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Author Topic: sorcery and faith, the Tia Legacy  (Read 1780 times)
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« on: March 14, 2012, 08:59:44 »

She stands beneath the moonless sky, looking up into the depth of space.  "Where is mine?  Why isn't he here with me?  Doesn't he care!!"  Her name is Sky, a denizen of the Lumina Star after-earth reality.
   What does a girl like Sky have to do with Chad, a human/satyr hybrid?  Well, for one thing, we have to tell this story.
   Chad was a young teen living in the old church, the wailing of the girl that he created deep down in the Earth beneath the church unheard by him as he quested within the shadow space.  That poor girl!  The REAL Tia!  And is it any wonder?  Well, she survived, only to later become a biker whore of limited intelligence.
   At that time, Chad was engrossing himself with darkness and satanism, as usual right, well, he was searching for the meaning of the Impsissimus in the Spawn / Wild C.A.T.S. cross over mini series.  When he found out that Spawn knew love, and the imagery of pure artistry in the comic was clearly seen to be of a perfect nature, Chad decided that he would have love for such ones as Dark Future Cyan.
   Poor Chad!  He didn't even realize that he was an Impsissimus himself, and that the poor girl in the basement was only going to be recreated in a phantasy setting, meanwhile, she was down there, suffering and mutating in the darkness.  A shame upon Chad for all eternity, yet how could he get her out of there?
   And how will he ever claim her now, now that, they! have all had her?
   Well, that isn't exactly the point of THIS particular story.  It all intertwines though.
   So, the battle against Tyrant Vain began.  Chad was using his comics, games, and toys with full belief system activation, creating the reality of the shadow space as he went along with it.  Chad recieved word, and so Talok was sent to a temple on the north-eastern end of the Davoren Republican Domain. 
   After breaking the seal on the Temple Of Vain, Talok soon discovered that all he had done was free the soul of Vain from his trappings in the Sordon Soul Capsule.  Vain immediately traversed the spaces, and began to regenerate his body.  At the same time, Talok fought against the skeletal droidals that had been unleashed at the breaking of the seal.
   It wasn't very long at all and Vain appeared with a stern warning.  Talok was told to join the Tyrant God, and to fulfill his destiny.  Talok screamed, "There is no destiny, for I am master of my soul!"  and so the battle began.  Talok was being overpowered, and out of nowhere, a beautiful warrior princess emmerged with a small band of fighters, and she saved Talok.
   Now... in appearance, that warrior princess looked exactly like Dark Future Cyan from the Spawn/ Wild C.A.T.S. cross over.  This is due to the fact that young Chad was actively adopting new character types and adapting the information he was recieving on a daily basis.  The only difference to the appearance of the character was that "Tia" did not use katana blades, but fought hand and fist with extreme psionic power.
   So the battle was waged, and the seals of Tyrant Vain were further loosened.  The Shadows were being unlocked, certainly, but in such a way that made the enemy so hard that he was almost impossible to beat.  In an onrush of energy, together, Tia and Talok blasted Vain so badly that Vain's flesh was incinerated.  Vain was already regenerating, and Tia began to attack Talok, thinking him to be a slave of Vain, and there was much confusion to this process.
   The forces bent on young Chad were intense, so much so that the image of the mountain near the Temple Of Vain are permanently burned into his mind.  In that battle, Talok used his "Ultimate Attack" to try and kill Tia, but Tia! to her amazement and Talok's mutually, used her "Ultimate Defense", and the attack and defense cancelled out.  Talok and Tia were equal in strength!!
   Meanwhile, in that chasm beneath the old church, a real life horror story of the consequence of improper use of magick, the real, skeletalized flesh and blood Tia who can not die cried out for Chad, and that night, Chad heard her.  Chad's heart filled with fear, poor Chad's memory had been erased multiple times by this point, and he had no idea what or where he was hearing this dreadful sound... like a banshee!
   Chad woke up and continued the shadow quest, but something was wrong... the images of Tia in his mind did not match those which his heart felt to be the real deal of what composes a living Tia.  Chad later changed the images of Dark Future Cyan and negated them entirely, although, the battle scene is scored in mind forever.  Tia, then took the imagery of a hot blonde with masculine features to her body, and a massive head of hair.
   Surprisingly, some months later, Chad began to mix his teenage chaos magick with the vivid, instrinsic world of Chrono Trigger, and he really thought he was on to something.  The images of Tia in his mind were exactly the same as Ayla, of the game.  There were even character similarities!  For instance, Ayla is the chief of her primitive people, and Tia, was the chief of her people who did not wield technology, but used psionics to empower their souls.
   So this really jived with young Chad, and fueled his trancing into the world of Chrono Trigger until he unlocked a full trance mystical vision of the game multiple times in a row, and broke reality yet again.  With so many fractures to his belief system and psyche, it's a wonder that Chad even came out of it ok.
   The day came that Chad sealed the Brainwave Experiment under a shadow quest and used a brilliant ending to the story.  Sad thing is, this was premature, and the phantasy perpetuated itself in his psyche for some years after that.  In fact, it perpetuated itself to this very day, at an ever weakening, diminishing frequency of participation.
   So Chad moved on with his life, creating game ideas, plots for movies, and tv commercials.  Life was good, and began to become more normal.  Well, some years later, when Chad's parents had moved out of town temporarily, something happened, and Chad was the one who wound up with a shovel stuck in the side of his head after witnessing the living horror of the real life Tia dug out of that pit.  Chad's corpse was thrown into the dungeon, but thankfully enough, through his magicks and faith in Christ, Chad resurrected!  True story.
   Since, Chad has seen the real life Tia in big bukkake movies, and it doesn't really make him feel good about what's happened to his corpse and her body and the love that died because of the sicknesses of men and the perversion of Data Time.  A sickening story which some faithless hearts may find amusing.
   Now, Chad has since reconnected to the Brainwave Phaentia under many new guises, all potential characters for a massive gameplay experience.  Something is wrong with the time stream.  It's not a fault of Chad's memory, rather, it is those sub spatial fractures which granted him prophetic vision in the first place.  The alteration to the time stream is getting out of control, but will flat line and balance out with a radical transformation.
   In the meantime, Talok went, traveled to the multiverse, found Good Chad, and empowered him as much as he could, then returned to this reality courtesy of none other than the Scepter Of Time.  A relic of ancient sages, who could find mastery of the utmost sorcery.  After all, Tia is a child born of sorcery, any way you look at it.
   And also in the meantime, Tia has since undergone her own transformation, and this is what brings us to the story of Sky.
   Obviously, flesh Tia has had a child, and this is why Chad has percieved that Sky is actually Tia's child.  Sky isn't the flesh Tia's child, but the phantasy, phantasmic Tia's.  And so, Sky waits for Chad, is a lesbian, and worships the Lumina Star.  And that's the gist of Sky, but there's momentous power built up into these relics.
   One way of proving it is to play Chrono Trigger and experience the game from the perspective of a chaos mage using the template of the game to build his own world.  Or rather, to identify his own world through the sigils of the game transcribed in consciousness to the point of manifestation in the astral.
   Sky would not exist, were it not for Nadia, of the game.  Sky was actually built on the basis of Princess Nadia, yet her appearance has nothing involving the appearance of the game character, but instead, appears to be a glorified form of Ayla, which, is the appearance of the girl that was created, murdered, regenerated, and thrown into a hole to mock Chad for all eternity.
   So Sky is waiting.  Now all that remains is to heal the fractures in time, and to seal the Brainwave Phaentia with a new phantasy, which opens the Lumina Star on the Phaentian seal.  A complex magick, and it is guaranteed that Chad has a trick involved in all of this.... what that is, is lost to the amount of times that Chad himself has died and been resurrected.

   "You didn't Hope in me.  I'm a lover of you, you don't understand my Love for you... it's eternal, the source of my faith in greater things."  Sky's face gleams with a crystal tear, and she moves back towards the city....  another day, and Chad's planet still was not activated.  Only another few months, and it would crumble away.  Back to the dissolution of ancient sorcery by the hand of none other than Aleister Crowley!! 

An amazing story, all true word.  Lumina Star beckons with it's light and crystal vibrations.  Will Chad continue to create entities and pockets of reality within the astral, or will he go seeking in the world of Sigma 3 for the lost ones of his unending love and hope?  A story in progress, yet he is weakened, and his power fading as he feeds into the Jehovah God.  Only time will uncover this secret of magick, and faith proven by the truth of life.

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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