Dreams, Lucid Dreams, and Astral Projections… what’s the difference?

Edit: Since I posted this article, I\’ve made new discoveries on what dreams, lucid dreams and astral projections actually are. You can find my updated information here: http://unlimitedboundaries.ca/2012/07/22/labeling-experiences-of-the-non-physical/

Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections/OBEs all happen within the same area of consciousness.  Robert Monroe labeled this area “Focus 22”.  This is the area of consciousness that I believe most people refer to when they use terms such as “The Astral”.  I also believe that the “Real Time Zone” or what most people call the “Real Time Zone” also has its origins here, but I’ll explain more about that in another post.So if Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections/OBEs are all the same experience how do you explain away the distinct differences between them?  Well, it’s simple… what differentiates them from each other is how consciously aware you are during the experience.

I also prefer using the Terms “Physical” and “Non-Physical” to describe the realities we find ourselves in.

It goes kind of like this:

  • A Dream (remembered or not) is basically when you are unaware that you are sleeping.  Your consciousness has phased into the non-physical, but it has done so unaware of this.  This happens to you pretty much every night of your life that you have gone to bed to have a good night’s sleep.
  • A Lucid Dream (always remembered, even in some limited fashion) is a Dream where the only thing you are aware of is that you are dreaming.  You might not have knowledge of your physical body.  You have some waking consciousness.  You don’t generally have much in the way of critical faculties.
  • An Astral Projection/OBE (again, always remembered, even in some limited fashion) is where you have brought forth your FULL waking conscious awareness.  You are fully awake and aware that you are within the non-physical and your physical body is in your bed, fast asleep.

So you can see that there isn’t much difference between the three experiences.  All happen in the same area of the consciousness continuum, it’s your own personal area of consciousness that nobody else has access to.  It’s an area set aside just for you!

It’s from this area that you have access to all of your closely held belief constructs.  You also have access to all of your memories that you’ve collected over the course of your current life.  Also, with a bit of control over your Emotions and Thoughts (as these are what are providing the fuel for what you see and experience around you) you will be able to leave your personal area and move into what I call the “Collective Consciousness” areas, but more on that later.

2 thoughts on “Dreams, Lucid Dreams, and Astral Projections… what’s the difference?

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  2. aaron says:

    hmm interesting theory on astral projection. It would be a very easy thing to test as well. All you would need is to put a piece of paper of a certain color or distinct characteristic outside of the room of the projectors body. If they walk around the house and see the paper, they could come back to their body and select the color they saw. If they pick right, then that would prove with enough trials, that they left their body.

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