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Author Topic: Writeing/Written a Book on the Advances of the Mind...  (Read 1554 times)
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« on: August 08, 2011, 03:00:01 »

firstly remember this all is not as it seems, just like beliefs in cultures/religions words/phrases generate processes in various ways and have an out come on the world, sometimes as a whole, this is easy to understand to those that know how to proect themselfs from mentall attacks the way thoughts/speech "can" develope processes...

as when anyone studys the minds potential we are lead in all sorts of directions emotions/thoughts processes regarding what we are pursueing in this case minds abilities, sometimes what WE are lead to believe is not for what it really is, this is a big problem to those that have gone into the deep end into the unknown and written books of the unknown or the "believed" known, writeing a book is like owning a business that can go anyway success or broke it will only give "knowledge-business-topic" to those that do the hard yards, remember thoughts generate processes that have a cause and effect sometimes as a whole the more it has (effect) as a whole "With And For The MIND" from a small minority the more truth it has as a whole, how do ya scale this hard to do and only highly specialised people in various fields of the minds workings "as a whole" can only some/measure this up (at that height ya wont get told noth'n)...

when studying the minds abilities when one comes across all sorts of people from all diversty of back grounds they too have all sorts of theories remember gaining the minds potential/abilities is an awakening (Spiritual = all ties together at this level no other way around it) as of course when ventureing into the minds abilties (note!: venture) not 2nd hand knowledge when you open up other areas of the mind and this is when we get thrown all sorts of other info regarding all sorts of theories, if one is trained in the field of gaining knowledge and then learns to block themselfes you block yourself from gaining other knowledge (at this stage in our lifes)(this is associated with BALANCE) normally the knowledge that is required or is needed to finish the puzzle for what you are working on...

the reason being is the higher you go up the ladder of minds abilities MUST come the knowledge of the WORLDS workings "IT WILL NOT GIVE YOU PRIME MINDS ABILITIES WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLDS WORKINGS AT A HEIGHT OF DEGREE" the reason being is how does the system know if given abilities (this is the biggest problem for many to except) that you wont go and use your abilities (attack) towards someone's or something that you have no understanding towards of what is their or does a service to the systems (Worlds Workings) that is required, (hence love all) love all gives you the KNOWLEDGE first before you gain the MINDS ABILITIES before you can go and do any damage to the system for example going after a tycoon/drug dealer/president etc when clearly they are their doing it for a reason mostly needed...

when partnerships are formed unless you know your (partner/s) deepest secrets never go into partnership with them i see this daily as the lifes it has ruined when and for this pursuant of the minds abilities it puts the biggest stop on the seeking OBTAINING the prime minds abilities, the system WILL NOT give you the prime knowledge/wisdom if you are going to share it with someone that is not worthy of this knowledge if they have'nt done the right thing in life (im not talking about dealing drugs even at the highest of level) they will not have the knowledge of the worlds workings and therefore the system will not give "you" the prime knowledge/wisdom/minds abilities, it's like a drug it reals ya in with a bit of minds abilities/potential then it kicks ya in the balls till ya work out (wake up) that all is not as it seems...thats why it (system) gave a bit to CIA etc to show yes their is abilities/potential but you must work for it. xanth/ryan knows what i'm talking about dont ya buddy (figure of speech)(take note full stop smiley)...

lots of double agents play this game to obtain the minds abilities, ya cant full the system remember that when writeing book(s), because it will just FOOL you wink...

and dont forget the Akashic Records (all thought action recordered) that are their for when we are to consciously ourselfs take controll of the worlds workings to cross reference what is what in other worlds to show how (teach us) the system had an cause and effect on an individual/s organisation etc for the world to move forward as a whole (it's a brilliant idea from those above-cross referencing), as their is a system that controlls the way we go about life (for the supply of energy mostly) so as to again cross reference what was what so as to be (some scenarios were not controlled (strings off) as some know many have been tested by the system, TV stations are eagerly awaiting the results grin)...

ya can read how to gain the height of consciousness which is the prime knowledge/wisdom/minds abilities, right side of the page "consciousness", read both regarding consciousness, couldnt be bothered putting it into one post no time, ya see it or ya dont...

i witness this daily where people are destroyed consciously once working out those that they call colleagues/friends, BE CAREFULL...

good luck

love all

Don't Forget-Love All, Means To Care 4 all=being more ONE which is the highest of height of consciousnesses in the dimension we live all doesnt mean cuddly cuddly
Astral Energy 4
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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 15:51:01 »

A book or a manifesto?
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 15:51:01 »

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