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Author Topic: The Need to BELONG  (Read 1258 times)
« on: July 10, 2004, 18:56:34 »

Current psychological research shows there is indeed a NEED to belong and religion has been USED to address this and empower some through this NEED. I include part of my current book and I will highlight the section dealing with the research.

Howard Bloom chose an interesting title for another of his books. From Bloom's The Lucifer Principle available in an excerpt from the web we have,


"An even broader investigation by James J. Lynch of actuarial and statistical data on victims of cardiovascular disease indicated that an astonishing percentage of the million or so Americans killed by heart problems each year have an underlying difficulty that seems to trigger their sickness: ‘lack of warmth and meaningful relationships with others.’ On the other hand, research in Europe suggested that kissing on a regular basis provides additional oxygen and stimulates the output of antibodies.
Closeness to others can heal. Separation can kill." (Cool


Dr. Ron Podell's work on depression shows that we can CATCH depression. Dr. Gray (Men are from Mars… - not this one but in a later book) says there is a psychic drain in any family or organizational unit. The harmonic balance and mutable brain wavelengths of certain organisms or people are more affected or sensitive if they are not trained via coping skills they gradually imbibe toxic energy build up and behave insanely - much in humans has to do with breathing and oxygen deprivation of a little bit every day. This is my own observation but the above research on kissing does seem to connect. I think SIDS is connected to this as well.

Bloom also addresses the shaping of reality research that is on-going in consciousness and psychological research. Each researcher or discipline has something to add and yet is still seems the mystics were right and what is Above or in other dimensions is here Below as the laws bring forth greater depths. The traditional Jewish ritualists speak about making a Golem and using the alchemical homonunclus or artificial man. They have many uses of power and I know some of them were able to infiltrate or take a role in many elite groups of Rome or Tartessus long before Yeshua or Jesus. In The Rising Roman Empire I documented Antonines and other families with a history of this esoteric knowledge up to and including the alchemists of the Ptolemaic lineage. But average people probably got a little tired of these power games being used against them at various times. Thus the expulsions from many places at different times which we have already seen are not just The Diaspora but there are many Diasporas.

One of my suspicions has to do with the Borgias who married into the De Medicis and include the likes of Pope Alexander VI and founders of the Alumbrados or Illuminati. I believe their ‘remote poison’ was indeed ‘remote’ and operated through psi effects such as action-at-a-distance. In another book I showed Hitler’s Freemasonic Order of the Golden Centurion which he may have become part of long before his public acclaim, had a remote action machine called a tepaphone which I am told I am correct in saying includes copper and quartz just as many Druidic Sceptres and harmonic activators had long ago. There is more to learn about The Lost Chord to be sure. Here is an analysis of the destruction of the Temple and Diaspora myth from the Jewish academics.

“The Rabbis then thought to have Bar Kamsa killed in order that word not be brought back to the Caesar. Rabbi Zacharia ben Avkolus again disagreed, fearing that people may think that one who brings an animal with a blemish can be put to death.

Rabbi Yochanan at this point taught that due to the extreme piety of Rabbi Zacharia ben Avkolus, the Temple was destroyed, the Sanctuary burnt in flames and we were exiled from our land.

This is one of the stories in the Talmud, the rest is history. What we need to do is to analyze this story to understand what the sages were trying to convey in the story.

First, we can note that the combined incidences of the host of the banquet and Bar Kamsa showed a tremendous lack of feelings for the welfare of another. From this we learn the importance of putting other people’s feelings ahead of our desires. Still, this does not compare to the lack of action on the part of the assembled Rabbis at the banquet, who, had they protested the lack of consideration, could have averted a national tragedy. We learn from this the awesome responsibilities of those people who are in positions of leadership and influence. Yet even more so, is the blame on the shoulders of Rabbi Zacharia ben Avkolus, because of his great piety, not only was the Temple and Jerusalem destroyed, but we were exiled through out the nations. Rabbi Zacharia ben Avkolus who was the leader and most influential man in his generation should have seen the results of his actions. National leaders must know when to stand firm and when and how to bend, to avoid disastrous results. He must be able to put his own personal agenda and feelings aside and make proper decisions.

May we all learn from this chilling episode in our Jewish History, that our behavior is of extreme importance. May we, through the good will and cheerful help that we are able to give to another fellow Jew, see the rebuilding of the Temple swiftly in our days.” (9)

These myths have positive aspects and other layers of meaning. It is a common thing among people to think there is a great growth in understanding psychology going on. But however true that might be there was an understanding in days gone by that people needed to be part of the group. Here is a little more from one of the Bloom links we have provided.


“At six, children are obsessed with being accepted by the group and become incredibly sensitive to violations of group norms. They've been gripped by yet another conformity enforcer which structures their perceptions to coincide with those around them.” (10)


Thus we have meditative rituals using ‘chhi’ and other energy as well as oxygen that affects everyday coping and metabolism that builds in much more sublimated or sub-conscious ways than we might imagine. These awarenesses have been studied and used as well as words and symbols or archetypes to allow some of us to control others. The purely intellectual or written and spoken dogma is only part of it. In medieval times the Jews called Sephardim in Spain were moved to bring back the feminine goddess that they had diminished or expunged from their dogma. They did this in the Zohar through the creation of the Matronit.

I have shown that Tartessus or the Iberians on Spain had a connection with the Semites of Phocaea and others through a long history. The Merovingians who went to Southern France went there because they already had outposts and alliances there. This later led to the Cathar movements and ecumenical belief systems that incorporated Judaism and Sufism. Thus I do not consider the Sephardim diaspora as particularly important or something that should be thought of as poor slaves serving some previous landowners who allowed them to co-habit this region. I say it is another example of lesser Jewish folk being made use of by the elite. Here is a little of the common academic insight on the matter.

“The first settlements appear to have been on the Mediterranean coast, and traces have been found in such cities as Ampurias, {This name indicates a probable connection to Emporia established near Massalia in conjunction with the King of Tartessus in 500 BC by the Phocaeans whose Bee symbol is well known.} Mataró, Tarragon, Adra, Malaga, Cadiz and Merida. One of the earliest archeological finds is the funerary stone of the Samaritan Justin of Merida, dated in the 2nd century. {Referring to AD} This epitaph, along with those of the young girl Salomonula and the rabbi Lasies, allow us to affirm the presence of Jews in the first centuries of the Christian era. The Jews of Roman Spain must have been labourers or even slaves, advancing to prosperity bit by bit in the coastal business cities. The Jewish communities must have been important enough in the 4th century for the Council of Elvira, Granada, to address several rulings to them. This is the first time the Church concerns itself with the possible danger the Jews present for the New Christians, enabled by convivencia to judaize.” (11)
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