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Author Topic: The Guard  (Read 2737 times)
« on: November 05, 2011, 22:54:39 »

you are the captain of an all female elite guard and you are all riding Through the woods Wearing full plate armor its a very hot day and the horses are starting to really pant.. you hear a noise up ahead in the woods and send your squad up ahead to see what it is . you know the land like the back of your hand and know there is a river close by.......
knowing that you have trained the best of the best and that they can take care of what ever they meet you decide to go to the river to give your horse some water....
when you get to the river you look out across it and take a moment just to look at the beautie before you.. and with the sun beating down you realise your head is to hot.......
you kneel down at the side of the water and pick up some in your hands and splash it over your neck. and an icy cold run of water runs down inside your armor making you feel even hotter than before and begin to splash more water over your head and neck.......
soon you realise that the feeling of all that cold water running down the inside of your armor is making you feel far to warm . so you undress the chest of your armor and then the legs ......... underneath you are wearing a white linen garment.. and as you peel the rest of the baking hot armor off you slowly walk into the river dragging your fingers into the waters as you go......
then feeling the intense heat bearing down on you you start to splash water all over you making your garment become see through.... and rubbing your hands all over your body as you play in the cool waters....
then suddenly there is a noise behind you reach down to your side for your sword but remember that its on the bank with your armor and you try to cover your self to see what the noise was...
as you turn around you see a tall knight standing there in shiny armor with the shadows of the leaves in sunlight bathing him from the tree tops........
you promptly tell him that you are a guard and he is to turn around and leave immediately...... but he just smiles at you and crouches close to the edge of the river gazing on........
once again you demand that he leaves and he simply says that's a fine looking horse you have realise that he isn't listening to you and that the only way he is going to learn is if you get out and kick his butt.......
as you wade to the edge looking all hot and bothered you glance at your sword and so does the man then he wanders over to it and flicks it up off the floor into his hand and you stop dead in your tracks...........
then he smiles at you again and says ill fight you for your horse and he laughs politely with a sparkle in is eye... and then throws you your sword.....
you in total dis belief think to your self I'm so going to kick his butt....... although you are practically naked you are determined to teach him a lesson and walk out of the river slowly with your sword low...... being a master swords woman you don't need to humiliate him just show him who's boss...........
you approach him and say this is your last chance leave now and you may live...... and he cheekily says not without my ride my lady.... this just drives you insane how dare he. then you attack........ you attacking him and him keeping up to and fro ...... you cant help notice that insted of watching your sword arm he is looking into your eyes and all over your body............
this makes you mad you realise that he is very good with a sword and normally you can put somebody down in a few seconds.. the fact that he is watching your every move and fighting so joyfully makes you feel even more naked and more determined to show him ............................. but you cant help but admire his fighting style and his grace with a sword......
you lunge at him and with a wisp of your hand cut the leather straps holding his plate together and his Brest plate falls can see he was not expecting this but insted of being embarrassed the twinkle in his eyes grows more intense you dance around swords clashing as slowly you manage to un do and un pick all his armor supports until he is almost as naked as you......... both really determined to win both hotter than hell sweat dripping from your every pour ..............
you lunge at him.... were as normally an opponent would back off and counter insted ..he moves in real close real fast and pins you against a tree........
neather of you can move if he backs off he would surly die and you are stuck between a firm tree and a man who's heart is beating so hard you can feel it in your breast............
you take a moment staring into each others eyes and then a feeling comes over you was not expecting ....... like HELLO. he See's this in your eyes and kisses you ......... and you bite his lip ..... bloody starts to flow down his chin and still he is smiling and breathing really heavy daring not to can both feel the heat the passion and your now trembling body's shaking against each other......... you can feel feelings and energy all over you.....................
he kisses you again and you start to fight but then think............. oh hell a girls got to eat and then you kiss him back hard...... you both drop your swords and fall onto the floor tearing at what little clothes you have left on ............. passion kisses caresses and the type of eye contact that could slay a dragon with its intensity...........
there is something about this day this season this time this moment you have to have this man and as you think this.......... energy flows up into your whole body at first your simply not aware of anything and then a kiss you feel him enter you bite down hard onto his shoulder and you feel him ..... enter into a place you have been wanting him to be since the first kiss and you cry out............
over and over he takes you again and again and you writhe around on the floor you cant believe how you feel his gentle but firm hands caressing you holding you and you putting every effort into driving him deeper into you ......... the feelings grow more intense until you cant bear the Ecstasy any longer until your whole body is moved to a place you did not know existed ........... and as lovers you continue until your are both utterly spent.......................and then you lay there on top of him with a cool breeze and the smell of pollen on the breeze you fall asleep in the arms of a man you don't know....but feel like you have known all your life
the beginning smiley
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2011, 23:24:28 »

WOW... Well, erm.. That was unexpected Cheesy

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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2011, 23:24:28 »

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« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2011, 23:54:28 »

Great Noy,
Tell us all the rest of this encounter.
A HOT topic this is.

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« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2011, 23:37:31 »

That was excellent.
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« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 13:52:05 »

Thats very cool Nodes!  cool
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« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2011, 13:52:05 »

« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2011, 02:23:06 »

Thankyou  grin

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