My Current Methods

Right now, I have very little time during the day to get any good Phasing practice in.
So most of my current practice surrounds two exercises.

First one occurs as I\’m waking up in the morning.  My alarm clock has 9 minute snooze alarms, I hit the snooze button and it gives me 9 more minutes of sleep.  Well, I try to use those 9 minutes constructively!  I\’ll try to jump into what most people call a WILD (wake induced lucid dream), but I call it Phasing.  If you\’re curious by what I mean when I say Phasing I suggest this article:

The benefit of using the snooze alarm is that if I do manage to get into the Lucid state, it\’ll be short, as I only have nine minutes until the alarm goes off.  This means that I\’ll have a much better chance at remembering all of my experiences upon waking… and there\’s the side benefit that if I fall into an unconscious dream, then I know that in nine minutes my alarm will go off and I\’ll be able to try again without wasting the rest of the morning.

I generally have 4 snooze periods in the morning before I officially get up for the day.

The other exercise I do, I generally get a chance to do at lunchtime while sitting at my desk.  I\’ll sit, with my back straight, my feet flat on the floor and my arms on my desk, generally palms down… not that the position matters in even the slightest.  Anyways… this is an exercise in recognizing when and how I fall asleep.

I sit there meditating until I start to fall forward a bit, this signifies that I\’m falling asleep.  Obviously, as my head falls forward, I catch it and this wakes me up.  I keep doing this until I can start to feel the precise moment I begin to fall asleep and I try to passively observe it.  That\’s it really.  Just an exercise to passively watch how and when I fall asleep.  This is useful for learning how to skirt that fine line between being awake and being asleep.

So that\’s it.  Those are the two exercises that I have the time to do mostly.  I hope they help you some.

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