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Author Topic: The 6th vibration: The astral plane (part II); from my Grimoire.  (Read 7232 times)
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« on: April 10, 2012, 04:18:58 »

 How to Achieve Astral-Projection; Spirit-Infinity style: There are many, many A.P. techniques available through which to conduct your personal O.O.B.E. experimentations; hence research as many different points of view on this subject as you can! Try subjecting yourself to awakening from a deep sleep during the twilight hour in order to achieve desirable results regarding your experimentation with astral projection and lucid dreaming exercises.

 Personally, when I astral project I feel my spiritual-consciousness-thread and astral-crown break away from the consciousness-thread-ground of my physical/ ethereal vehicle, away from the top of my head. This phenomenon is sometimes accompanied by a sharp, static-like snapping or a popping sound, which perceivably occurs just above the head of my physical-vessel. In my theory, this is probably due to the electromagnetic elevation between the ethereal and astral crown chakra force-centers as they divide; perhaps occurring as the spiritual-consciousness-thread officially breaks fohat-prana cohesion with the brain or spiritual-consciousness-thread-ground. Just for the record, I don’t always notice the snapping sound upon the initial phase of astral projection. 

 I have been experiencing off and on phases of O.O.B.E.s since long before I vaguely understood what the crown chakra vortex was; it was much later in my life that I sought-out further understanding as to what metaphysically occurs in correlation to the crown chakra and O.O.B.E. phenomena. Frankly, I never took the chakra force centers very seriously until during the recent years, so I would concur, based upon the darkest days of my personal A.P. experience, an advanced understanding of the chakra system is certainly not necessary in order to achieve astral projection; though such might definitely benefit the adept.

 Notably, I always feel an intense light-headedness just before going O.O.B. – (out of body), which occurrence is immediately accompanied by what I perceive to be sensations of a resistant force of magnetism that is felt throughout my physical nervous-system, particularly within the solar plexus region.

 Stage 1: Firstly, force yourself to awaken during the cusp of early twilight, OR from between 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., as the Hindu Brahmans suggest. It is good to feel rather sleepy upon awakening, for it is imperative that you must feel tired enough that you can easily fall back asleep again; yet the trick is to not lose consciousness by falling asleep. Comfortably lie on your back with your arms at your sides and relax. Try to catch yourself at the verge of losing consciousness, therein exists a powerful gateway. Focus upon your mid-brain/ pituitary gland as you concentrate upon a deep breathing exercise. You may by-locate your concentration from betwixt your pituitary and pineal glands. Eventually, you should begin feeling a sense of light headedness; once felt, pay very close attention to these feelings. Specifically concentrate upon wherever you feel the sensations of light-headedness originating from. The stronger the feelings of energetic vibrations the better; this phenomena will occur in mild waves at first.

 Accompanied with the sensations of light-headedness, you should be able to detect feelings of electromagnetic or static-like energy coursing through the mid-brain, much like peculiar head rushes. If your concentration falters, the intensity of these light-headed electromagnetic sensations will decrease to the degree of ceasing entirely, and you will then be forced to recommence the exercise over again from the beginning. Gradually, these vibrations will intensify; willingly embrace these sensations with all of your vitality, and fear not. You should soon begin to feel what is comparable to tingly, static-like vibrations above the mid-brain, within the uppermost region of your head. Alternatively, shift your focus from between the mid-brain to the top or upper-back portions of your head. As these peculiar sensations continue to persist with intensity, you might begin to fear that there is something badly wrong or perhaps that you might be experiencing the initial symptoms of a seizure, for this phenomenon can be exceptionally frightening to the unprepared mind. Do not surrender to fear lest you lose focus of your goal. Continue to intently concentrate upon these acute sensitivities, and then elevate your attention to the region of your aura that is about an inch ABOVE the top of your head. Visualization will greatly assist in this process. Thusly, having the necessary attentive focus, you will begin to notice electro-static-like vibrations just above the top of your head. At this current stage, you may even feel an electromagnetic pull or rising, upward moving vibrations. With a willful, undivided focus of attention, these phenomena will naturally begin to elevate the magnetism of your spiritual-consciousness-thread. Herein is the crucial gateway through which the bond of the prana-electricty bridge may be broken, thus freeing your astral crown from the region of your ethereal aura that intercedes with the top of your head.

 For those readers who profess to regularly experience the head-thread phenomenon, here is my personal theory as to what occurs therewith; thusly, based upon the premise that the crown force-center fully dislocates from the system of ethereal force-centers during an “out-of-body experience”:

1. When an astral projection phenomenon occurs, the crown inlet of one’s astral body will begin to elevate with intent, thereby dislodging from its cohesive bond of magnetism with the ethereal-crown-chakra-inlet.

2. The resistant bond between the astral crown force-center and the crown-force-center-inlet of the ethereal double is so great that it temporarily remains resonantly bonded. During this instance, the astral crown force-center, or Sahasrar chakra, partially pulls the ethereal-crown force-center-inlet away from the crown force-center-inlet at the top of the head of the physical body.

3. A weak cord of (fohat & prana mingled ethereal-matter) then stretches forth between the Sahasrar crown force-center, and the crown chakra inlet at the top of the head of the physical body. At this stage the Sahasrar force-center has not yet dislocated from the crown force-center-inlet of the ethereal double. The Sahasrar continues to separate from its energetic bond with the head of the ethereal body.

4. An energetic cord phenomenon stretches also forth between the dislocated astral crown force-center and the ethereal-crown force-center inlet, but temporarily.

5. The bunk head-thread cord quickly begins to diminish in its fohat strength and prana vitality as the astral crown chakra continues to separate from the ethereal-crown force-center-inlet.

6. Then, the magnetism of the bunk head-thread cord suddenly snaps and completely dissipates. Hence, the astral crown force-center, intact together with the spiritual-consciousness-thread, has now broken free from the circuit of magnetism in which had bonded it to the spiritual-consciousness-thread-ground, or the brain of the physical body. In other words, the astral crown force-center is thus freed once it has breaks its state of electromagnetic cohesion with the brain of the ethereal-double of the physical body.

7. At this instance, total astral projection has not yet occurred, for the astral body has not yet become completely freed from the magnetism of the ethereal nervous-system chakras!
Reiterated, remember that the head-thread is merely a bunk, short lasting cord phenomenon, as it will quickly begin to weaken and then snap; followed by this phenomenon is where the silver-cord will begin to manifest! The golden Sutratma merely links the Sahasrar force-center to the mental and causal ego centers; and its link to the physical brain has now been broken.

 Suddenly, it will dawn within the attention of your spiritual-mind that you are experiencing the initial stage of a genuine out of body experience. Your spiritual-consciousness-thread has now been freed from the bondage of the consciousness-thread-ground. The dislodging of one’s astral-crown chakra is sometimes accompanied by a popping or snapping sound; one may or may not notice this sound; at once, you will be immersed within a vast sea of vibration.

 Stage 2: Once your spiritual-consciousness-thread, together with your astral-crown chakra as the base of this energetic circuit, has broken cohesion from both the ethereal and physical aspects of the consciousness-thread-ground of your physical-vehicle, you may then begin to feel a pulling, or something like a feeling of energetic resistance from within the midsection region of your physical vessel. If one should pay close enough attention, one will detect a similar sensation from within the midsection region of your astral body. Shift your focus from between from the midsection of your physical vessel, to the auric vibration just above it, for the silver-umbilical-cord thus manifests therein, between the physical and astral energy-veils. This is the stage where I personally feel an energetic resistance of polarity or magnetism, or perhaps an obstructing energy current, at the solar-plexus region of my physical body, thus moreso than at any other place of the body. Some people feel this phenomenon at the heart region of their physical body. In the past I have felt only minor phenomena associated with the heart force center in correlation to the astral cord, and hence I have but very rarely felt any noteworthy degree of such heart force-center phenomena. Much of the time I can only detect astral-cord phenomena from within or near my solar plexus force-center. The manifeststion of astral cord vibrations will rush outwards from the midsection area of the physical vehicle to the midsection region of the astral vehicles, hence the term “astral umbilical cord.” Thusly, when these sensations of cord vibrations occur, I tend to feel springy, elastic-like, or perhaps even buoyant sensations, in which consist of both protracting and retracting natures. Concentrate upon the protracting vibrations to propel your astral body away from the ethereal tractor-beam of your physical body.

 To move your astral-vehicle: Intently focus upon the center of your astral-vehicle in order to move your astral form.

 To return to your physical-vehicle: One technique is to intently focusing upon the retracting sensations within the silver/ astral-umbilical-cord can pull your spiritual being back into embodied cohesion with your physical-vehicle.

 The wall of fog:

 The lucid-dreaming-ring:

 The astral hands: Both Robert Bruce and Carlos Castaneda had emphasized upon similar astral oriented methodologies for utilizing one’s “astral-hands” in regard to achieving dreaming lucidity, and thus a conscious state of astral-projection. Such is

 Sensory deprivation or extreme sensory over-load in combination with miscellaneous techniques for achieving states of astral projection: For thousands upon thousands of years throughout many, many spiritual belief systems of the world, adepts have embraced fasting as well as sensory deprivation techniques; Buddhist monks, for example, have been known to meditate within sealed, pitch dark cemetery caves for lengthy durations consisting of many days at once. The early Buddhist monks of India and then in Tibet they also have had the unrivaled reputation for climbing up to high mountainous elevations far away in the Himalayas where they will proceed to wear soaking wet garments in icy-cold weather, often below freezing temperatures, in order to reach transcendental states of meditation, or merely just to simply refine their respective effigy of mature ego through strict self-discipline; Buddhist monks and Hindu Yogis are certainly deserving of great admiration for their exertions of notable self-discipline and constant exercise of noble virtues whilst in the steadfast pursuit of spiritual-consciousness refinement! Inducing physical weightlessness is a choice example of sensory deprivation, and such as floating in a laying position whilst being suspended in a completely darkened salt-water-floating-tank-chamber for lengthy durations of time, thusly, from a  couple hours to many days at once; similar disciplinary practices have likely played a vital role in rites of esoteric initiation, as well as in assisting practitioners with achieving various degrees of states of heightened-awareness, O.O.B.E.’s, for thousands upon thousands of years in many cultures – worldwide.
 High strength magnets: Experiment with placing two high powered magnets evenly spaced apart as placed upon opposite sides of your head; experiment with placing your magnets as spaced evenly apart; with one magnet aligned with an imaginary line that is drawn at “along the top edge of each of your ears, in alignment with the pituitary gland”, (on both sides); and also in alignment with the pituitary gland, just a bit lower than where the pituitary gland is, thus having a magnet placed upon both sides of your head. Further, try this by aligning magnets which are equivalently spaced on both sides of sides of the crown chakra, either just above or in approximate alignment with the top of your head; in this way astral-projection may be easily induced for the purpose of forcibly allowing circumvention from the spiritual-grounding-defenses of the physical and ethereal security-systems of certain individuals.
 A cat-scan-machine: A chamber that is encircled by rotating magnets in which circumference a platform that a person lays upon, within the machine. Patients who have under-went medical examinations within these machines have reported experiencing out-of-body states.
 Hemispheric brain synchronization by virtue of bio-rhythm sound waves: Implementing such technology consists of listening to two different sound frequencies through head-phones. One sound frequency pulsates through the left ear, and the other sound frequency pulsates through the right ear. The purpose of this exercise is to synchronize a circadian natural bio-rhythm between the two opposite hemispheres of the brain, thus melding them as one. Hemi-sync is known for stimulating a balanced bio-rhythm betwixt the pineal-gland and the pituitary gland of the spiritual-consciousness-thread-ground. Hence, listening to these sound waves may induce states of astral-projection phenomena. Be careful though, some such sound-wave programs, out-side of Monroe’s sound-waves, were designed in such ways as to be counter-productive against achieving O.O.B.E. states; but we shan’t venture into such speculations of conspiracy against our inherent freedoms here.
 A sensory-deprivation floating-chamber is a light and sound proof tank that is filled with salt water for the purpose of causing one’s physical body to buoyantly float in a laying position. These tanks provide the adept with the prime atmosphere through which states of transcendental meditation, various levels of entrancement, and or states of astral-projection, may be easily induced. Imagine upgrading one’s sensory deprivation float-tank by installing a system of seven adjustable, rotating magnets in which may be spread apart in such a manner as to have the option of aligning the magnets in accommodation to the locations of adept’s main chakras as according to body length. Furthermore, what if headphones for listening to hemispheric synchronization sound waves were also included in this upgrade? The possibilities are paramount! Experiment and Enjoy life!
 Shamanic related plants or fungi as holy and spiritual sacraments for achieving astral projection: Shamanic plant-related allies have been employed as holy sacraments and as spiritual tools by shamans, healers, sorcerers and witches of nearly every culture and every spiritual belief system of the ancient world, and for thousands upon thousands of years; sacramental plants & fungi have been employed by spiritual adepts for inducing states of astral-projection, supernatural communion, healing, clairvoyance and various types of deep hypnotic-entrancement since before humanity seems to openly remember; in contrast to the roots of most cultures worldwide. Spiritual-plant-ally-sacraments just very well might be an intrinsically inherent part of every human being’s spiritual and ancestral heritage; research this knowledge in-depth, and then please tell me of your findings in that I am correct!

 The 7 astral sub-dimensions, and other related dimension:

 The upper astral sub-vibrations; Summerland; Elysian; the astral heavens; the lowest deva planes: These lower heavens include the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sub-vibrations of astral matter and are closely associated with the manifestations of pleasure, happiness and desire. Some would insist that Summerland exists amidst the true heavenly planes of the upper Rupa vibrations.

 The purgatory vibrations: these are the 5th, 6th and 7th lower astral sub-divisions; the 4th and 5th being intricate reflections of residual energy from one’s thoughts in regard to incarnate life through the physical-vessel; something like materialistic dream states of lucid natures.

 The ghost plane and the purgatory vibrations: The seventh astral vibration is the dimensional conjunction-point in which divides the boundary between the physical and astral planes exists the expanse of astral vibration where clinging souls haunt the habitations from their deceased lives; and where lost souls desperately wonder about the outer-fringes of a once physical existence, invisible to the veiled senses of the oblivious living. Ghosts are often human spirits, rarely animal spirits, who are stuck within a state of limbo; either due to clinging to the earthly world, un-fulfillment, the weight of negative karma, or merely ignorance to the fact that their previous physical form has expired through death. Ghosts may subtly influence the human world in a variety of ways; be it by means of telekinetically influencing the ethereal energy of physical objects, by creating electromagnetic energy disturbances, by briefly manifesting an apparition, by contacting living humans in dreams or amidst astral projection, or by telepathically directing messages or thought-forms, etcetera. Ghost related phenomena is more commonly seen or felt by psychically sensitive humans/ mediums, but especially by animals of certain types, for animals are typically much more sensitive towards perceiving the presences of ghosts and other kinds of supernatural beings than humans are; for instance, cats, dogs and birds are known to be amongst the most psychically perceptive of animals. In Theosophical descriptions, Earth bound ghosts can be encountered on the seventh astral vibration, and ghosts within states of purgatory are commonly encountered within the sixth, fifth and fourth astral-vibrations. Also, astral projected humans and animals are commonly encountered on the 4th, 5th, and 6th divisions of the astral plane, as are various types of nature spirits; however, it would not be too uncommon to encounter another human astral traveler on the seventh astral vibration. In Buddhist teachings, the ghost plane is said to be a plane unto itself.

 The demonic sub-dimensions: As mentioned in Buddhist scriptures, asuras have unto themselves their own plane of existence. Unbeknownst to most Theosophists, or perhaps intentionally kept secret, there exist demonic sub-planes in which vibrate outside of the known astral regions; vibrations which human astral travelers can rarely access. The gates to the demonic regions are barred, cleverly hidden and well guarded. There are certain classes of asuras or demons which inhabit many of the known astral regions of purgatory & hell. According to Buddhist depictions, the are some factions or classes of asuras which inhabit the outer regions of the lower Devachan planes; though it is commonly taught in classical Theosophical philosophy that no evil can exist within the devachan heaven regions; though the Buddhists can’t be entirely wrong about their own claim; thusly, there must exist some hidden, coordinate oppositional plane, which exists between the outer realms of the Devachan and Astral planes. After all, many Theosophists are unaware of the existence of the fabled eighth dimension of the astral plane, where the entrance to Avichi resonates. According to Buddhist depictions, the are some factions or classes of asuras which inhabit the outer regions of the lower Devachan planes; though it is taught in common theosophical teachings that no evil can exist within the devachan heaven regions; though the Buddhists can’t be entirely wrong about their own claim; hence, there must exist some coordinate opposite plane,between the outer realms of the Devachan and Astral planes, where the demonic plane vibrates. After all, many Theosophists are unaware of the existence of the fabled eighth dimension of the astral plane, where the entrance to Avichi resonates.

 Demons are not the thought-form creations of astral projected humans, as much as some masters of Theosophical literature would lead us to believe, without question. Demons are subject to karma, death and rebirth, as devas and humans are, too. At will, asuras may choose to visit other lower planes from whence they came, although the majority of all asuras are said to hold little interest in the affairs of human beings, thus according to Buddhist teachings. There are classes of demonic beings which were never human midst their past incarnations, and thsuly, such beings are not confined by the same linear space and time continuum as we human spirits.

 True, some of the so called demons of today are merely the abandoned Gods of yesterday, but such is merely an ignorant confusion between terminologies! There are three common definitions as to what a demonic being truly is: One defines a demon as a spiritual entity as being a deity of old who was demonized due to a modern societal change or revision of an older philosophy or religion, and such is true regarding some such entities. Another describes a demon as being a corrupted spiritual entity who was once a deva, an angel or a deity who had fallen from its status in heaven, often due to the usurping of negative karma, i.e. as the result of surrendering their prior status of nobility to evil tendencies; and, according to this belief, the majority of all demonic beings were once devas or deities of good natures – but later resorted to evil. The other definition of a demon is that they are extra-terrestrial beings of negative or evil dispositions; the author disagrees with this definition.

There is an imminent difference between extra-terrestrial-aliens and higher vibration beings, from higher planes or extra-dimensions, which possess light-bodies as opposed to physical bodies; neither demons nor devas are aliens! – Extra terrestrial beings and entities who possess spiritual light bodies are two distinctly different classes of incarnate-beings, though both classes exist, and in many uniquely fascinating dispositions and variants.

 In many different spiritual philosophies, demons are not beings that naturally have material/ physical embodiments, for they possess light-bodies in the same manner of essence that devas do. Many factions of demonic or asura alliances are said to be engaged in constant warfare against opposing legions of other demons, as well as against certain factions of heavenly devas and gods; as asuras are often said to be immensely jealous of heavenly beings. They are far more likely to contribute to the demise of the masses on a grand scale, such as by contributing to the corruption of a government or focusing upon significant figures who hold notable positions of influence over others, rather than singling out insignificant individuals.

 Generally speaking, even the most evil human souls do not become demons; for it is only under the rarest of circumstances in which a human soul may reincarnate as a demonic being; and there are almost always exceptions to merely every rule.

 The multitude of Hell vibrations: Within the seventh dimension of the astral plane is the hidden gateway to the forbidden eighth astral sub-division, thus leading to even deeper sub-divisions of darkness: According to some Theosophists, Hell is said to be non-existent, whilst it is commonly taught by others that the seventh layer of the astral plane is hell.

 In Buddhist philosophy, there exist eight major divisions of hell, five minor hells and numerous sub-divisions therein. Just as no heavenly state lasts forever, though it might be perceived as lasting for a very, very long time, all suffering within any of the dimensions of hell is merely temporary will eventually cease, thus allowing the entrapped spirit-entity to ascend to planes of vibration beyond. The true hell plane dimensions exist within the ordinary reaches of seven the lowest astral-plane sub-divisions; within the hidden depths of the lower-mental plane. refer to the 31 Buddhist planes unit of this chapter.

 Arguably, the seventh density of the astral plane is not at all hell itself, but rather, therein can be accessed hidden gateways to even worse planes. Reiterated, the seventh sub-division of astral vibrations is merely the layer of non-physical density in which borders ethereal matter, being the outermost density of astral purgatory, where earth bound ghosts haunt the hidden boundaries of human existence, lost in thier unbridled misery; yet it may also lead to coordinate opposite vibrations to all which is known as good, but for only the most exceptionally evil of souls.

 Avichi versus Hell: This is an abyss of endless darkness which exists beyond the forbidden seventh gate of astral purgatory. The 7 ordinary dimensional vibrations of the astral plane resonate within the ordinary realms of astral nature, whereas, Avichi, exists separately from the other astral vibrations.

INCOMPLETE – will revise at a later time.
 The astral-subdivisions of the negative-vibration emissaries: Within the purgatory regions are hidden portals to this astral sub-dimension. Refer to the table of astral entities for further information regarding these spirits.
 The spirits which may be encountered midst the astral plane:

 Like human beings, animals also tend to astral project whenever their physical body enters into a state of sleep, too. In Occult theory, many types of animals interact with the astral plane more regularly than humans do. Cats, dogs, ravens, and many other varieties of animals typically exercise a keen sense of natural astral vision during their waking states of consciousness, in addition to other astral sensitivities. Moreover, shamans, sorcerers and witches have been historically known to ally themselves with the spirits of animals, sometimes referred to as familiars or totems. A close pet or a familiar can actually astral project with a human companion. Thusly, a familiar or a totem will guide and protect a spiritualist during their astral journeys as well as during waking states of consciousness.

 Plant spirits are generally attuned to much higher vibrations of awareness than humans of animals are. Intriguingly, it is taught by masters of many different spiritual paths that plants are embodied spiritual beings; and that the spirits which inhabit the forms of fungi, plants and trees actively and consciously participate in normal interactions midst the higher astral plane regions, thus more inexorably frequent than those spirits who occupy the forms of humans or animals can bequest. Interestingly, there are nature spirit guardians from higher spiritual planes who may dwell within the life-forces of plants, at their own leisure. Numerous varieties nature spirits and elemental helpers may consciously dwell within the life-force of a single plant embodiment at once. Also, there are plant protector spirit-guides who monitor vast numbers of plants within certain species categories, whereas, there are other types of nature spirits which tend to a variety of different kinds of trees and plants within specific areas of habitat. A spiritualist may attain guidance, knowledge, power or protection from nature spirits of many differing varieties. Allied nature spirits will protect an individual against negative astral influences. Tree spirits and psychedelic power-plant spirits are ideal allies. (Refer to the plant teachers’ and power plant allies’ subsection of chapter 6 – for acquisition of further information regarding this subject).

1. Another human astral traveler: One can consciously interact with other astral projected humans, and in some cases, both correspondent astral travelers will consciously retain memory of having met upon awakening from their astral projection experience.

2. Disembodied spirits; purgatory bound ghosts: This class may include a recently deceased friend or relative. These may be trapped spirits who do yet not realize that their prior incarnate form has died, or also, these can be restless spirits who refuse to ascend beyond the lower levels of the astral plane or to immediately reincarnate.

3. A shed ethereal-double; shade; doppelganger; phantom; churchyard spectre: *These phenomena cannot be encountered on any of the higher astral planes. A shed ethereal double may be observed by means of procuring either astral vision or ethereal vision, and can be viewed from midst the astral boundary in which borders the ethereal vibration of the physical plane and the outer-most border of the astral plane. An ethereal shade is merely the shed residual energy of a deceased physical form. These phenomena are not spirit-entities and possess no consciousness of their own, for they are merely shells of the prior correspondent vessels in which an ex-carnate spirit entity had once occupied before incurring severance from that form through death. Compare a shade phenomenon to that of a residual loop or a tear in the space time continuum. Disturbingly, a shade incoherently and irrationally repeats the actions and routines, in which were residually programmed by thought impression, of the ex-carnate spirit-entity who once possessed the form to which it was bound. A shed ethereal double can actually be possessed by astral entities of a lower vibration status; beings such as elementaries, purgatory bound ghosts, demons and extra dimensional emissaries from dimensions unkown to Theosophy;
Review ethereal shade type ii.

 Type i: Merely a shed ethereal shade: described above.

 Type ii: A spiritually possessed or manipulated ethereal-shade; Ghosts, or elementaries, of recently deceased individuals, or sometimes beings from other classes of astral entities, will sometimes take obsession over their shed-ethereal energy. Thus an elementary-ghost is one who clings to the residual magnetism of their former but now severed image; those displaced, earth bound spirits who desperately cling to cravings, habits, addictions may be predisposed to taking obsession/ possession over the shade of their now deceased physical-form; or worse yet, to become an earth bound elementary who seeks to cease a forced possession over a living person’s physical body, or sometimes that of an animal’s physical body.

4. Miscellaneous negative vibration entities of astral and extra-dimensional origins: These types of entities possess spiritual light embodiments of inorganic substances.

 Type i: Extra-dimensional spirits of non-human, non-ghost, non-elementary, non-demonic, non-elemental, non-thought form and non-extra-terrestrial origins: Emissaries: Astral portal guardians, not to be confused with egrigoroi or grigori, and tenants of the purgatory regions of the astral plane. Some of these entities travel to the astral plane from extra-dimensions outside of the space continuum which encompasses the ordinary astral plane vibrations. These are inorganic beings of a spiritual class other than ghosts or demons. An emissary often appears as a dark, ovular shaped shadow in which exudes a dull glow from amidst its darkness. These spirits commonly travel in pairs or groups, as they travel about the various regions of the astral plane in search of energy in which to harvest. They endeavor to propose contracts with astral travelers for purposes of harvesting one’s life-force energy or possessing one’s physical body, in exchange for their astral assistance. These spirits may also feed upon ethereal shades as well as thought form energies, besides victimizing unwary astral travelers or purgatory bound spirits when possible; and if a contract cannot be established they may resort to psychic vampirism or forced possession. Emissaries may ally with demons or elementaries, yet they hold their own class.

 Succubi: The Author speculates that these are astral spirits that were once human beings, which similar to elementaries but more demonic in nature; they prey upon sexual energy.

 Demons; asuras; ruling shadows; egrigoroi; grigori: There are many differing classes and factions of demons. (Refer to the asura/ demonic plane).

6. Higher vibration beings: Deities, devas, angels, spirit guides, etcetera, as astral travelers: There are many different types deva, spirit guides and deva. Some spirit-guides are descendent members of a living person’s or animal’s over-soul group, having descended from the Devachan plane or beyond in order to serve and protect. There are factions of deva which were never human, whereas there are also factions of deva who lived many incarnations through human vehicles, being highly evolved spirits. Further, there are Bodhisattvas who descend from beyond the Arupa planes with the pursuit of aiding lower vibrations beings.

 Many deva and spirit-guides possess spiritual light embodiments; some are visitors of the astral plane while others are inhabitants of the upper astral regions.

 Type i: Higher vibration beings: Deva and spirit-guides from the Devachan or beyond.

 Type ii: Lower vibration beings: Deva and spirit-guides from the astral heaven regions.

7. Nature spirits type i; elementals; spirits of the various elements; there are sub-classes within hierarchies of such spirits; refer to chapter 6 subsection.

 Type i: Elementals of air/ wind:
 Type ii: Elementals of fire/ flame:
 Type iii: Elementals of water/ sea:
 Type iv: Elementals of earth/ stone:

8. Nature spirits type ii; of types other than elementals; Types of nature spirits which assist the cultivation and protection of plant life; these include orbs and willow-the-wisps, other than air elemental classes of orbs. Active midst the astral plane, they haunt as well as guard sacred expanses of habitat; often serving to protect and aid designated trees or other plant life, & those lesser groups of incarnate spirits who possess the plant life forms. These types of spirits have been known to take vengeance upon anyone who desecrates the expanses of habitat in which they protect; they also tend to be enemies of negative vibration spirits of the astral plane. Such nature spirits may choose to ally with a sorcerer or a coven, thus midst states of astral projection, or also to intervine aid from the astral plane to the physical world.

9. Nature spirits type iii: Incarnate tree and plant spirits; they are active on the astral plane. Nature spirits of this class may become astral allies, guardians or teachers to the practitioner who pays due homage.

10. An astral projected animal spirit, such as a familiar or a totem; or interaction with a greater animal protector or spirit-guide from a higher plane:

 Type i: This category includes living familiars, pets and totems who astral travel with their human companions. They may also utilize their astral sensitivities in order to aid or protect their human companions during waking states of consciousness.

 Type ii: Category 2 includes greater familiars, totems and animal spirit-guides that will ally or protect both human and animal astral travelers. They may also intervene from the astral plane to aid one during their waking state of consciousness in the physical world.

11. Thought-form entities:

 Type i: An empty thought-form entity: These can be either consciously or subconsciously created by virtually any type of spiritual being, be it incarnate, ex-carnate, astral, or etcetera; intentionally or unintentionally. A thought form is merely mass of thought-energy that takes on the manifestation of a particular likeness, accompanied by specific traits of character, as determined by the intently invested emotion and or thought magnetism of its creator. Know that there is a distinct difference between a real spirit-entity and an animate thought form entity. View this class of phenomenon as being a similar, yet far less sophisticated, comparison to that of an ethereal shade phenomenon, for a thought form entity is not a true spiritual being. Both true spirit entities and animate thought-form entites may be encountered midts one’s journeys throughout the astral plane regions. Moreover, many of the classical Theosophists insisted that thought-form entities are conscious beings which are as real as you or I, but the author of this manuscript disagree; a true astral entity is just as real as you or I, but an astral thought-form entity is not!

 Type ii: A spiritually possessed thought-form: This is a thought form which is manipulated or even possessed as a vehicle by a conscious spirit-entity of an extra-dimensional, a disembodied or an inorganic type. The residual energy of a thought form may also be fed upon by lower vibration beings of an inorganic nature. The thought form energy itself is not a conscious entity but is rather a conduit or vehicle through which intent may be transmuted.

12. A non-human astral traveler from some other world: Extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional alien entities are said by many authors to astral project like humans do.

Add to astral memory questions: one of the reasons as to why most individuals lose consciousness during most dreams and out of body states is because their astral force centers have not yet been awakened and they lay dormant: to awaken the astral force-centers one must generally awaken the ethereal force-centers
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