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Author Topic: Kiirean Incorporeal - a small excerpt  (Read 15386 times)
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« on: April 13, 2011, 07:03:41 »

Hello Everyone! I am new here on this site, but I have been enjoying the Astral Pulse for several months. My book is a twist on Astral Projection and is coming out May, 2011 and will be available on all major eBook retail sites. I thought it would be nice to post a small portion and maybe get some feedback. The book is called Kiirean Incorporeal and in this piece he is trying to describe his out-of-body state to his friend. He is of a whole race of "people" who live in and out of their flesh.

If you like the little you read here, you can "like" Kiirean Incorporeal on facebook! Smiley Thank you in advance for those who take the time to check it out. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around this site!

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   “I still remember it clearly,” he said, turning his gaze back to the horizon. “A few months had passed since we left this area and I was still upset. Night had fallen and Aeramis and I lay wrapped in our blankets in the shelter of a small wooded area, for we had not yet found a comfortable and safe place to stay. We talked for a bit, about which direction we would be taking the following morning, but Aeramis was tired and soon fell asleep. I lay there for a while, looking up at the over-hanging leaves above and listening to the lulling sounds of the crickets as they chirped out their nightly music. My thoughts began to wander to Ohryn and I felt strangely homesick for the land that I had never seen. I wondered what it would be like to live with my own race, how different my life would have been had my parents never left to seek refuge here.  Then I began to think about you; how I missed my playmate. As memories of our times together filled my mind, all musings of Ohryn were pushed aside and then the only place I wanted to be was back in our secret retreat. Do you remember it?” he asked off-handedly.

      “Oh yes,” replied Oceana. “It was a pond a mile or so south of the village. We liked it because of the huge willow tree that grew at its edge. We would pretend that it was a magic pond and you would help me climb into the branches that hung over the water and from there I would summon up all the sea-creatures I could imagine to hold secret councils with.” Her face lit up as she remembered what fun they had had at their ‘magic’ pond.

     “Exactly,” Kiirean said, pleased that she recalled it with such detail. “I was lying on the ground, unable to sleep, thinking of our favorite perch in the old willow. I closed my eyes and the desire to go back and see it one more time was so strong that when I opened my eyes again, I was there. I was sitting on the branch with one hand against the trunk and my feet were dangling off the side. At first, I thought I was dreaming, for I was accustomed to having vivid dreams. But as I looked around in awe, it dawned on me that I really was there, only not in the flesh but in my spirit form.”

     “You mean like a ghost?” Oceana asked, becoming more engrossed than she realized.

     Kiirean reflected then said, “No, not at all. Well, I guess in some ways…” he sighed as he struggled to define his state of being when outside his body. “It is hard to describe so I will tell you what my own feelings were on that night. As I sat on the branch, I could feel it under me; I felt the rough bark of the trunk as my hand gripped it, I felt my hair rippling as the cool breeze flowed over me. Aeramis had already told me what it would be like but he could not have prepared me for the numerous sensations that overwhelmed me at that moment. All my senses seemed amplified. My hearing was sharper, my eyesight clearer. I jumped out of the tree and landed on my feet but noted that there was no jolting impact. As I stood and watched the moonlight glancing along the surface of the pond, an idea struck me. I climbed back into the tree and, choosing the branch that reached out the furthest over the water, made my way to its end.  Still clutching the limb, I swung off and dangled there, directly above the center of the murky pool. Letting go my hold, I plunged into the chill water below. There was no splash as I was immersed and instead of resurfacing, allowed myself to sink down. The water was cold and as I sank deeper, grew frigid as it rushed up around me. Although I could feel the cold, it caused me no discomfort and as I breathed in instinctively, I felt the cold liquid in my mouth and lungs, but it was as though I was breathing air. I had reached the bottom and a thrill coursed through me as I stood there at the depths of the pond. I looked around at the loose stones beneath my feet and found that, with my acute vision, I was capable of seeing them individually, though they were somewhat obscured by the darkness. Reaching down, I picked up a few that were small and smooth, and then rose easily back to the surface.

     Filled with exuberance, I was impatient to get back to Aeramis and tell him all that had happened. I knew all I needed to do was to focus my thoughts on where I wanted to be and will myself there. I did this and the next moment I was standing in the midst of our encampment, looking at Aeramis who was still sleeping soundly. Next to him, wrapped in a warm blanket, was my vacant form. It was odd to see my body, empty and motionless, but not unsettling. I called out to Aeramis but he did not hear me, so I reached down and jerked back his coverings, exposing him to the cold night air. He stirred, then sat up and appeared to look right at me but, in fact, he did not see me and was only looking past my invisible form. He had told me that he would be unable to behold me in that state, but I was curious to find out for myself. After glancing around and checking to make certain I was still there beside him, he lay back down and attempted to get comfortable. But he was prevented, for I reentered my body and, rousing him a second time, told him what had taken place.” 

     Oceana sat, wide-eyed and fully absorbed in his story. He looked over at her and said, “As I told you before, he was surprised that it had happened to me at such a young age, and even more amazed when I showed him the pebbles I had collected from the pond which I still clutched in my hand. I guess transporting objects in incorporeal form is a skill that normally is developed over time and with much practice.” He could tell that she had been interested and hoped that he was correct in assuming that she felt his words to be true.

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