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Author Topic: Lacey Psychological Deterioration and the Rift Gates  (Read 2665 times)
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« on: July 18, 2012, 03:35:15 »

i did this thing where i planned to write a game file of the battle for reaza
what i did was start out where i had generated something like an astral body in the brainwave shadow
now i didn't consciously do this, in fact, phantasy activity has almost been completely negated
so it was just a word file
i called it Phantasy Chad and he had specialized futuristic/fantasy equipment
i can't share the file, it's not on this computer
i had a Rad Global Unit, a helmet with a moldable face plate... this helmet had the ability to interface with the brain and nervous system, and could automatically heal, brace, or nourish the whole body.... it generates vibrations of energy from amplified runes, these are 'force vibrations' equal to the nethereal plane
he also had a mega-man body, like some kind of really masculine hercules hero type... over top of that body, he has a omega-man body suit.  this suit is blue, white, and gold, made out of matrice of those types of material... it protects the body with it's special symeterical design... and it can use magnetic momentum and psionic charges to increase, project, or cause forcial bursts...  it is like a shell that protects while super charging energy... remember, this is a fantasy world, and the energies are partially based on real physics... in the file, i had descriptions of some of the energy interactions, i guess it doesn't matter... it is, after all, just a fantasy... in reality, imagination can be used to influence reality, and something like this is actually an incorrect use of fantasy...  fantasy is multiversal, imagination seems limitless.... yet, physical reality is the outcome of all multiversal possibilities... it is universal, a combination of different most simplified, mastered, and basic energies and techniques... perhaps there are universes where the laws of physics work far differently

so anyway, i was in the White Dolphin Tavern, owned and operated by Saria Jet.  Talok comes in just as I am leaving, and he says him and Raven are coming with me.  So we didn't actually launch our assault, we did some research on the realm first.
Lacey had cleared out all the civilians, and only attack droids walked the streets, with mechas, mines, orbital cannons, and more droids all through the wastelands.  The environment is also rifting badly, with temporal rifts as well as structural ones, like distortions... some of these being deadly.
Lacey hijacked all of the computer and television technology, and she sat on her leather couch on the top floor of her tower.  In the world of Brainwave Shadow, she was the Anti Christ... people eventually got other channels and clean codes running through the matrix, and that was the end of it, so it seemed.
The Temple Of Power in Reaza had also been hijacked, with no less than thirteen wielders auto linked to Lacey direct through a psionic link.  the temple can charge and adapt new energy, it has a system that increases personal energy.  so the wielders are all dressed in crystal armor, the original suit that Lacey wore back during the Talok Era.  There were also many droids all feeding on the system.
So, in a word file, this isn't in the actual visuals of the phantasy,  Tia shows up, and says to me when i land in Reaza west coast... basically, she just exploded and super charged a single signature of energy, blew it open as a rift, locked it as a portal, and drained the entire system with one flux charge, like an increase of amplitude, then a hard retraction with a low flat line that repeats.
So that's basically it.  but the thing is, Lacey is sitting up there in her tower, hooked into many computers and televisions.  She is deteriorating psychologically, becoming both demented and psychotic.  She always was psychotic, but she kept it harnessed by leading an energetic life.  Farther back in time, she was cold, calculating, yet psychotic because she used her power to kill and reave on the land.  This kind of story is probably common among people who actively use their imagination in fantasy. 
A former villain becomes a powerful ally, helps save the planet, then returns to it's evil ways.  Now, she is waiting for this phantasy guy to break through her defenses, and save her from the loneliness of her power.  It is unknown if he will show, or, if this has a symbol of reality that is not being seen clearly.

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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