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Author Topic: My Teen Years and the Quest for Psionic Abilities  (Read 7453 times)
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« on: March 08, 2011, 14:41:37 »

Hello everyone.  Here, I would like to once again go through the basics of my old adventure regarding the mystical power of phantasy and how it went in those days.

There were many influences which compounded themselves into the total stimulous event that spawned the insanely grotesque adventure.  We have to go back to old cartoons, old stuff, like Spider Man from the Sixties, Hercules, Astro Boy, Rocket Robin Hood, and all the other stuff that I watched that was on tv.  Star Trek TNG, and how many countless other shows!!?  Mask, Gi JOE, Star Wars, and on and on with it.  It ALL contributed, if one thing were missing, it just wouldn't be the same.

There are two OUTSTANDING influences.  A tv show for kids called "The Odessy" or however you spell it.  Odessey?  Odyssey?  Well anyway, that show was about this kid who fell out of a tree fort and got knocked out into a coma.  So, when he was in the coma, he was in his own internal reality, trying to find a way to get out and return home.  THAT, my people, is the prime thing that got me going on the entire religious premise of the phantasy as an 'internal/alternate reality'.  Oh?  Yes!  But wait! What!?  Yes!!  There's more...

VR TROOPERS!  I think it was Bandai that made that show.  Well, being a supremely nerdy person, and being a child on top of it, and yes, a child that loved to play strange games with 'idols' or 'toys', and preferred playing alone because other kids were mean and nasty, and kept trying to steal the cool toys, well, I latched onto VR Troopers and actually started making myself physically ill from watching it and going into my own mind and having grotesque and insane 'fantasies' about that kind of a reality.  Finally, I'd had enough of the weaker form of fantasy, and full boar like a pig's head first, I compounded, compiled, and emptied my soul into a 'religious phantasy basis'.  My whole body of thought, memory, and anything I had ever wished for or believed went directly into this hyper animated inner world. 

Needless to say, that's what happens when you get ripped off and out of the coolest types of flesh incarnations, and are repeatedly forced to obey stupid things and your physical memory components are actively removed to protect dirty sex secrets of what appears to be a Nazi regime.  Now, I'm like Johnny Cash, "I remember everything.".  They might cut it off and swap it with what's wrong, but even God let me go astral to the day after the surgery, they can't keep it quiet forever.  Satyrs are real, and yes, it was the satyrs and nymphs that mutilated themselves to produce the human race.  But enough of that ancient misery, let us continue with the point and facts of my story.

So anyway, I took my lump of scrap metal, my sticks and other stick like things, and they became 'weapons'.  Part of my mad quest was to prove that psychology is nothing more than bogus heathenistic thinking designed to destroy our souls and collective soul and rape us of our spirits.  But they kind of prove it themselves.  I was seeking, not only a powers basis, but also a dependable, alternative psychological theory that could be placed alongside modern psychology and used to show that, in fact, either way, it is a limitation of the soul and a limitation of the spirit that ends in death.  As a serious child and thinking myself to be more naturally genious than brilliantly cunning, it began one morning at six o clock, two hours before the bus would come to pick me up for school.

So basically, here is a run down of the events as best as I can remember them...
1. summoned to the Valley Of Teta to participate in 'powers test', testing for Transportal Warrior class psionic fighter, team members fought alongside me against cybernetic reptillian 'dino droids'...
2. talked with team members and made the annoying girl go away so I could eat my dinner and actually enjoy my orange juice...
3. on a saturday, was teleported out to a biohazard/ chemical plant on the outskirts of a devastated, half melted forest, gained a 'sample' and the 'information' and barely escaped with my life!  A traditional rival character was revealed, played out in my bush and hopping on stones and things.  Note of interest... rocket pack was out of fuel, but still managed to propel self with rocket pack into portal
******* teleportation and portals were merged in this adventure, that's why I was called a 'transportal warrior', the power was one power, but could be used as either teleportation or opening and binding spatial rifts
4. more stuff happened, basically just fighting enemies drawn from preexisting information in contact, fighting them over and over
5. oh yeah, we had a tournament in the Dark Domain.  The Dark Domain is a real that anyone can access, it's like crossing the Tori Gates, if you know about those.  You stand on a black patch of dirt, and open the portal.  So I went to the Dark Domain after recieving my Wrist Crystals, and fought an amazing battle and miraculously survived.  This is obviously (or not?) drawn from Mortal Kombat, but the idea of the Dark Domain is insistedly real, perhaps in more than one way and on more than one level... (underground cults, bases, hell, so forth)
5. so eventually, we fought against the mega corporation that was trying to reaver all the natural resources, came time, we launched several deadly attacks against their force field generator's main satellite control hub, but it wasn't enough to bring it down, Brane Domain remained trapped
6. so one day, that annoying girl decided to betray the location of the hidden base where my avatar was staying, and in a last ditch effort to save me and our world, ALL of these things happened at the same time...
- the avatar of his own conscious volition achieved Nirvana as the base was being destroyed while he teleported himself into every spatial ordinate of the system while opening a portal to Nirvana in every particle point or ordinate of the system as the teleporter machine malfunctioned and exploded destroying everything but everyone was saved anyway it was just a trial run for the real phantasy that was to follow....

SO.  That original piece was a three month stint.  There is actually vastly more to it than that.  Here, I'm not getting into the 'real life details' and the actual grotesque details of the battles and the tremendous energy and such things.  As example 'i tried convincing my friend that there was an old man living in the bush who could take you anywhere you wanted to go'  'when he found out there was no old man and that he couldn't see him if he tried (if only he had tried), he was so mad I think he still harbors a grudge against me for it'.  And we don't get into the childish notions of the "Biggy Sizer", which was intentionally named with a childish name to avoid premature leaks of information related to dimensional reconfiguration, expansion, and sustaining of physical structures on singular continuous impulses of velocity.  So at that time that the entire reality was destroyed and "Silver Chad" achieved Nirvana, earning his "White Wing", it was then 1994 and about January 4th, or 6th.  And then??  Like one of those giant people floating in space, moaning and suffering because they are so giant and big and can't do anything but lay there, drifting helplessly in space, it all began again.

The next trial lasted up until just three or two weeks before that school year ended.  It followed the exact same pattern of events, minus the 'real life details', those were all changed due to the passage of time and recalibration of the spatial ordinates/particles.  Only this time, after all the same things had happened, there was a final battle against Lazazzee, or Lazazzy, obviously some cheap shot at claiming some fragment of the glory of Jesus' friend, Lazarus.  Now this guy was a mean dude, Lazazzy, I mean.  He wore pure crystal armor, which, in his case, meant that he could absorb any energy that was used against him.  It also meant that his energy was amplified to the point that only small disruptions emanating from his consciousness would cause planar havoc and possibly rifting!  Luckily, as I scaled the wall of the building determined to defeat this enemy, what was this!?

A small boy, drawn and idealized from a "Chip and Dale" figure from McDonalds.  (drawn as in, molding from, extracted, like drawing stored energy from crystals)  This boy explained, "I am the chosen one!  If you get in my way or in any way prevent me from my mission, you too will be destroyed!"  So I asked him his name.  "My name is... Chuck, short for... ughuhh, Charles."  Now this kid, when we finally managed to overload and break the Mega Corporation Leader's armor and a big purple, silver and pink vortex opened up in the middle of the satellite control hub and the whole thing was blowing up and exploding and sucking in the existence, this kid grabbed onto Lazazzy's throat and Lazazzy onto his, and they went down into the vortex together... no one ever heard from them again.  Meanwhile I'm at the event horizon of the vortex, me and my jet pack, pumpin it hard tryin to stay out of the vortex, almost getting sucked in, whoa, flashback to The Abyss, flashback to remembering the abyss while playing Ghouls N Ghosts for Sega Genesis, and then, breaking point, the vortex exploded at the same time that it slammed shut, and after that it actually does get a little hazey. 

On that second run, because of the mind warping energy that I was focusing and pemeating my whole soul with, I actually don't remember what happened to the avatar.  I do remember feeling extremely sick to my stomach, sick to my head, very tired and in a daze, sleeping a lot in school but still listening and learning (trying to recover, it seems, prolly been trying to recover ever since).  So that second trial run was just a wicked kick up the snotter.  Gently, delicately, I put the phantasy aside for about four weeks, and enjoyed the summer holidays with the friend that I had 'lied too about the old man in the bush'.  I'm not really sure? but I think that I might have even put it aside for the whole summer holidays, but when school came around again, and my hormones were activating and I had to be near all these strange people that mostly, for the most, I had little to no interest in, just the one that I like and still dream about, but I let him go to his own life and didn't try to be his friend because I didn't want to embarass him... anyway, like the age old moaning gigan space flesh floating in sufferage within the bowels of spacetime, it actually began again.

THIS TIME! HOWEVAH!!  It was for real.  I took my 'talismanic communicator', and another more normal 'talisman', sat down on my couch, went through the rites of passage, my Master copied my soul components and grafted them into the avatar by paranormal means, and it began.  Soon after, I had bizarre visions from what seems to be Osiris, images of fertile landscapes with shapes that made no sense at all, heiroglyphs of satyrs drinking urine, visions of the Gorgon King poised in a threatening manner towards me, yet promising mercy for obedience.  By that point, my mind was mostly involved in the phantasy world, real life took a backseat.  And those are stories that actually require me, now, to sit down and type it out as a full length feature novel, otherwise it just doesn't do it justice.  I had repeated trance visions, focusing incredible energies, my empathy became extremely strong to the point that it absolutely blocked any telepathy or hypnosis, cept for that time they duck taped me to the wall and used drugs to force a bogus confession.  You can catch that on America's Funniest Home Videos, and I say, damn their souls for it too. 

So from there, we go into 1995 and the release of Chrono Trigger, which, was the mistake I made that saved the day.  We can not neglect the influences of Todd McFarlane and his Spider Man and of course, Spawn, nor random X Men comics teaching things about the multiverse and the timestream.  When I seen Chrono Trigger, well, for one thing, lol, my poor friend, we had just made it to the Ocean Palace, and I was spending the night... we ate some popcorn, well, omfg, I don't know what in the HELL was in that popcorn, I said, "I'm getting sick, get me a pail!"  and I vomited all over my shirt.  LOL! I could have gone home, I'm quite sure I could have.  But no, instead, I'm laying on the floor, going in and out of consciousness in a state of deadly fever, crapping my pants over and over, vomiting over and over, crapping so much that I actually filled the pants.  I'm sorry to say it, but it's what happened, ok?  I'd never been so god damned sick in my whole life nor ever again, no, never again.  Morning came, they gave me a fresh set of pants, I said, "I can't stay, I have to go home and bathe."  so I got outside, and fell to the ground, going in and out of consciousness, hearing the music of Kirby's Adventure or Kirby's Dreamland or something, the good one for the old NES.  And like that old enormous flesh of space, floating and suffering immensely because of his greatness in size, well, son of a... I started crappin my fresh set and laid out on the grass for about forty minutes, vomiting and crapping my pants.  Look.  I know it's gross, just be glad you didn't live it, laugh at it, it's funny if you really think it is. 

I'll stop there, cuz when I hit the tub... I started laughing.  I mean really now, come on.  "going in and out of consciousness, repeatedly crapping my pants, actually filling the pants"... that's something supernatural, I'm sure of it.  Positive.  True story!  That was spring break, 1995, shortly after the world release of Chrono Trigger.  By the time I came out of the sickness, I'd missed spring break and had to go back to school, and at that time, I didn't have a SNES or Chrono Trigger.  Strange things happened, I'll tell ya man, strange queer stuff.  Needless to say, I kept going deeper and deeper into wild trance states in the phantasy, and when summer came, I got a SNES and Chrono Trigger and then just sat there staring at the screen as some kind of world started to take over my own inner world that I had alreadty so tediously and perfectly created.  Fought Lavos over and over, took the different time areas in the game and matched them to the Domains that were situated on Planet Prime, and eventually, had one wild trance on the game itself.  I remember being half conscious, and going to sleep, then hearing these voices calling to me, and seeing a world materializing in front of me and engulfing me, I'd come out of it like it was a dream, then drift back into it. 

Maybe that's where I go when I'm not sitting in front of the computer.  Could be a big part of why my dreams are just like fragments of lights, like flashes, but containing immense details and abundant information.

And eventually, the day came that the phantasy was actually devouring my soul and life, and I laid on my bed when nobody else was home, thrashing and screaming, then laying there in a dead calm... but it persisted, until the day that I found a more logical conclusion and sent the avatar away with a quest and a mission.  Thirteen years later, he did return to me, I'll never forget sitting there at my own house, which is next door to where all this phantasy stuff happened, and I distinctly felt his hand on my shoulder.  "He made it.  You made it, brother!"  I cried out joyfully, and since then, I keep telling this same story and many others, a part of my soul came home.
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