Karma – Not Part of My Beliefs Anymore

I once wrote the following about Karma:

Dictionary.com says:
Karma: The total effect of a person\’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person\’s existence, regarded as determining the person\’s destiny.

Let me add to that definition by saying that it determines the person\’s destiny AND the destiny\’s of that souls future lives as well.

So, just say you did nothing but good in this life. . . you gave and you gave and you gave asking for nothing in return, ever. That would build up a plus in your karma that would eventually come back to you in a some good way. For example, I know someone who was a giver their ENTIRE life. Then not too long ago, they won $500,000 in the lottery. That\’s the kind of karmic reward you can receive.

So now, to the opposite. If you\’ve been bad, and mean to everyone your entire life. Then that\’s what you have to look forward to. Whether it be in this life or your next life, you can\’t escape karmic reprecussions. There is no magick out there to stop it.

Be good to everyone, fly straight, and you\’ll be well rewarded for it.

Suffice to say that I no longer hold this belief.
I had to drop my belief in karma because it didn\’t fit into my view of the Wider Reality.  I now see it in the same light as the Christian Hell and other theosophical belief constructs which revolve around the idea of \”Be good… or else bad things will happen to you\”.

Through my research and experiences, I\’ve come to the conclusion that we are in FULL control of our own lives.  Karma is just another tool, a physical reality belief construct that others push on us so that we live their idea of a helpful life.  The idea that if you do something bad now, it can effect one of your many future lives is ludicrous.  What I do now has little to no bearing on what I will do or become in the future… why?  Because I control that.  When this physical body shell of mine finally ceases to operate in this physical realm, I\’ll be free to chose to return here for another go at my own leisure.

Just as I have freedom in this physical reality, I have the same freedom in the non-physical reality as well.  The same freedom to choose what I want to do and when I want to do it.  No metaphysical idea, such as karma can tell me otherwise.

In essence, you can be as good or bad as you want… the only person who you need to answer to at the end of the day, is yourself.

3 thoughts on “Karma – Not Part of My Beliefs Anymore

  1. kestrel says:

    We can t be too sure.If I learnd anything it is that everything is changeble.My take on this is that is possible that carma exisist but like budist and some others,nobady actualy punish you but your higher self-unconsciousness,that really balans in every person,not just mish mash of constructs but iner sence,feling,our onesty.

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