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« on: June 23, 2003, 09:30:26 »

I have had a big passion for rhyming and poetry lately.  I just type and type and try not to stop to think, sometimes I speak it out loud and record it, whatever comes through.  

Hopefully you will enjoy reading it.  

It's that jigsaw puzzle surrounding my loveable charm again, the calm was next to history but this was dead. I think the work he put in was so underrated. That's when the thunder came and stole his only face painted.. fears. Save me a seat at the back of the airplane, I care mate but not enough to share the same mind frame. My eyes shake when ricicles emit the odour, I know the time but so does every other joker. Hold the line i'll be right back to back, i've just forgotten. The job was left undone like buttons, wonder what his plan was? Jack frost took everything I had, like Jazz music it's usually improvised, the shite left over. Beg for soldiers power, loud as gun smoke, look the whole world's getting similair. Think again?  No thanks, i'll bank the emptiness instead of dreams. I led the team to battle, after that i thought i'd bleed. But stains were missing, safe from littering the ground with drowned beliefs, I freed the heat seeking seamen, seriously, i'm serious bro. Like cheerios the hole inside my portion grew, I ought to keep my cool at least that's what I thought. I walked forever, then it hit me, this is going nowhere?  Chose to stop and stare, to drop the care bear attitude, back to you but who can rely?

Eat my shorts, I thought i'd be there this November. Never ends like stories, caught me using ruthless force, I chewed the lozenge every day until my mouth went sore. I shouted for attention, then the tendants in my jaw broke, I scored the bogus fairground in my card of flawed hopes. More jokes invaded every primitive compartment, I shot the garden afterwards when jargon landed. The standard truth was back to bruise my graveyeard. I staked the hargen-daz ice cream and tonight the light beams are too bright like clever folk. Can't take a joke what's wrong with these attendants? Sentencing themselves to lifeless wealth and piles of self-inflicted pain. I missed the game of football. Look for me sometime, i'll come from by the curtains, heard the company was fine around that way. The sound of grace was taken over, safe from older pensioners, I helped them too though. Remmeber? I'm the lion that was brought up with those wooly sheep. I come in peace but check out your reflection.

Fireflies were there, I swear they weren't so friendly. The stolen envy met me by the frozen sentry. I opened gently then the power flooded in. Coupled with another sing along of gin.  The tonic, dropped it, slowly, only I was there still. The scary hill had risen even further than i'd since expected. Tested menaces were sent in thousands. Ten pounds of loudness drowned the babies' shouts and naked houses sounded out until the power drifted out of view. I counted to a million in my sleep, then woke from deep eternity and heard more than I believed had even started. If that darkness hadn't been so silent, I might've had a chance at understanding how harmless it all is. The pitfall drinks his corpse with suffering, it's just a simple way to wake him up though I think. Might sink into his system after sometime, no rush though, the book goes on wether or not I want it to. I jumped the queue so fast that noone even saw it, I called it teleportation, ?? don't look so astonished. My cocky reasons, seemed to penetrate their sleep state, their feet are starting to shake but there's a long way to go. I'll make you grow, just take that cold hand and go mad for a minute with it. I'll sit in silence if you want, and pinch you when you fall back in your patterns. Cat and mouse can doubt each pillar without even noticing, I showed him how to grin all by himself. His health has since improved, I think he glued himself together, is that cheating?

Whenever rocks were there his mouth stood wide open like a treasure box. The feathered watch he used was cool to say the least. I paid them three times as much just to watch them say "bonk the police". Humble sheets of paper, played the valley's chapter and then fell. I send them to the well to fetch the dirty wishes. Heard me whispering, I lit the simple candle. Battered each remarkable ear hole, the stolen vandal. Hooligan, the rules again incase you didn't catch on, the first time that song was played I celebrated all year round. The sheer sound beneath the ground of luxury, bugger me this isn't what I had in mind! I stabbed him twice as nice as any murderer with words of isolation, take the train today or never. Spent the last remainder on a jumble sale, set sail for the desert. The weather's kinda hot out there, the ground scares me coz it burns the blisters within my vehicle. A sneak will do, just use him on the day when things aren't going perfect. I know he hurt them then but look he's still a person. Learn them topics cos it's time to tackle problems. The raffle was the first chance, that was gambling with the nonsense. What's the shop on that road called? The so called general store, the general from the war owns it, i've known him all along. You call him "John" I call him "What's his name" the sausage tastes the same no matter what.

Delivered it on time, the conquered sign upset me. I let them feed me though, it seemed to go away eventually. For centuries i'd eaten stupid foods just for the sake of it. Just coz I liked the shape of it, instead of the taste of it. The neighbours hid my speakers, i didn't even get the chance to answer back cos they even unplugged the jack. Jackarses, what harm was I announcing?

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