, she received the men's attention, as that was her intent. But, the man she found used to pin her down and inject speed into her, he beat her and her kids as well. Well finally she left him, I met her years later and we started to try to work on the problem. First we tried getting her mental help (a therapist), that didn't work at all. At the end of one of her sessions, the therapist told me of someone I might want to go and see. He actually sent me to a Spiritual Healer. The healer told me to summon the "Great White Brotherhood", whose members were Queen Sananda, St. Germain, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. One time I went to her place and she was having a "fit", we will call it that. I summoned the Great White Brotherhood and it actually seemed to calm her. She always wanted to have sex with the with some of the worst people I had known of. She would say "you haven't lived until you have had sex with a demon", mind you her words were quite a bit more crude. Anyways after awhile we started working on creating a "White Light of the Divine Spirit" around her. This seemed to calm her as well.
 Now I know what you think and I am a very analytical person. When I first heard all this I thought she was crazy, but then I talked to her Mother and children and found out it was for real. Her Mother had told me there were a couple of times she was over at Cathy's home, Cathy was asleep, but her Mother said she was being moved around the bed. Almost like there was someone else there. The only signs of serious problem I saw at first was the fact that when I first met her, I had hired her to work for me. On a break she had gone for a beer, the next thing I found her going into my Money Bag trying to rob me. I then learned that any minor influence, be it alcohol or drugs had a major affect on her. I then started to research Alcohol Allergies. Brought her to the doctor to do tests and they were negative. The one real jolt of reality I had came one night when I walked into her room while she was sleeping. I laid down on the bed and started summoning the Great White Brotherhood. The next thing I know I am vibrating violently and she is choking. End of the story is I haven't seen her in years but when I last saw her she was getting better. I know I was rambling on pretty fast there, but I just wanted to give you some quick history on my experience.
 Good Luck, I hope this gives you some insight. Feel free to Private Message me if you wish further info.
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« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 06:27:38 »

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