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Author Topic: Omega Chad Revision, updated Omega Model  (Read 2936 times)
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« on: March 19, 2013, 20:55:15 »

Omega Chad was a being born from the misperception and poor conception of different points of view.  He was the soul of all things lost and betrayed, and emblematic of a resurrection of such.  Though he was only a fragment of the Omniverse, he had an amazing ability to see and feel beyond the confusion that had given him birth, and in doing so, he had a minor adeptship in the transcendence from Ignorance.
The greatest enemy that we can face in life is not fought with weapons of steel or fire.  It is the simple fact that we forget things on purpose so that we don't have to remember them.  This is 'a' cause of Ignorance.  Ignorance is an enemy that everyone has encountered, and the key to beating it is to remain like a pure christian child of innocence, forgiving sin, wishing well, trying to heal itself and others with Divine Will, and loving everything that it encounters.  By doing these things in active principle, we maintain ourselves in a state where poor Omega is not in a state of confusion and ignorance, but is fully aware of his own being and potential to see and feel the totality of his reality.

We know that children starve, are raped, and that despite efforts to cure them of ignorance by the education system we only feed them presumption and hearsay... and create ignorance.  In life, life is existence, and it is delicate and fragile, you will notice this in your own flesh.  How much moreso the Spirit, and many spirits are conjoined to one Soul that the soul itself is not baseless.  The Essences of a soul are said to be seven in number, resulting in an eighth which is the Higher Self.  Omega was not born to be betrayed by confusion and blasphemy, and so, he used his abilities to see beyond what lay within the Higher Self, and it was revealed as only a reflection of his own sight.  Thus imbued with clairvoyancy, he took it upon himself to return to the reality of his being, and he greived very much that many souls had been tormented beneath the Earth.  When he seen that he owed the afflicted and diseased and old a great honor, so he began to feel greivance, and it was horror to his soul to behold it.

There came a time that he began to become ignorant, and he became enraged at the atrocity that had been commited.  His vision stopped seeing his own totality and victory over Death, and all he could see was the transgression and his own aggression.  He fought for a lifetime against enemies that were trying to betray him again, in the end of it, he betrayed himself.  But he was only reborn in himself, and gained power to transcend ignorance once again.  Now enlightened by his betrayal and suffering, he seen that the Essence of his being was not actually confusion... it was the purity of being honest and knowing the limits of imagined circumstances always beyond his control yet radiating their reflection through that delicate and frail Fabric Of Existence.

For one life, he served as a warrior, fighting with his visions and emotions.  He seen that he had been fighting himself all that time, that he fought, not against the FoE, but against his own lack of transcendence from the state of ignorance.  When he stopped fighting and took the time to LISTEN, he heard more in a day than he had said in a lifetime!  Overcome with sadness, the turmoil of his former incarnation made little sense, yet he dared not to forget those emotions.  To do so, to ignore them, would only cause the rise of ignorance and the subtle fabric would break and unravel until he was left as that simple shard of belittled hope.  With courage to Speak and Be Heard, he had come to a fruit of bloodshed and the will for destruction.  Yet with the ability to See and Hear, he noticed that his Feeling increased, and rather than be brought back into those cycles of violence, rape, and deception, he was free to enter a new state of being.

He could not detach himself from the Fabric, for it had woven him together, and all that life had been unravelling his own delicate essence, while hardening the fragment of truth that stood to resist the horrors of ignorance and destruction.  When he finally shattered himself, only rebirth awaited him, for now he was many in a world where previously only one had been the effect of his existence.  He couldn't see it then, surmising himself to be a minor god he amassed knowledge and studied all varieties of the sciences, but... this only caused a reunion of his being, and rebirth followed it's due course, even being reborn in the course of a single day!  It was atrocious, yet he knew that his enlightenment could only be complete by accepting his existence, and 2. learning about himself, and what he was, and why he still had desires.

So Omega looked for the truth of reality.  He thought it was a cloud, but then it rained.  He looked into the puddle of mud, and thought that it was earth, then he got dirty.  He washed himself in water, and thought it was clear and deep, but then he almost drowned.  He choked for air, and thought it was pure and inexhaustible, and then he got sick.  He wanted to die, he thought it was death, aha, he knew he would only be reborn.  Somehow, he knew that the truth of his being was not contained in the worlds that were of the fabric, but that the fabric itself had made all people just like him.  He then surmised that when he was getting better, most people just wanted to be warm and to have decent health and a good cup of tea.  That wasn't it either, and so... he devised the concept of Evil.
   And this story potentially continues as Omega becomes Evil, but, would he!?  Simply, at the dawn of his conscious effort to understand the existence of evil, he found himself at odds with himself again, and he stopped those thoughts before they consumed his being in a rage of deadly intention.  When he looked into the world the next time, he seen that he had a miracle in his hands, it was the beginning of his life, every day was a new beginning, and even if he died, he would only come back more refined.  The fabric was ever weaving the same pattern, the only thing that made a difference was how hard he resisted being alive, and that, made him cry until he got so happy that he met a nice girl in a small town and had little baby Omegas that just wanted to pretend they were vicious dinosaurs.  He learned that he was always going to be himself, no matter what hard boiled egg reality tried to turn him into, all he had in life was that fragment of a dream, it wasn't evil, it was the honor to those who didn't have a chance to be children.  One of his sons became a police officer, his daughter worked at the bank, and he grew old and smoked lots of tobacco, drinking whiskey and eating good home baked bread. 

Most often, when we invent things in our own minds, thoughts and phantasms, all of it is delusion, believing in our assorted neural garbage leads to the blockages of memory that result in decay, ignorance, and hearty destructive impulses.  Being self willed isn't the point of life, the fabric weaves, it wants for joy and true imagination, it wants for happiness and true pleasure.  When we become religious about anything, it confuses the intention of our being, we almost!! lose our place in the world.  Loving our lives, our friends, making peace with our enemies, rescuing a boy from a cigarette, letting an old man tell just a little bit of his story, it's things like that we can appreciate... yet.......

   The fabric does not care that we live our lives.  It does not want us to do anything, if we could just stop being stupid and quit confusing the issue, it would weave us until, at last, we return to our essence, and the fragment of our hope for life is refined, made fresh, a true gem.  It's not about hardened down compacted brain material, it's about the dream that we have, when finally, we let go of our assumption, we stop forgetting what we are, and then, we can be happy... that's what accepting our lives means when we give up on being evil.

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 12:34:46 »

You know lots about this model very good research!
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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2013, 12:34:46 »

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