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Author Topic: Extra Planetary Experience / Alien - Human Contact  (Read 4215 times)
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« on: March 21, 2012, 15:49:53 »

Marilynn Hughes Interview with Thomas Streicher:

Tomas: Hi, Marilynn!

Marilynn: Hi. Thanks for meeting me here today; this is really great, and I want you to
know that I appreciate and respect this time we are spending together. I will try to hold it
as sacred space between us.

Tomas: I feel the same. I really think that this is important information, and that is why I
wanted to meet with you today and talk a little bit about your experience, or experiences,
that might help in this study Ė the study of people who have experience on other planets.
What I would like to start off with is to ask you, if you can recall, when you think of
another planet and how you may have approached it, along with the techniques you used
such as out-of-body travel. Are there any other ways to do it? Maybe you can give me an
idea of how you would travel to another planet and how you have, in the past, traveled to
another planet.

Marilynn: The way it happened to me is absolutely not something that I induce myself. It
is through out-of-body experiences. I will usually be in a very, very, deep state of
consciousness or sleep, and suddenly then I will become aware or conscious of the
presences around me. They will pull me into this energy, which I immediately now
recognize, because I've experienced it so many times now. But in the beginning, it was
more of a sense of awe. However, I still have new experiences with races I haven't yet
been introduced to which will instill within me a sense of awe again, as well. Sometimes
I can even tell which ones they are. For example, the Pleiadian experiences I have had are
probably more numerous than the ones I have had with some of the other ones, so I can
recognize the feeling of it and I will be pulled out of my body. There are usually beings
there. A lot of times they are hooded; they wear almost what I would call monk robes. A
lot of times I am not allowed to see their faces or what they actually look like underneath
their robes. There have been many times where they appear in a light body. Sometimes I
have seen other less ethereal extraterrestrials and can feel that they are different, the grays
that people speak about. But my experiences with them are very different from the ones I
have had with those whom I would consider to be more advanced life-forms, wherein the
civilizations they come from are more spiritual and they have a purpose in coming here
that is spiritual. It is eternal, a work of God. One way I explained it to someone recently
after having an experience with the Pleiadian ships, is that oftentimes as soon as you are
pulled out of your body, you will see them hovering. There is a mother ship along with
several craft that surround it. And you always become aware of the ships before you
encounter anything else, because they emanate the power and it draws you to them. Itís
hard to describe. I hope Iím doing well.

Tomas: The only question I had is, do you ever contact these beings before you are in a
semi-conscious state or sub-conscious state?

Marilynn: No.

Tomas: Do you put yourself in a trance state or some other kind of state?

Marilynn: I do not put myself into a state, but I will be drawn naturally into a very deep
state of sleep. What happens with out-of-body travel is that you are completely
unconscious and at a very deep level of consciousness. And suddenly your spirit becomes
totally conscious, so you have these very, very intense experiences; you go through
vibrational states when you are exiting the body and stuff like that. You are as conscious
as you and I sitting here talking, but your body is completely unconscious. Your spirit is
not. So I have never seen them myself while in a physical waking state. I have had a
couple of experiences where I have seen some things Ė when I was in Sedona, for
instance, when I was in my physical body Ė that appeared to be some kind of spacecraft
in the night sky, but that was it. Usually for me it happens in the out-of-body travel state,
so I am very unconscious of my body, but not my spirit.

Tomas: Can you anticipate this event?

Marilynn: No, it happens spontaneously. It can happen when you least expect them.

Tomas: But always during a state of sleep?

Marilynn: Yes. I have three kids, and one of them would often have the same experiences
I was having at night with the Pleiadians. They would be around the house, and we
would see them the same night, and there would be no reason to expect it to occur. We
would both have the experience the same night.

Tomas: So you shared these with your child the next morning?

Marilynn: Or vice versa.
Tomas: Somebody would say something in the morning like, I had a dream, or I dreamed
something? What would be the difference between this experience and a dream

Marilynn: Well, that is a good question. What I think happens with out-of-body travel is
that you are more conscious, and you are aware that you leave your body. Youíre aware
of the vibration, youíre aware that you are walking through matter, walking through the
ceiling. Youíre aware of the spaceship over there, and they take you in a totally conscious
way in a dream experience. Itís like being totally awake. Does that make sense?

Tomas: Yes, there is such a thing as lucid dreaming where you do know you are
dreaming. This is a different state, correct?

Marilynn: It is different. You are totally aware, probably not in the beginning; but now it
has been 20-30 years since this started, or maybe 22 or something like that. Now I am
very much aware of when I am not in my body anymore; whereas when I am dreaming I
am aware that I am dreaming. So it is different. There is a lot of similarity in the sense
that my conclusions over the years have been that a lot of these things are probably
happening on different levels of consciousness; so someone who experienced a lucid
dream or even left the lucid dream can very well be remembering portions of what might
be out-of-body experiences. Theyíre not just totally conscious, and so there are different
levels of consciousness for these experiences. Does that make any sense? One of the
things I talk about in my books is about subconscious astral spirits, those who are
dreaming but absolutely subconscious. They will not remember the experience as a
dream or anything. Because you meet people in these out-of-body travel states that you
know are subconscious, which means they are out of their body, but not aware of it. And
you see this with the extraterrestrial life forms a lot, and you can tell immediately that
many of these people will not remember what is happening to them. But I remember it
completely, as if awake.

Tomas: Can you recall all of it?

Marilynn: You can recall however much they allow you to, because there have been
many experiences where they will show you things that are just so awe-inspiring,
awesome, like, I got to remember all this. There is often a sense of holy awe. And then
they will take a portion out of your mind that they do not want you to remember, for
whatever reason; so they let you remember whatever they let you remember.

Tomas: Do you have the feeling that they are in control of the situation?
Marilynn: No, itís not a feeling. You know they are in control, as with the Pleiadians.
With the civilizations that I consider to be higher and here for a greater purpose, you feel
completely comfortable with them being in control. Except for the fact that youíre
disappointed that they take away certain memories, because you remember you saw
something spectacular, but itís just taken away.

Tomas: Is it erased?

Marilynn: Yes, it is, so youíre really disappointed, and you want to try and bring it back.
But you can't. There are certain things that they do not allow you to remember, and then
there are things that are so beyond our comprehension. There was something, ironically
about one of my children which I was shown. I canít remember where it was that I was
shown, and this might sound a little bit out there, but we were sharing sacred space.

Tomas: Nothing is too far out there for me.

Marilynn: I was shown that some of us have other origins before we incarnate here. We
have some of these elements, and sometimes it has to do with which civilization hangs
around us, because it is something we are supposed to do. I was shown this civilization
that one of my children had come from, and I was taken really far out; we went to a place
that was so far beyond anything that I understood astronomically. I had no idea where it
was. I just know it was so far out, and beyond that I did not know where it was, and I
donít have a name for it. But I experienced the level of spiritual evolution of the
civilization for maybe 20-30 minutes, and they were downloading into me. It was an
incredible experience and I was just awestruck by it when I came back. While at the same
time I will never forget the experience, I can never really put that into words completely
in terms of how I felt Ė like, wow, they wanted me to realize that she had come from a
very advanced place. One of the things I have been shown about my own kids is to
always remember that they are just little people in bodies, and you have to respect that
they may have purposes beyond what you might even be able to comprehend as their
parent. I think they were trying to give me more respect for their souls and were making
sure I was leading them correctly, while also being respectful. They might develop and
know things that I didnít understand as they got older. Does that make sense?,_Marilynn_Hughes_Interviews.pdf


« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 23:51:59 »

 Thomas Streicher was on Coast to Coast AM Radio a couple of nights ago in a fascinating interview. It will be up on some day soon and is definitely worth listening to.  Here is a brief bio of Thomas found at another Youtube interview he did here!

 As our guest, Thomas Streicher, demonstrates, we limit experiences by our human perceptual concepts and the categorizing of phenomena. The field of UFOlogy would do well to expand the boundaries of inquiry, and that is what Dr. Streicher achieves in his book, and on this show. A childhood contactee, Thomas had nowhere to go with his personal experiences. Religion, science, and academia all deploy narrow methods of inquiry and dogma that stifle the human spirit's quest into the unseen realms.
 Human-alien contact becomes a wider scope of understanding when examined from the unique perspectives of experiencers who lack empircal data, but go directly to the experiences which mark and change their lives and consciousness. In this interview, Thomas talks about his own experiences and how they have defined his life mission, his outlook, and his need to engage a true "service to others" ethic. His experiences, and those of his interview subjects, create another line of inquiry which establishment disciplines would do well to emulate. His book is an achievement of mapping human experiences to the ongoing changes in the Earth and the linkages of human consciousness back to our origins.
 Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.
I personally really liked the fact that he is distancing himself from more of a Physical ET experience and instead, looking to a Inner Consciousness connection. On Coast to Coast a caller called in about seeing a UFO, Thomas basically said he wasn't interested in hearing about this due to the fact that he "knew" already that we pilot unique crafts ourselves here already and that now with Drones etc. in the air, people are seeing strange things more and more everyday.
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« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 23:51:59 »

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