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Author Topic: Karxx book (ask ya questions)  (Read 5896 times)
Karxx Gxx
Astral Energy 3
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« on: August 13, 2018, 10:19:21 »

TL;DR If you had some questions for the universe, what would they be? I would like to know. I wont answer them here though. The only answer I can give is trust and perhaps patience : )

Feel free to not actually read most of this. skim through if you please.
Finally, my friends, I am done.
I am not where i excepted, but where im at seems to be a goal achieved worthy of making a book.

Im not sure what the title will be, but i know what it will revolved around. I might also just have a website too. I will give all my information for free so dont worry about it wink

For real though, I would like any questions posted that you have. Slightly scared to do this but i can , BASICALLY, assimulte your question and hypotheticals into , lets say a simulation, into my brain and play it out.    It was a curse, cause my brain wouldnt stop! lol. But now, I feel like I could put my perspective in anyones life and figure out the 'best' path to go.  Suggestions that help in multiple ways, instead of just fixing 1 real specific problem.
I prefer to get a FAQ type thing going, where i perhaps wont answer them.

Just throw out something(s) you would like the universe to answer. : )
I feel like i can answer 99% of how to go about things super simply. enough to fit into one book. Perhap 2

I guess, the actual goal of the book revolves heavily around self discovery. But it doesnt HAVE to be about that. My book teaches why doing something bad is good. And why bad things are good, and how to take advantages of your weakness. It can get real complex and hard to keep up but once you get the feel of how to be, then you can drop many many hold habits. Because this book also teaches you how to change.
And everything I have done has been the blessing and curse of doing things the most efficient.

I might give a sample text on here one day. I guess this will do for now

Temporary name
Hello. Lets skip right to it. Here is the index.
Then i say something about my expeireince. my proof. why proof is not needed, but it helps brain.
probably will be confusing on purpose, maybe typos. Actually i would give some riddles to help you change perspectives. O wait, I could do that now. Ahem.
I will demonstrate how I am learning. AAAH. You know what guys, i already got a document for yea. Ill sumarize the game im playing. perhaps that will be the 'sneak' peak of my book. It WILL demonstrate fun, as it is an essential way of being for me. For it is something i heavily identify as.

(insert game)
uh... we will go with this

W h a t d o e s t h m e a n ? : )

There will be an answer to this. You might get it. But notice how you didnt get it, then did. Thats a hint.
Another hint is that you cant get it unless you can forget it.

For example, this is all I would have on my computer. That little section of words. Each time i learned many things, i would have to pretend as if i didnt remember any of it.
Man, my brain still hurts. But eventually, main lesson here cough cough, is that trust was an essential ingredient. Right next to let go as well.
Thats all i will say.

What I have learned by this game, i have learned things about me , such as how I trust to operate. I will give my conclusion. Many can be different

I have a 'system' in place that helps me let go. Or that lets me help to face the WORST case senerios. all of them. And i had no clue how to play this game. I just made it up and MADE myself play it. As if i were trying to do it for a reason beyond why I knew. And i slightly got it each time the more i played. Got an answer, and once i did, i tried to solve. It took many things to take in that was hard, but TAHNK THE LORD we have came to a conclusion.
That for some reason, changing perceptoin is benifical. Not to anything forever, but simply to anything NEW. something stayed the same... so the thing that makes things mean things is something i tried to look at. Perhaps i might again one day.

For example, you can take this literally or figuratvely. You can make something mean more than just words. You can use numerology perhaps. You can use your imagination. You can guied yourself simply by feeling which things you like the most. Who cares if you know its wrong, but what did it feel like? what would it feel like if you beleived it? Are you curious or interested enough? I am personally. And as long as it is fun or funny, im all in really.     


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Karxx Gxx
Astral Energy 3
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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 00:51:06 »

Ah. I have made a fun game that i lived by for a while. And created one of my favorites!

It's What is the last word(s) you tell yourself to live by COMPLETELY!!!!!
Warning: challenging AND fun! Easy lesson learning for EVERYONEEEE Grin

Lessoned learn:After awareness, it would be that with awareness YOU can ALWAYS change your path Smiley
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The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 00:51:06 »

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