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Author Topic: The 6th vibration: The astral plane (part I). from my Grimoire.  (Read 6473 times)
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 The 6th vibration of spiritual-consciousness; the Astral plane:

 The metaphysical energy through which astral phenomena vibrates is relative to a unique variant of subtle frequency that resonates with genuine substance, being no less “real” than so called physical matter, though obscure. The astral plane has seven major vibration sub-divisions, thus according to Sanskrit and Theosophical sources. That energy which consists of astral vibrations is far subtler than those much grosser vibrations in which correspond to the substances of physical matter. Thereby, beholding a vaguely conscious awareness of astral phenomena is scarcely perceivable to the ordinary senses of most average human beings. Even more subtle than astral energy is thought energy, which also resounds with an incontestable frequency of vibration. The planer concourse betwixt astral and thought vibrations is so succinctly super-imposed that there is virtually no concisely noticeable schism which separates these two obliquely adjunct energies.

 Concerning the metaphysical paradigm regarding the perceptual nature of astral energy, midst its extra-dimensional presence, astral phenomena tend to innately mirror the much denser vibrations of the physical plane, in terms regarding perceptions of manifestation. Hence, the landscape of the astral plane, so to speak, is mutably subject to alteration as a direct result as to how it naturally procures a resonant magnetism that binds to thought energy vibrations. Thusly, thoughts and emotions thereby mold the correspondent essence of the various states and manifestations of astral terrain, as well as the appearance of astral forms; as readily as one’s astral spirit-body is predisposed to influential subjugation by mental thought-forms. The astral plane is likewise influenced by the emotions and thoughts of those spirits which inhabit astral existences, for the astral plane is not only affected and sculpted by only the emotions and thoughts of those astral travelers who incarnately possess sleeping physical embodiments; but also by the permanent spiritual denizens who inhabit that plane. Frankly, the astral plane isn’t a mere fantasy, though its metaphysical substance is mutable by thought energy.

 Generally, one’s thoughts and emotions are predominantly centered on one’s earthly life; so hence, not too uncommonly, when astral projection occurs the astral plane indulges certain manifestations based upon those feelings and perceptions in which the astral traveler subconsciously harbors midst the affairs of one’s daily life affairs. This notion applies to ordinary dreams as well as lucid dreams, though, in regard to lucid dream states, the astral traveler may both consciously & willfully mold the conditions of the astral landscape, but only within specific discriminatory precincts; for there are some astral states in which cannot be externally changed by the internal thoughts of the astral traveler.

 Interestingly, many people regularly lead active lives on the astral plane whenever their physical body enters normal states of sleep, yet in their waking states of consciousness they are often unaware that such phenomena occurs on a daily basis; and some such individuals are very powerful, as much as they are spiritually influential, contrary to their lack of conscious awareness midst their wakeful lives. In other words, the vast majority of all dreaming states are merely unconscious, subconsciously experienced “out-of-body” states; and such phenomena are not mere figments of imagination, of which were absent mindedly orchestrated by the brain of the physical vehicle.

 Moreover, for delving further examinations, thus for purposes of deriving more pertinent explanations pertaining to questions which insinuate as to why so many people experience a so called “lapse of astral memory” upon awakening from most ordinary or extra-ordinary dreaming states alike – please refer to: Procuring impressions of astral vibrations upon the physical and ethereal brains, later in this unit.

 Disembodied states in relation to N.D.E.s: incomplete

 The astral-vehicle: The astral spirit-body is commonly referred to as the emotional body, or sometimes as the desire body. The astral vehicle is generally limited to traversing within the nexus of the seven astral plane sub-divisions; although spiritual mind-body projection, to states beyond the astral plane vibrations, through which the mind body detaches from the astral body, or astral states which involve consciously awakening and thereby melding spiritual mind body sensory perceptions with the astral vehicle, are also achievable: These hiegtened abilities will be discussed more extensively within the next unit.

 An astral traveler may access the outermost dimension of the astral plane, which is the 7th density of astral vibration as well as the invisible boundery, of which partitions the ethereal dimension of the physical plane from the outer veil astral plane; it is from thence that the astral traveler may view the physical world from behind the scenes of the prime material plane. Yet if one’s astral sight is insufficiently developed, then one’s astral ability to clearly observe the physical world may be impared or otherwise distorted.

 To the observations of a seer, the Auric features of the desire body deeply express one’s Kamic or Karmic essence. The auric-field of the astral body is intimately correspondent to one’s emotional status, and thus its coloration will change with as one’s emotional status alters, i.e. to compliment the nature of one’s mood or thoughts. The depth or hue of one’s auric coloration will usually express the current intensity of whichever emotion is being felt. Thusly, the appearance of one’s astral body reflects upon one’s moral demeanor as well as one’s present state of spiritual progress, but to a lesser capacity than one’s mental spirit body. If the constitution of a person’s emotional and mental convictions are of a noble or virtuous nature, then the luminosity of one’s astral body will appear as bright, clear and vibrant; and thus one’s astral auric-veil will consistently project hues of coloration which are complimentary to one’s positive emotional dispositions; of which the merits of one’s virtuous karma may be felt within its radiance.. Also, a bright and vibrant aura is almost always indicative of good health, too. If an individual’s emotional and mental temperament is substantiated in immoral, cruel or ill willed tendencies, then one’s astral aura will often express dark or gloomy colorations; and correspondently, its luminosity will appear as rather dull. Ill health, not excluding severe emotional turmoil, may also denote an auric appearance that projects sickly colorations, a dull glow or weak vitality. In an unhealthy aura, one’s prana force-centers may also appear as spinning more slowly than usual, or certain force-centers may be spinning out of harmonious sequence with others.

 Under conditions where one has maintained little control over their emotional status, the evolved shape of one’s astral body may appear as disfigured or as displaced. If an individual’s astral body is yet underdeveloped, then one’s astral vehicle may simply be witnessed as an ill defined luminous egg, or merely as a hazy fog. An individual who possesses a lowly developed astral body may still yet experience profound out of body states, though with having a lesser degree of conscious control. Generally speaking, a well developed astral body will commonly resemble the physical body of the adept, more or less, although it may also be fashioned into the likeness of some other physical form or shape; be it human, humanoid or animalistic in semblance. Its degree of brightness, its clarity and its particular echelon of configuration may better assist in determining the individual’s specific level of spiritual advancement; though every one seems to shines brighter in their own rights; for everyone develops uniquely different strengths on the astral plane, for there are almost always exceptions to every perceivable rule. Again, even though a well refined astral body may be fashioned as to appear in whichever human or animal likeness that one desires, more usually than not, one’s sub-conscious mind will alter one’s astral vehicle in such ways as to manifest itself in mirrored duplicity of one’s incarnate physical vessel; yet this subconsciously predetermined phenomenon can be changed or inhibited with unbending intent.

 Note: All sensations in which correspond to so called “physical feeling” actually originate from the primary chakra force centers which are situated within the astral body; for the force-centers within the ethereal body merely serve as the vital mediums through which all subtle sensory vibrations may pass between the substances of one’s physical and astral bodies. Likewise, it is the astral body that serves as the crucial medium for thought energy, and thus the physical and ethereal brains are merely secondary mediums, in regard to all phenomena relating to the procurence of perceptions which involve feeling.

Note: The astral-center within the interior of the astral vehicle and its correspondence to the four exterior chakras which mediate between the major stationary points of the astral-umbilical-cord: See Chapter 555; The astral center and the silver-umbilical-cord.

 Naturally occurring interactions between astral matter and thought energy:

1. Astral matter serves as an energetic medium for Jiva.

2. Astral matter responds to thought energy more effectually than it does to physical or ethereal matter.

3. Thought energy directly animates, alters, influences, molds and also manifests thought-forms through astral matter, be it willed, abstractly focused, conscious or subconscious.

4. Likewise, the astral body can be manipulated by thought in very much the same fashion as the vibrations of astral terrain can be influenced. The state of one’s astral body is constantly altered by one’s thoughts, both sub-consciously and consciously; but similarly, the condition of one’s astral body is also subject to being affected or influenced by the conscious and subconscious thoughts of other people, not just by your own thoughts. Remember that thought is energy; the next unit covers the topic of mental energy more extensively. (Refer to psychic and astral defense methodologies of unit (–) for fortifying auric protections against the incurrence of indirect influences as well as direct attacks from outside forces).

5. There occurs a natural magnetism between astral matter and ethereal matter; astral matter interchangeably acts upon ethereal matter, thusly, rippled reverberations transfer between astral and ethereal vibrations.

 Note: Implementing an Auric-shield is ideal for the purpose of deflecting against negative or otherwise incompatible or harmful thoughts of others, via thoughts from external sources; including thought-forms and astral entities. Respectively, one may fortify mental, astral and ethereal auric-shields.

  Distinguishing perceptions of higher out-of-body senses from lower out-of-body senses:

1. Higher out-of-body senses amidst the Devachan plane vibrations: Through mental vision, all five of one’s ordinary senses are fluxed in confluence through the sixth sense. Midts an out-of-body state within the Devachan plane, all space is super-imposed; one must merely intend to be at a certain place, and, one is spontaneously teleported upon will. Also, in virtue of one’s mind vehicle, the spirit may clairvoyantly tap into virtually ‘any knowledge’ at will. Also, the mind vehicle can evoke telepathic communion with merely any spiritual being at will, regardless of the plane of vibration in which the intended spirit may currently be residing; and conscious communion may be established through another’s subconscious mind if that spirit is bound to a different plane. (Refer to the mental plane subsections for further information regarding mind-body projection).

2. Higher out-of-body states through which one’s mind-body sensitivities dominate over one’s ordinary astral vehicle capabilities:  A state where one’s mental powers become fully dominant over one’s limited astral senses, thus whilst retaining total dominion over one’s ordinary astral abilities. Hence, under this spiritual status, the five ordinary senses become melded together into one sense, thus through the sixth sense; also, one wields the total capacity to divide, intermediate or shift partitions between any of the ordinary five senses at will. Although many of the classical Theosophist masters had ascertained that only an enlightened master could access this convergence between astral and mental spirit-body sensitivities, to the contrary, it is possible to circumvent the requisite of being a Yoga master; by means of utilizing a “power-plant ally” under applications of rigorous sorcery rites. There are always exceptions to merely every rule, though the potential consequences may be great.

3. Expressions of lower vibration astral vision, and other astral senses: Although telepathy is a power that is ruled by the mind body, it is accessible by virtually all astral travelers, be they highly advanced or not; and whether knowingly or unbeknownstly to their particular state of consciousness. For instance, so called words are communicated telepathically between astral spirits in very much a similar fashion as to how we humans converse through the vocalization of sound, through physical words, midst the physical plane. Additionally, words, thoughts and miscellaneous sounds may also be perceived as ‘thought forms’ on the astral plane, and, likewise, music may be perceived as an array of contrasting colors, relished by thought forms, or as peculiar vibrations. Some astral travelers “see” intended words through thought forms whilst others correspond telepathically. Those who are not conscious when present on the astral plane may not realize that they are communicating telepathically when conversing with other astral spirits; yet this does not insinuate that they are not communicating under such criteria.

 Out-of-body observations of the physical plane through astral-vision: Astral sight tends to vary from one individual to another. An astral traveler who has established a well developed sense of astral sight may see the detailed characteristics of physical forms and physical objects; whilst through a slight shift of astral-vision, that astral traveler will then perceive merely the astral-auras of living beings instead of seeing their physical characteristics, thus seeing them as luminous, egg-shaped sources of light which express various shades of color, brightness of luminosity, and or intensities of vibration. There are yet some astral seers who have not refined the ability through which to “will” such a shift between partitions of astral-vision, and thus such an individual may only perceive things either in one sense or the other. Therefore, to the astral vision of some, observations of matter, be it astral or ethereal in substance, may merely appear as distorted shapes or as layers of contrasting vibrations instead of detailed images which reveal their true forms. An astral traveler who has perfected his or her sense of astral-vision can attune his or her awareness as to clearly distinguish between different forms, objects and shapes, as well as to identify living creatures and their ethereal shades. Further, if one’s astral sensitivities have been sufficiently developed, one will retain the capacity for distinguishing between “thought form objects” and actual “physical objects”, and etcetera.

 Distinguishing thought-form entities from true spirits on the astral plane: On the astral plane vibrations the astral traveler will be able to interact with other astral travelers, as well as with eldritch classes of astral spirits who dwell within the various far regions of the astral vibrations. Besides encountering astral spirits, one will also encounter of thought forms manifestations, both animate and inanimate, as produced by other astral entities; some thought forms are merely empty and are thus void of spiritual-consciousness, whilst others may be inhabited, and thus animated by elemental spirits of either good or evil dispositions. Still yet, there are other types of astral entities besides elementals, who will take possession of thought-forms. Having refined one’s astral and mental spirit-body sensitivities, one will be able to psychically discern between animate thought forms of a void nature and thought forms which are being possessed by true spirit-entities. Likewise, one will further yield the telepathic capacity to discern other out-of-body astral travelers from ghosts, O.O.B. animal familiars, nature spirits, devas, assures, and other types of astral beings in which one may encounter when surfing the vast sea of astral vibrations.

 Out-of-body astral vision versus in-body astral-vision: Astral vision permits one to see the Auras of humans, animals and plants; similarly, this ability permits one to see astral projected beings, astral entities, i.e. ghosts, and etcetera. Many of the Theosophical definitions for physical plane related astral vision and ethereal vision converge, and in some accounts the descriptions of one or the other may be interpreted as contradictory. Moreover, astral vision includes some of the attributes of attributes of ethereal vision, i.e. enabling one to see through walls and other physical objects.

 Ethereal vision: The ethereal plane, which is the invisible sub-division of physical vibration, being the outer-most partition of the physical plane, borders the lowest vibration of the astral plane; hence the bounderies which divide astral-vision from ethereal-vision meet together at virtually the same point of juncture.

1. Ethereal senses are merely an extension of ordinary physical senses. Through ethereal vision one can see through physical matter as well as view the ethereal auras of both physical objects and living creatures. Thusly, through ethereal-vision one may also see shed ethereal shades; those ethereal doubles which are annexed to their living counterparts, and sometimes those shades which are possessed by astral elementaries, and etcetera.

2. It is through astral vision, not ethereal vision, in which one may see astral-entities and animate-thought forms.

3. As with ethereal vision, through astral vision one may also observe ethereal doubles which are appendixed to their living counterparts, shed ethereal shades, and including shades which are possessed by elementaries, as well.  

 Feeling astral vibrations versus seeing astral vibrations: There are some practitioners of astral projection who have acquired a stronger sense of astral feeling than that of astral site. Thusly, some such adepts are merely able to “feel” astral vibrations as opposed to seeing them. Some of the more advanced astral practitioners are capable of acutely “feeling as well as seeing” in regard to their astral sensitivities. It is not imminently necessary for one to have refined their sense of astral sight in order to sufficiently achieve out-of-body experiences, or to thus traverse the astral plane; for an astral projected being can telepathically discern, without the requisite of astral site, the accurate identity of one astral traveler from another. One can also identify one astral traveler from another by means of exercising one’s keenly refined sense of “astral feeling”; or likewise, to distinguish various classes of astral entities, without necessarily having to see them.

 Mental vibration vision versus astral vibration vision: Refer to the Devachan plane subsections under mind-body faculties.

 The purification of one’s physical vessel is vitally important for the refinement of one’s astral-body:

1.   Abstaining from the consumption meat.
2.   Abstaining from the consumption of food and water which has been contaminated by unnatural preservatives, chemicals, poisons and or any other artificial additives.
3.   Consuming only uncontaminated water, and foods such as all natural fruit, vegetables, beans and grains.
4.   Physical exercise.

 Note 1: Essentially, the purification of one’s mind and body is also crucially important for refining the development of one’s astral vehicle and astral senses.

 Note 2: The consumption of impure foods and liquids will attract impure astral matter, as well as impure astral spirits, and vice versa; hence is the quality of astral matter of which one’s astral body is composed of.

 Examples of the types of negative vibration astral entities which are attracted to the impurities which may permeate an unhealthy physical or ethereal embodiment:

1. Elementaries, astral bound ghosts which seek out ethereal and elemental essences, through which to indulge their past addictions or cravings from a prior incarnation.
2. Evil elementals.
3. Negative vibration inorganic beings from extra-dimensions, such as “emissaries”.
4. Demonic entities of various types.
5. Succubi demons, banshees, and other kinds of psychic-leeches.
6. Poltergeists.
7. Negative vibration thought form magnetism and harmful thoughts from external sources.

 Through the cultivation of positive thought and right action, one’s ethereal receptiveness to astral memory or senstivity can be fine-tuned. One must positively and constructively discipline the thought process in such a way that one’s state of mind gradually attunes to a higher vibration, and by doing this the ethereal brain will naturally begin to adjust to receiving those higher frequencies of vibration, through this gradual process of thought cultivation. Know that higher vibrations are more subtle than the lower modes of vibration to which the brain has been ordinarily accustomed to receiving, particularly due to such lowly indulgences or tendencies as perpetuated by lazy or negative thought processes. Like a musical instrument which has been fine tuned so as to resonate with specific pitches of sound-wave frequencies, so the brain must also be fine tuned as to become an instrument of higher thought.

  Examples of entraining right thought and right action:  

1.   Good will, good morals and noble attributes of virtue.
2.   Higher aspiritions and constructive goals.
3.   Positive, optimistic thinking.
4.   Performing right action.
5.   Frequent meditation upon noble thoughts.
6.   Maintaining responsibility over one’s obligations, duties and matters of importance.
7.   Organization of one’s priorities.
8.   Refraining from allowing one’s mind to drift from a fixated point of focus.
9.   Concentrating upon the manifestation a specific goal.
10.   Exhibiting compassionate understanding, concern and consideration towards the feelings and needs of others.

 The purification of one’s astral body is solely reliant upon purifying and refining one’s mental body, which also involves disciplining physical cravings. The more such positive qualities of virtue in which one incorporates into his or her daily actions and thoughts, the higher the rate in which one’s mental and astral embodiments will begin to vibrate; and hence the lighter one’s spirit-bodies become. It is thus that one’s denser astral and mental matter burns away, through constant exposure to conditions of higher vibration.

 Continually meditating upon positive or considerate thoughts creates like-energy magnetism that externally attracts similar thought forms to one’s astral body, from without; and, likewise, indulgences in a negative thought process result in manifesting like energy attractions. Also, fixation upon positive and noble thoughts or emotions tends to naturally deflect any harmful magnetism from plaguing one’s astral body from without.

 The seven dimensional divisions of the astral plane are, in essence, representative of the seven degrees of one’s emotional nature, being greatly affinitive to one’s degree of mental evolution. The astral plane readily responds to the predominant stages of one’s thought and emotion; conquering the lower states of vibration is to cease in one’s desire for expression through the subjective states of lower matter, therefore, accessing the higher vibrations is dependent upon the conditioning of one’s attuned frequency of consciousness.

 Miscellaneous astral vibration information:
 Thought energy that is exressed through attention, intent passion or will, whether consciously or sub-consciously, resultantly manifests thought-forms through astral plane vibrations. There is a natural alchemy of magnetism which occurs between mental-vibration and astral vibration. Likewise, the magnetism of astral vibration thought-forms will attract, harness and mold ethereal vibrations.

1.   When astral projection occurs the mental veil remains intact with the astral vehicle.
2.   The form and capacity of one’s astral vehicle can actually be altered, developed and refined.
3.   The astral body may be harmed as the result of astral attack, hence it is highly suggestable that the practitioner should study the notes of astral and psychic defense, as presented within this Grimoire, as a precautionary measure for establishing ample protections against incurring contact with potentially harmful astral energies.

 Highly advanced astral projection adepts can actually learn how to materialize the protoplasm of their astral form into visible appearance, thus similarly as to how supernatural beings are capable of manifesting images of their spiritual likenesses; compare this phenomenon to that of evoking thought form manifestation. The astral vehicle is also said to sustain ample potential as a telekinetic conduit, thus accomplished by means of astrally influencing ethereal energy. Moreover, as mentioned elsewhere in this chapter, a bridge of energy can be manifested between the astral and ethereal vibrations by refining the third-eye gateway between the astral and ethereal brows chakrams, resulting in naturally opening the seal that perpetuates the astral-shield; once the third-eye blockade of the atomic-shield has been lifetd, it thusly allows one to consciously recollect one’s dreams and astral experiences.

Astral experiences are not a product of the brain: In terms of astral manifestation, such phenomena resultantly reflect upon the constitution and temperament of the thought energy in which rules the subconscious attention of the astral traveler, which seeds the constructs of one’s astral environment. One’s frame of mind midst waking states of consciousness often stains the astral body with the crimson ink which subconsciously bleeds into dictating the nature of one’s astral experiences. Yet please understand that the manifestations of one’s astral experiences are not products which were derived brain of the physical body.

 Astral experiences are phenomena which occur independently of the brain, for one’s spiritual mind and astral body truly exist outside of the brain, though one’s spiritual mind is temporarily subject to being filtered by the brain, during embodied states of consciousness. Reiterated, just because (many of) one’s astral experiences are subconsciously influenced by one’s waking states of mind; the brain of the physical vehicle is yet not the creator thereof! How so? After all, you do believe that you are a spiritual being, right? Then, why would your astral experiences be merely delusions which were fabricated by the brain of your physical vehicle if you are a spiritual being?! Thoughts arise as the resultant product of one’s spiritual ego, and not as a creation of the brain of the physical vehicle, even though the brain “filters” one’s thoughts during waking states of consciousness.

 Procuring astral vibration impressions upon the physical and ethereal brains & memory: When the spiritual-entity is connected to the brain of the physical body, mental vibration impressions constantly relay, in reverberated confluence, between one’s spiritual mind force-centers, which are situated within one’s Auric-field, and the brain of one’s physical body. Memory and thought vibrations which correspond to physical states of consciousness “subconsciously impress upon” the astral mind center, more readily than astral vibrations “consciously impress upon” the brain of the physical body. Hence, physical memory is subconsciously transferred to, and thus stored as vibration impressions, within one’s astral body; which in turn contributes to the subconscious manifestations of astral thought form phenomena. In other words, one’s daily experiences in the physical world latently stain one’s astral body with residual influences, which tend to subconsciously manifest themselves on the astral plane. The astral body is comparable to a mirror which stores the energetic impressions of those reflections in which it holds, though subconsciously.

 *Astral phenomena has absolutely nothing to do with how the ethereal and physical brains  incoherently and irrationally re-arrange memory impressed vibrations unto their own devices, whilst the astral body is disconnected from their influences during sleep. Again, the consciousness-thread of the spirit-entity disconnects from the brain of the physical and ethereal bodies during astral experiences; regarding which modern science does not acknowledge. Refer to: “The ethereal aura of the physical body and the ethereal double of the brain and nervous system of the physical vehicle” for more in depth information concerning memory impressions.

 The spiritual-consciousness-ground, which is significantly moderated by the astral-shield of the ethereal brain, is naturally programmed to be unreceptive to transmissions of subtle astral vibrations, including astral memory. By means of exercising discipline over one’s thoughts, the filtration process of the brain can be rewired so that it will gradually become more receptive instrument for translating the subtle codes of astral vibrations, thusly, when one’s astral vehicle and spiritual mind return to a state of electromagnetic cohesion with the brian of the pjhysical body. Hence, the majority of all dreaming experiences are, in reality, unconscious astral projections, through which the adjoined link between one’s conscious and sub-conscious minds has been ultimately divorced. Typically, one’s inability to recall astral experiences is simply because, for most people, the physical brain is unnatuned to being the receptacle of astral vibration impressions, i.e. astral memory, upon awakening from sleep.

Vibration impressions between the astral mind center and the ethereal brain impress upon one another whenever one’s astral vehicle remerges into embodied union with the physical vehicle. The substance of memory is naturally mediated through thought and vibration impressions; and it is through a particticular vibration of frequency that memory becomes imprinted as a uniquely encoded program or language.

 Sensory vibration impressions of most astral phenomena are generally unable to penetrate the atomic shield of the ethereal brain; therefore, those vibration impressions which reach the brain are processed as if they were encoded in an incompatible ghost script program. Therefore, upon awakening from sleep, as one’s astral body returns to its electromagnetically grounded state of cohesion to the ethereal brain and the atomic shield of the ethereal aura, higher perceptions of consciousness are filtered back into one’s subconscious mind. As embodied cohesion occurs, receptions of denser vibration impressions flood the attention of one’s grounded mind, and sensations which encompass one’s ordinary state of consciousness quickley over-power one’s much subtler astral vibration sensitivities. (Refer to Chapter 3 units on – “the spiritual-consciousness-ground and the spiritual-consciousness-thread” for further information regarding this subject).

 The astral brows force-center, the atomic-shield & the ethereal brows force-center: Experiencing a lucid astral experience, as opposes to an ordinary dream state, is primarily dependent upon the functionality of one’s ethereal and astral brows force-centers. If the ethereal brows chakra has not yet been refined, then the atomic astral shield of the ethereal body will continue to prevent one’s ethereal brows chakra from consciously receiving the transference of mental vibration impressions of memory from through the astral brows chakra; correspondently, the astral brows chakra must be developed so that one may experience consciousness states of astral projection. Through purifying one’s astral and mental embodiments, the more readily that subtle astral vibrations will permissibly penetrate the atomic shield of the ethereal aura, and this will permit an open exchange of memory impressions to consciously transmit between the physical brain and the astral mind center. Hence, the ethereal brain will gradually become more receptive as to permitting all subtle vibration impressions from astral vibrations to pas through the atomic shield. The astral brows chakra is suppressed and locked-out by the atomic shield. Development of the ethereal brows force-center slowly breaks down the atomic shield which blinds the astral brows force-center from procuring one’s abiliity to experience fully conscious astral projections and to perceive astral phenomena.

 *Attention, awareness, thought and intent imprint permanent mental frequencies of memory upon the vibration of prana medium through which they travel, which in turn cause ripples of frequency which reverberates through vibration substances of subsequent planes. Attention, awareness and thought cause vibration impressions which record memory; awareness, thought and light are one, as memory is one with light.

 Metempsychosis and the astral body: The energy in which makes up one’s current astral-vehicle is eventually shed after the death of one’s physical-vehicle occurs. A new astral veil is later acquired following the natural process of metempsychosis. Much as with the requisite of having to once again attune one’s self to tapping and refining Kundalini after reincarnating into a new physical-vehicle, one’s newly acquired astral-vehicle must also be refined in a similar manner. Some far Eastern philosophies, particularly those of Chinese origin, claim that the astral body must be created by the practitioner, yet Sanskrit philosophy reveals that the astral body already exists within the intricate system of energy-veils of the aura but, rather, must be gradually developed and or refined as to become a functioning astral-vehicle; on the contrary to being “created”. Hence, the Author intrinsically agrees with the Sanskrit concept refining the astral body as a vehicle as opposed to the Taoist conception of creating it. Reiterated; the astral-veil is naturally created during the reincarnation process, and thus it cannot be “created” by the practitioner proceeding rebirth; although a new astral body must be again refined by the spirit-entity following the occurrence of every reincarnation.

 The astral body commencing the post-death state of the physical-body: Refer to Chapter 4., Metempsychosis – The causal spirit-body midst post-death subsection:

 Reincarnation and the astral body and of the Devachan mind body:
Refer to Chapter 4., Metempsychosis – the causal reincarnation of the lesser spirit-vehicles subsection.

 Telepathic communion via O.O.B. states: Telepathy is a mode of spiritual communion through the frequency of thought-vibration transmissions between two or more spirit-entities. Frankly, “spirits” communicate by means of telepathic conversation. Hence, the uncanny capacity of this phenomenon penetrates the “illusory communication barriers” in which all so called physical-vibration derived languages present; thusly, telepathy spiritually transcends the physical communication limitations which all too commonly cause confusion as the result of incurred misinterpretations posed by words, a foreign language, the specifics of intent, unadulterated thoughts and or purity of emotional status.

 Although telepathic communion is a sensory perception that is derived from the Devachan or mental plane, this phenomenon is innately converged with astral plane correspondence; yet not all astral entities and astral travelers are aware of that they are telepathically communicating with one another when they converse, for the unconscious ones, such as some purgatory bound ghosts, are disillusioned as to believe that they are still speaking through their mouths! Through the refinement of one’s spiritual mind embodiment faculties, and thus through the coalesce of consciously melding one’s mind body sensory perceptions with one’s astral vehicle, one then becomes aware of telepathic communion midst the astral plane.

 Remember that even though astral vibrations hold actual substance, as subtle as it may be, disembodied spirits that reside on the astral plane, including astral-projected spirits, have no physical mouths through which to convey their thoughts; so it is thus by means of telepathic communion that two spiritual entities may converse with one another, regardless of whether they think that they are talking with their mouths. What makes you any different than they? – Other than the fact that you are merely a spirit who currently possess a physical vehicle, and yet they do not?!

 Achieving a simultaneous state of astral projection with another, whilst in the company of one or more other astral practitioners, tends to naturally manifest an open channel of telepathic communion between the thoughts of the out-of-body participants involved. Merging astral vehicles is an exceptionally effective means for manifesting a resonant bridge of mental energy between the spiritual-consciousness-principles of two astral projected practitioners; this activity results in melding their spiritual-consciousness-threads or Sutratma-threads, and thus acclimates their astral and mental vehicles to naturally honing into one another’s specific channel of thought frequency; thus igniting a spontaneous state of communion betwixt the thought transmissions and thought receptions of their spiritual minds. Thusly, the manifestation of telepathic phenomena between two practitioners can be relatively compared to how radio frequencies can be broadcasted as band-width signals which can be tuned into and received; thought is also energy, and hence mental-frequencies may be perceived in a similar manner. Every individual possesses a totally unique mind-body that resonates, transmits, and or broadcasts a uniquely refined signal of thought-frequency, unlike any others.

 Exposure to long, drawn-out, intense durations of astral projection interactions with the company of another out-of-body traveler will tend break down your mental-shield barriers. Merging astral-vehicles will inevitably cause energetic resonance between your mental and emotional vibrations, of which may endure beyond the astral plane. As telepathic communion occurs between you and your partner’s minds, you will likely enter into and out of disembodied states together; as your spirits will spontaneously return to your physical bodies at once; only to go back out-of-body together again, and without the immediate diminishing of your melded telepathic link.

 Once your astral vehicles have merged back into cohesion with your physical vehicles, your telepathic link will eventually cease due to the gradual sealing of the atomic-astral shield within the ethereal aura, betwixt the astral and ethereal brows force-centers; of which seals the third-eye. Depending upon how tightly your ethereal atomic shields seal following such a profound experience, very limited degree of thought to thought transference might actually endure between your minds for many years after, especially if you already had an over-soul-group connection with that person; and this includes meetings in dreams and out-of-body states more often than you were aware of meeting with that person before. Simultaneously cracking-open your atomic-shields is a sure path to achieving paired astral projection accompanied by telepathic communion.

 Telepathy versus empathy: Empathy and telepathy are different terms in which denote two entirely different phenomena, though synonymous to a limited degree. Empathy is merely the capacity to feel, perceive, understand or sympathize with another’s particular emotional, mental or physical conditions. Telepathy is a purely spiritually derived phenomenon through which two or more spirits may express unobstructed conveyances of pure intent betwixt themselves; defining an exchange of thought to thought receptions and transmissions between the spiritual minds of two individuals.

 Telepathy more commonly occurs midst out of body states than midst physically embodied states, due to the physical security system filtration functions of the ethereal aura. Minor telepathic thought sending and receiving has been known to randomly occur between to people while they are functioning through their physical vehicles, but usually to a notably limited degree; such as, I was just thinking that before you said it? Or; was I the one who just sent that thought to he who just voiced it or vice-versa?! My mother and I, including certain friend who I had experienced a near death – O.O.B. state with, commonly experience this phenomenon together. Under extremely rare circumstances, telepathic communion can occur to a pronounced degree whilst two participants are functioning through their physical embodiments. Telepathic phenomena can occur either sub-consciously or consciously, and thus spiritually borders both emotional and mental and status. For further explanations please refer to Chapter 222 – Unit – the spiritual mind plane, – thought-form subsections.
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