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Author Topic: if you wana read something well, I wrote it.humor  (Read 2800 times)
« on: February 01, 2004, 03:49:36 »

You remind me of someone... Anyway, this one's slightly morbid but it's ironic:

This Glorious Place

Come with me, now, to the land down under,
Where flowers of orange, red, and yellow bloom.
Not a wisp of cold air would dare to blow,
Deep in the colorful land down below.

Meet old friends you havenít seen in a while,
See country that you could never dream of.
Though you canít see the stars nor moon at night,
Stay, for this place is eternally bright.

Forever you will have the memory.
The image is quite incendiary.
No words can describe this while youíre alive,
So jump off a cliff; take a graceful dive.

Itís a magical place full of wonder,
Where skies glitter like a pirateís plunder.
Follow and youíll have a story to tell.
Join us in this glorious place called Hell[}:)]
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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2004, 04:06:52 »

Thanks! findtruth for sharing your poem with me and with anyone who reads it(kind of creepy, but very fun to read[Cheesy]) , also thanks to the person who moved my topic to this forum![8D]

Anyone else has interesting poems to share with readers?
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2004, 04:06:52 »

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« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2004, 13:28:56 »

[Cheesy]  There was a man from Nantucket.....hehehehe, sorry..feeling a bit silly today [Tongue]

And you're welcome [Wink]

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« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2004, 19:08:52 »

There once was a girl named Moontingle
Who wanted to hang out her shingle
Come to me, Learn to fly!
And you'll know you can't die.
In the astral, I'll teach you to mingle.

So, her classes became quite gigantic
To get into them, people were frantic
Gradually, the world became a better place
We're spirit, people cried, that's the ace
In love and war, we don't have to be manic.

Wanted: a better ending for this limerick. Hmmm ... panic, mechanic, bannock.

Love, Moon
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« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2004, 23:15:06 »

or this one

There was a projector named Chester
Who's technique continued to fester
When he started to fly
He was a regular guy
He returned as the Earl of Leicester
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2004, 23:15:06 »

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« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2004, 01:35:24 »

hah![Cheesy] Very good and interesting, THANKS

There once was a selfish dude and let me tell you about him, I wrote this poem before on some other forum but I'll write it again(with some changes).
He didn't care for a soul,
he filled a chicken soup of emptiness into his bowl,
while watching a shady figure creeping by his window[:O].
Finally he heard a squeaky roar hmm was it freaky I don't remember,
but the way he jumped from his wooden bed was a splender!
To the creeper's eyes he taught afcourse[Cheesy],
so he called the police,
and quickly they came to look for the source,
but all they found was a hysterical dude with a picture of a ghost.
He was laughing his butt off,
and his heart was filled with joy,
as he were a young enegetic boy.
The End
Sorry, I don't know what happened to the dude while the police was coming, but I guess IN THE END HE SEEMED HAPPY, so you can deceide why or how cause am out of imagination for tonight.

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #6 on: February 03, 2004, 01:41:24 »

Ring the bells ,
[Smiley]Walmart's bathroom smells[xx(].
When I go inside to do my task[:I],
I usually wear a mask.
Ring the bells,
My coach smells,literally[:O].
I passed by him and he gazed at me bitterly
so I hit his car with a rubber bat[Cheesy],
and he came chasing me with a baseball bat[:O].
I told my dad but he didn't care,
he kept complaining about loosing his hair.
I went to tell my mom but she wasn't there,
oh, I forgot she was eaten by a bear[:O].
So am flying in my dream,
and Spock from "Star Trek" tells the captain to shoot me with a laser beam[B)].
I fly away to get some rocket juice from power grapes,
and I realize am heading towards the planet of the apes,
so I hit the brakes,
and ....................AAAAAAH![:O]

Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2004, 03:44:40 »

This doesn't have much to do with this forum but I didn't know where else to put it.
Am a poetic dude that just trying to make life funny cause that's the kind of person mustard really is.[Tongue]
my poem about life-----
Must write quickly the spirit from my toilet is waiting to eat me[:O]
the thing is we aren't a thing
 we're just memories,
encryptying ourselves in the never ending pattern of the ring!
See, we see what we see and then it turns into a memory,
our brain is nothing but a gigant pc,
 and we grow and fill it with info
until we loose our info capacity.[xx(]
Huh, we are being used as tools to progress the evolution of humanity.
I don't care about the future or the present,
 am living in the process of everything becoming the past,
so am creating THE past instead of planning my future ,
 because time has no future in my life, uuuh butcher[Cheesy]
I could care less about predictions,
 as I do about books written in fictions.[Tongue]
I'd rather watch a cartoon,
 than listen to a discovery of some pharaohs secret tomb.
I don't care about the past especially of some dead person.
I have so much inspiration to write more,
 but am hearing something from the toilet and it's not a roar.[:O]
I ask of anyone who reads this to write their own poems about the way they feel about anything, but make it happy or funny so that the readers can have something fun and cheerful to read.[Smiley]
« Reply #8 on: March 16, 2005, 00:32:22 »

He comes

He comes motionless and gracefull
Yet clumsy as could be
his heart a stone
his soul a shadow
he knows your destiny
Chaos and evil pursue
the path in which he follows
follow him dont watch him leave
He know your heart is hollow.

Try this one on for size

Anger burns the deep blue sky
hearing everyones lies
quieting all the demons cries
For evil to overpower
all the good
for shadows to grow
larger more powerful
and light to die
peoples sorrow
turned to nothing
more than horror
and better yet
Anger burns the deep blue sky
scorching those who dont want to die
Making chaos
conquer all
Making all the angels fall
Anger heats the blood red sky
dropping boiled rain tears
dyed red
anger burns the blood red sky
making all want to die
happiness stretchs across the sky
no one really wants to die
Acid rains upon the land
leaving burns in even the sand
burning flesh is brought to earth
rotten flesh
and burning land
Isint the world
Just oh so grand?

One more

several places that one could be
 In their head their eyes they see
 In their eyes they watch the world
 Coming to the bitter end
 In the end they see the beginning
 watching all
 Again and again
 Their life their death
 The moments that made you upset or glad
 Watching all the good and bad
 Seeing all through a lovers eyes
 It makes the doves start to cry
 A bitter everlasting tear
 One that comes near and near
 Telling you there is nothing to fear.

Have a blast
The Astral Pulse

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